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Diadora Evoluzione K Review

Diadora Evoluzione

Diadora are no stranger to releasing distinctive releases with quirky visual designs. In fact, it is sort of their forte and this latest release follows that consistent trend! The Diadora Evoluzione K Pro is a boot that mixes a traditional upper with an unmistakeable, attention grabbing look. Right through the testing process, many players approached me with the same “what the heck are those things?” type of look. And in typical Diadora fashion, comfort continues to dominate in an otherwise simple and uncomplicated boot! But the big question is, how do they compare to other top tier boots on the market and what role does the yellow design on the front have?

For testing, I wore a pair of size 9US in the Black/Yellow Fluo colorway.

Breaking In
In typical Diadora fashion, comfort is a leading aspect of these boots. It is the one area that the Italian company continually gets right and straight out of the box the Evoluzione feel great. I could tell before my first running session that they could easily slip into a game with little to no problems. An extremely supple K-leather upper kicks it all off. It sort of melts in your fingers to the touch and when you put them on they mold with ease to your foot shape. The soleplate flexes with ease and is also comfortable from first wear. Overall, a very comfortable boot from first wear.

Underneath the tongue, Diadora use a suede lining that offers a dual benefit. First, it has some light padding behind it that gives you a little extra protection, while second it offers some extra grip and helps the boot sit in place on your foot. It is a very simple, yet effective, addition that makes them a highly appropriate boot to wear for those that value pure comfort.

Evoluzione Upper

New Diadora Evo

When it comes to in-game performance, there really is little to complain about. The boots are very comfortable, provide plenty of protection and cover the requirements of an all-around boot. There is nothing that stands out, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, instead they are simply consistent. Technically, the yellow design along the front is supposed to add some an extra control element – realistically I don’t think there is enough coverage in the region for it to be effective. Because of the K-Leather upper it is not technically needed.

In terms of traction, the bladed configuration I tested worked effectively on both a grass and artificial turf surface. From front to back, the blades have a slightly lower profile than some other boots I have tested lately and they seem to flow gracefully into the soleplate, rather than cutting off at a direct 90 degree angle. I actually found that this created a fluid movement through the surface, although I have some concerns in wet conditions, where there were sporadic moments when they give out.

Evoluzione Blade Soleplate

One Boot – Different Soleplates
For testing, Diadora sent over a pair with the BX bladed configuration and a tri-density PU outsole. There is also a GX version conical stud configuration available that sits on Diadora’s NET Breathing System soleplate. Both offer extremely different levels of performance and come in at different price points, with the GX version being slightly higher. This review focuses on the BX configuration, for those that want to know more about the NET Breathing System featured on the GX version, check out the DD Eleven review.

How do they Fit?
Right through the boot, you get a wide fit. I am a medium/wide fit and these matched my requirements to a tee. They are wide through the midfoot and on a positive note they offer plenty of arch support. Length wise, they fit very close to true. I wore a size 9US and they worked out well, with maybe an extra finger width up top. If you like a snug fit and generally find you have a little extra room from something like the Adidas adiPure or Nike Tiempo, then a half size down might be a better option. A unique aspect of the boot lies in how they fit around the heal. I haven’t really seen this before, but the boot actually curves outwards from the ankle lining down the soleplate. For players that need a wider heel fit, this is the boot for you!

Diadora Evoluzione Detailing

Design – The Fluo Detailing
It is quite obvious that Diadora were going for something different with the look. I can tell you that in game, they are incredibly easy to spot and people tend to comment on them a lot. As well as wearing them myself, I had a teammate wear them and the Fluo Yellow on a primary black upper definitely stands out! Everything about the design is for visual enhancement and it is all quite effective. Personally, I don’t actually like the design used, and the sort of shark teeth pattern looks slightly off-beat.

For me, the design is the big negative – the design around the front of the boot is a little funky. One other negative is that they are a little chunky, particularly around the heel. As stated above, they offer a curved and wide fit, but in turn this produces, well, an overly wide boot!

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A very consistent, run-of-the-mill boot that produces a very consistent level of performance. Some unique visuals on the supple K-Leather upper give them an overall distinctive look.
Category: The fall in the heritage range, especially because of the upper.
Weight: An impressive 9.0oz, which is very competitive from a Diadora heritage release!
Would I Buy Them: I’d consider them, especially because of their price. But the look just doesn’t suit my palette!
Player Position: Heritage releases suit many playing positions, but I see these as the ideal boot for defenders and in particular, outside backs. no-nonsense center mids will also find them useful!

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  1. They look good. 9.0 oz seems pretty good for this. I wish my local soccer store carried Diadora.

  2. I think this is Diadora’s attempt at a speed boot, if you ask me. Flashy detailing, reduced weight, etc. It makes for a good boot, I find it appealing, and I might pick me up a pair soon

  3. This is to Bryan or anyone that has had any experiance with the two cleats – how do the Evoluziones fit in comparison to the Maracana’s? Are they longer or shorter or about the same?

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