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Adidas Freefootball SpeedTrick IN in Infrared/Bright Blue

adidas Freefootball SpeedTrick

For those of you who like to play some Futsal, Adidas has released a new indoor shoe with some revolutionary technology. The Adidas Freefootball SpeedTrick is the latest indoor control shoe to hit the market and is sure to offer some solid competition to the Nike Gato range. The initial colorway comes in this Infrared/White/Bright Blue and they will have a retail price of around $69.99.

So, what does this range have to offer? Adidas introduce a new Micro-perforated synthetic leather upper on this release, for optimal softness and breathability. A very easy to spot Touch Compound line web on the vamp is designed to offer a high level of ball control. Playing indoor, you definitely need an exceptional touch, so this is an area that will have some definite benefits for players to take advantage of. The shoes weighs in at a competitive 8.8oz.

adidas SpeedTrick Infrared Blue

Another important aspect of a solid indoor shoe is the level of traction they provide. The sole on the SpeedTrick offers an extremely unique look and without actually having seeing them in person, it is tough to give an accurate description of what they are all about. Adidas use a flexible rubber compound that gives you the quickness and control you need on the court, especially when trying to twist and turn out of tight spaces. The blue region consists of contoured grooves, offering plenty of traction and is an area that Adidas seem to have specifically focused on.

The big question that needs to be answered is how these will stack up against the market leading Nike Gato range? There is a lot going on with these shoes that might make them a contender to challenge for that top spot, just take the pretty visually enhanced design for example. Expect to read a review on this shoes in the next few weeks!

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adidas SpeedTrick IN

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  1. Interesting!
    would be really nice if you can review them and compare them to the nike 5 lunar gato.

  2. would've loved for it to have the micoach cavity as well. any news whether they'll have it in their indoor shoes?

  3. Materials dont look as nice as the older super salas.

  4. I noticed that some of these SpeedTricks have different colour in the back. Are they different models? Do you know if they are older models?

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