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How to Clean the Nike Vapor 8

Before and After Cleaning

Over the past few weeks, I have received many emails from Nike Vapor 8 owners who don’t know how to clean their new boots! The problem with the suede microfiber upper is that it scuffs very easily, and after 2 or 3 wears they can actually start to look worn. The material almost soaks stains in and unlike all other synthetic uppers we have seen on the market, a wet rag just won’t take those dreaded marks off. It is one emerging negative of the new Vapor boot we reviewed a few weeks back.

In fact, I spent some time testing different cleaning products that I regularly recommend – with no joy. But, yesterday I found a new solution that did a fantastic job of removing 90% of the markings. Before I name it, you need to be aware that I have not and don’t intend to scientifically test this product’s impact on the suede upper. In other words, I cannot tell you how it impacts the upper long run and can only offer details from my experience. If you decide to try it, please do so at your own risk!

Check the solution out after the jump….

Mr Clean on Soccer Cleats

What is the Solution?
Meet the Mr Muscle Magic Eraser – I’ve seen this product used to clean walls before and it does a fantastic job of removing paint and other stains…..apparently it also removes stains on boots! It took me 5 minutes to clean both boots and they look pretty much brand new again. There are still some scuff marks, but it is a far improvement from what the boots looked like before, as you will see from the top image.

Where to Find Them
There are a multitude of different Mr Muscle Magic Eraser available to buy online or in store. I used the Extra Power version pictured above, purchasing a 2-pack for around $3.50.

If anyone has comments on this option or have found another way to clean the boots, please share in the comment section below to help other players out!

Cleaning Nike Vapor 8

Nike Vapor 8 Clean

**In hindsight after reviewing the images, I don’t think the lighting does justice to the extent of scuffing. In other words, there is a much larger difference in how they look in person compared to the images on this post!

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  1. thank god, my friend Mike and I have spent days trying to find something that cleans them
    thank you so much Bryan!

  2. Be careful cleaning your boots with this product– it will clean them but it is an abrasive cleanser.

  3. I’ve been using magic erasers for years with no problems what do ever! Definitely a must have!

  4. OMG Let´s play football and do not clean your cleats. Dont waste your time 🙂 Just play…..

  5. If you want to clean them I would recommend trying Jason Markk.

  6. The Miracle III scuffs and stains pretty bad too. I find that a toothbrush, warm water, and dish soap cleans it up pretty well but not completley.

  7. I know it's off topic, and you mentioned it in your review, but damn those boots look soft! If you could, how would you compare the comfort levels of the synthetic upper to a leather boot like the Tiempo IV regular (unfair comparison as the Tiempo is very comfortable but the CTRs are pretty close so it's not entirely unfair imo). I figure having a backup pair of boots can never hurt, and if I can switch between two pairs it will extend the lifespan of my boots so it may be worth it to snag a pair of these

  8. i called it!

  9. Is it all right to use this on leather cleats??

  10. Another possible cleansing option: Reusch GK Glove Wash

  11. ive found out that filing up a sink with really hot water, then putting a little bleach and then soaking the shoes for about 20 minutes really helps clean them. Before you do that though make sure to clean it as much as possible with a towel and water. I've had them for 5 days and ive played in the mud with them and after i did this they looked almost new! (I HAVE THE WHITE V8's SO I DONT KNOW HOW THE BLEACH WILL EFFECT THE MANGO COLORS)

    • Using hot water on your shoes is probably the worst thing you can do, on the long term it will seriously mess them up 🙁

  12. I used the Magic Eraser Original on my mine and it barely worked (my scuffs are really big)

  13. I have the vapor 8 sg and my method works greatly.
    I just run the boot under hot water and scrub the stains with a dish brush like the one in the link below. http://www.brushware.co.nz/Dish%20Brush.JPG

  14. Does it work with the more leathery material of the clash mercurial vapor 8?

  15. I’ve been useing Meguiars leather cleaner/conditioner on my superflys n now on my new red/white vapor 8’s and it works great.cleans like new n makes em feel nice.

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