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Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 Review

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2

Having the opportunity to test out a Mizuno boot is always a good time – especially since they are still tough to get hold of here in the US. A few weeks back, the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 arrived in and I have been working with them since to see how they compare to other boots on the market. Offering a mix of control and power, there is plenty of technology to go along with the soft K-Leather upper. Having already tested the Wave Ignite, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the technology included on this boot. For testing, I wore the Blue/Black colorway in a size 9US.

Breaking In
If there is one aspect to this boot that I am happy to report has improved from the original release, it is flexibility in the soleplate. And as a result, they turn out to be a much easier boot to break-in. In fact, I wore them in a full training session right out of the box, and in a game a few days later with no problems. The fit is excellent and there is plenty of padding to keep your feet protected. Slipping your feet into a pair without socks feels ultra smooth and there are no hot-spots, something that is a definite bonus. Because of the bio-vamp region, there is plenty of stitching used and you will find that over the first few wears the upper really starts to mold to the ideal shape of your foot, producing a glove-like fit the more you wear them! Nothing negative to report here.

Plight of Mizuno
For a long time now, fans have been calling for Mizuno to enter the US market. We even ran a petition last year to try and encourage the Japanese company to release boots here. The petition was successful and as a result we got the following response from Mizuno: “We (Mizuno) have decided to start researching a possible market entry here in the US. No promises at this point, but we have put together a small team to study this opportunity to determine if it is viable for our company” – Mizuno Petition Update. We have since spoke to Mizuno and they are continuing to consider/investigate the market – with the process recently taking a positive step further! I guess it is a case of watch this space….

Mizuno Mukeitan Panel

Wave Ignitus Power

What is the Mukaiten Panel?
One of the more appealing aspects of this release is the side Mukaiten Panels that exist on both boots. The idea behind the Mukaiten panel is simple – deliver a shot from the instep that produces no spin. When you strike the ball with your instep, it naturally creates spin on the ball, like the technique of curling a shot around a wall. The Mukaiten Panel is grooved and is made of a rubber like material. Independent tests state it produces 17% less spin – if taken advantage of in the correct fashion.

The Dark Panels – 360 Bio Vamps
Officially, the black panels are actually called the 360 Bio Vamps, designed to give players 2 different types of ball contact. The front area consists of a deeper groove that create additional spin on shooting, while the goal of the instep area is to offer additional control and touch on the ball.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 (c)

Wave Ignite Bio Vamp

Compared to the Wave Ignitus
The Wave Ignitus II is actually pretty similar all around to the original. The most noticeable difference lies in the technology of the boot. Firstly, the Mukaiten panel has been redefined with a more focused center point. The 360 Bio Vamps configuration has also been changed up slightly, with Mizuno adding an additional row right along the laces. Other than that, everything else is relatively similar.

Whatever there is to say about the control properties of these boots, the Power aspect is nothing less than explosive, in fact it is masterful! Throughout wear, there were several shots that I would describe as the “perfect shot”, and I am not over-exaggerating. The upper is well padded and when you match that with the Bio Vamp region across the strike zone, it makes for a solid region for connecting with the ball. Again I found the Mukaiten panel to be an interesting feature. Having continually tried, I could never get an absolute no-spin shot. I completely comprehend the fact that there is a specific way to do it and it can be done, but having researched it, the movement needed to strike the ball effectively is not natural. One area where it would be effective is in taking direct free-kicks, but it takes time to perfect – best of luck to those that want to spend the time to incorporate it into their game.

Then there is the unique MD stud configuration. The idea behind it is that it reduces stud pressure and because of their strategic positioning, they allow the soleplate to flex more naturally. I wore these on both grass and artificial turf and they worked out really well. There is definitely no stud pressure through wear and they offer a very comfortable ride. I did have some concerns that the blade shape would reduce traction, but there were no negatives to report on that end, at least nothing that was evident.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 (d)

Wave Ignitus Soleplate

Wave Ignitus Heel

How do they Fit?
These boots fit absolutely true to size in lenght and width. They have decent width in the forefoot and offer players plenty of support through the midfoot. The insert that Mizuno use curves very comfortably up around the arch. For comparison, these boots fit in very similar fashion to a boot like the Adidas Predator or the Nike T90 Laser.

Well, the obvious negative is that they are extremely tough to actually buy a pair here in the US. Until Mizuno make them more available here on the US, they can’t be considered as an alternative to the boots we can get our hands on (especially at sale prices!) And unfortunately, they are not the best looking boot in the world. There is not a great deal that can be done about that, but they have a sort of spotty teenager look.

Where to buy them? Your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay’s Mizuno Listings.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: Another solid release from Mizuno that only increases their appeal and market value. Designed with power and control in mind, you are getting a well padded boot that features a fully functional and soft K-Leather upper.
Category: A power boot with a twist of control mixed in thanks to the Mukaiten Panel and 360 Bio Vamps.
Weight: They weigh in at a very, very impressive 9.6oz – a great weight for such an effective power boot!
Would I Buy Them: It is such a pity that they are not more readily available and at a competitive price. I would definitely wear a pair, but to have to buy them overseas and wait for them to arrive is a right pain in the behind!
Player Position: There are plenty of players on the pitch that can benefit from what the Wave Ignitus has to offer, but ultimately it is the set piece specialist (free kicks, penalties and corners) that has most to take advantage of.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Great review! I love my ignite 2. They are the best power boot I have owned. out of t90 laser 3 elite, puma pwr C1.10 and concave pt1. I admit I havent worn adidas adi powers so i cant say the mizuno's are the best period, but they are definitly the best i have worn.

    • Mukaiten update… the Mukaiten kick such as the ones Honda does, are due to the unique texture of balls like the traser and the jabulani. Even if you can hit the no spin shot, if you are kicking with a normal training ball, you will see none of the "Magic" swerve and wobble, the movement of the ball in the air is caused BY THE BALL, not the boot, However the Bio panels work amazingly well.

  2. When are these coming to the US?! I need a pair of Mizuno boots (I want the Ignitus) and DO NOT want to pay $20 for shipping from the UK. I currently play the Powercat 1.12 (white/white/white) and the leather is starting come away from the sole-plate at the forefoot flex areas. Makes me sad.

    I really want Mizuno to bring their cleats to the US…

    • you say you need a pair just pay the 20 buks cheap ass lol

      • If they don’t fit properly, I’m out another $20 to ship them back. $40 in shipping is a decent bit of money just to try out a pair of cleats.

        • Review says they fit true to size in length and width. Also said they fit similar to T90 and adipowers. Go try on a pair of those for sizing…

          Have a pair of Supersonic Waves and prefer those over the Ignitus.

          • Might just be me but the adipowers fit NOTHING like the T90’s do… I own the T90’s and owned the adipowers in two sizes to see how they fit but neither size worked well for me.

          • believe me it does run true to size i own one here in the philippines so your 20 quid will not come into waste

  3. If Mizuno comes to the US i will definitely buy some. Been salivating over the Morelia Neo's for sometime now and these Wave Ingnitus are also intriguing

  4. Awesome review, you were spot on with just about everything with my experience so far with the boots. What a wonderful boot it is! Also, they do feel great touch wise as the bio-panels help control the ball.

  5. I love mine. One of the best cleats I ever owend. I bought them from Japan last summer and they are perfect. I will going again this summer and looking forward to purchasing the ESTRELA NEO.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Reminds me of old school Preds. If Mizuno made them in black with a red tongue they could be a clone.

  7. Can anybody here actually hit a knuckle shot effectively anyway? I do not believe for a second that the rubber surface makes any difference. Look at Ronaldo and how his knuckle free kicks are perfect without any rubber. If anything, who is to say that a rubber surface doesn't make it spin more? It is just a gimmick.

    • But I will add that Mizuno are nice boots and this is a good review.

    • I’d imagine most decent strikers hit no-spin shots quite frequently. When I played more frequently (and with a better ball– NorCal State ODP, Club ball, high school, and college), every keeper that I knew personally would tell me that some of my shots would “wiggle” or “shake” in mid-air. Most of those shots came from a shot off the dribble in a normal striking position (toe-down instep shot, follow-through on kicking foot).

      When you hit a no-spin shot, the friction of the ball’s panels against the air cause it to wiggle a bit. I’ve never been able to do it with a free kick (truthfully, I only tried a handful of times!), though… I think that the mechanics of your shot have to change immensely because you have to get the ball up quickly and back down on frame. Pretty difficult.

    • Doesn’t help as much as give you an idea of where your foot should make contact with the ball. My technique for the knuckle/dip shot is based off of Keisuke Hondas, for me I feel like it is a lot easier than Ronaldo’s so you might want to try and learn Honda’s instead of Ronaldo’s

  8. I have several adidas and nike shoes, then i bought mizuno's, wave ignitus 2 and neo morelia, you'll never regret that coz mizuno was great shoes, and the neo morelia is the best shoes i've ever had

  9. Great review. After years of playing in Copa's I decided to bite the bullet and try something really new and different. I wanted a powerboot that was comfortable for wider feet that offered great protection from being stepped on. I'm not one for hype and really would have preferred an all black colorway. Even though I compromised a heck of a lot on color, everything else about these cleats is fantastic. Unlike like most teenies out there light weight means bugger all to me, I want comfort and protection. I smack the ball with some ferocity, so all the little bones in my feet thank me after a hard match or training session that i don't wear some thin no protection light-weight boot.

    Also for those worried about buying online, these cleats do fit true to size. They also suite those with a higher arch wide fore foot. I found these cleats to offer excellent arch support. Remember that even though the front upper is kangaroo leather because of the multiple bio panels these boots will not stretch as much (if at all) like your traditional all kangaroo leather boot. So I would recommend sticking to your size and not going down a size (unless you have a narrow/short foot).

    Bryan how do these compare to the Diadora DD Eleven (reviewed last year) for shooting and protection? Which would you prefer for shooting? Because it sounds like you were blown away by the shooting feel of these boots, Which is what I experienced also.

    • Thats true – I hadn't thought of the DD Eleven as a comparable boot. Shooting wise, they feature a different type of technology and the feel is contrastive. But they both deliver solid power and a great strike!

  10. How would you compare the Ignitus 2 boot to the Powercat 1.12? I know they both have excellent shooting capability, but what about touch and control?

    • Both are great power cleats. I just think the Ignitus is more comfortable and contours the foot with a more natural fit than the Powercat 1.12. You can't go wrong with either. Only problem you might have with the Wave Ignitus 2 is getting a pair in your size and colorway preference. They seem to sell fast and are very scarce.

    • The ignitus are the MOST comfortable boots I have ever had, Im not exaggerating. I have very wide feet and i have had no issues at all with comfort, If you have a narrow foot, you may want to consider going down a half size for a tight fit

  11. Hey Bryan I'm really in a pickle here and i can't decide between these and the Vapor 8's. I play almost everywhere on the field besides keeper, and center back. I heard good thing about both and i really can't decide. Which ones would be better?

    • The Mizunos are better for protection, and more comfortable, but if lightness is your only concern then go with the Nikes. If your someone who shhots on goal regularly, I would get the Mizunos,

  12. Guys, I have been wearing addiads and nike for ever! But recently I have signed a contracted in Korea! Here we train and play on the AG/turf! My boots are use less! Nike vapor 8, laser t90, from all addias boots are not so comfy! I have the predator x on my feet are still not what I want! I think it’s case the artificial grass or what ever! Problems such as my knees hurt after the games. My big boan in the shine gets really sour! didass has send me their Ag boots! But not so comfortable, sometimes my feet feels too hot as if they will catch fire. It’s hot and ag grass is terrible, it’s burns if you fall or get tackled! I want try the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2. I got a question? the man has brought me 6 different pairs! I have no Idea about this boots case never wear them! The writings on them is Korean, the interpreter English is funny! There i have Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 MD, SL, SI, Mizuno Wave Ignitis In yellow case I want yellow color! What are the real difference????? Thanks in advance

  13. I want these cleats so bad! I’ve looked all over the place for them buy I can’t find them anywhere!? I did find these cleats in red and white but I don’t like those colors could someone please tell me where I could buy these boots-same color must be fg and a kangaroo upper. Please someone help me the only place I could find these boots with the same everything was uksoccershop and they have HORRIBLE reviews!

    • you have to stay under the UK website but they will still send them but shipping & handling is more expensive and takes longer for them to actually arrive (my supersonic wave 2s took about 2-3 weeks)

  14. Guys, I need some help!
    I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Shinkens (II), and it appears as though Mizuno stopped making them. If I were to buy a new pair of Mizuno’s, which boot would be closest in quality and feel to the Wave Shinkens? Thanks.

  15. Can you tell me where i can get these

  16. i have these boots and they are great 😀 the only problem i have ever had with them is that on certain turf they lose traction. But over all they are awesome!

  17. Best pair of cleats I’ve owened, over the past 2 years I’ve had Adipowers, Mizuno Supersonic wave 2 (very good as well) and vapor 8s. I play forward and I am a speed player so I liked the vapors but the wave Ignitus is a couple ounces more but doesn’t feel it when you are wearing them. By far one ofte most comfortable cleats I’ve ever worn and the mukaiten panel really does help if know how to do the “no-spin” shot it just takes a couple practice sessions to learn the correct technique. If you want to buy a pair and live in the US I am sorry to say you can’t at a store but I got my pair off Lovell Soccer (also known as Lovell Rugby) for a pretty cheap price

  18. I just tested out my new Wave Ignitus 2s for the first time, and I gotta say the mukaiten pannel really does help, amazing knuckling effect if hit just right. The biovamps are great for sending long balls and give a really solid surface for power shots. Only concern was dribbling/touch with the biovamps, it'll take some getting used to. But again, amazing for shooting. I bought mine true to size and they fit perfectly, with a lot of support for the feet. Found them on amazon with free shipping from the UK, came much, much faster than expected

  19. how do these fit compared to the Puma Powercat 1.12? Really like to know as soon as possible!

  20. Great review! I love my ignite 2. They are the best power boot I have owned. out of t90 laser 3 elite, puma pwr C1.10 and concave pt1. I admit I havent worn adidas adi powers so i cant say the mizuno's are the best period, but they are definitly the best i have worn. A good point but I have another opinion…

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