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Clash Collection – Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Nike Tiempo Clash Collection

The latest Nike Tiempo Legend IV colorway release comes as part of the recent Nike Clash Collection, designed for players at Euro 2012 this summer. We have already had an opportunity to see the somewhat modest colorway in play, with the White/White/Black looking extremely sharp in play. The Tiempo is a boot that is built on tradition and heritage and combined with innovation to deliver a classic boot.

Having tested and even personalized a pair of Tiempo Legend, I have enough experience to tell you they are one of the best performing shoes currently on the market, and they are one of the top value for money options currently available. This release hits the market with a retail price of $159.99 or, there is also the option to go for the popular Tiempo Flight in the same colorway, retail price of $99.99.

Nike Tiempo IV Black and White

A super soft K-leather upper on the Tiempo Legend is designed to offer great touch and feel on the ball. You will notice that the stitching across the front of the boot is angled differently, sort of like what was featured on the Ronaldinho’s of years past. Well, this is an enhanced vamp stitching, strategically placed in order to create lateral support and a natural touch while minimizing any overstretch of the leather.

Out of the 4 boots released in the Clash Collection, these stand as my top colorway selection. They offer a simple, clean look that is not overly complicated. The Nike Clash Collection delivers performance engineering for every style of player. The individual boots are sparked by specific color finished with a white toe upper to create a distinctive yet common theme across the collection. The effortless and classic Black style reflects the expression and playing style we expect from the Tiempo Legend IV.

Stay tuned for details on the rest of the boots in the Clash Collection over the next week!

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Black White Nike Tiempo

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  1. why are there letters and numbers?

    • its the colors code? i dont know the real name for it but its the amount of red blue and green in the clash color. all the Clash series have it somewhere on the boot.

  2. I really like them, wish more companies would come out with simple colorways. I like the T90 Colorway too. I don't like the Mercurial Color that much though. The CTR 360 is ok.

  3. Bryan!! nike has released pictures on twitter of this boot as the elite version! no say on dates yet. looks amazing.

  4. If I wear a size 9 in Adidas adiPure IV's would I get a 9 in these too?

  5. Are players wearing this normal version for the euro 2012 or is Nike providing them with the elite version of this design? Would this boot be good for a wide footed player? I’m a size 13 US

  6. Hi, As a player with wide feet, would you recommend these or the CTR360's?

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