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Just Arrived: Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II

UA Hydrastrike Pro II

Without having the opportunity to announce their release on SoccerCleats101, the Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II just arrived in for testing. What is even better is the fact that this White/Yellow/Midnight colorway is making its US debut right here!

UA has implemented several key changes on this boot from the original Hydrastrike and I have to admit that they have moved things in the right direction. First thing is the colorway – plain and simple it works. There is no fussy design or crazy criss-cross patterns. Instead you get a white upper, with some Navy midnight and yellow detailing. The second major change lies in the soleplate and other than the fact that it creates a very modern look, I can tell that there is way more flexibility around the forefoot. The stud shape is also very unusual and I am interested to see how they hold up on FG surfaces.

The Hydrastrike II currently retails for $124.99, keeping them at a very affordable price-point compared to the market. See more images and read more details about the boots below.

UA Hydrastrike Upper

Of course, UA keeps some consistency in the boot by sticking to a soft K-Leather with UA’s patented H2Oi water intelligence technology, which repels water enhancing comfort and control. And you also get that fantastic Micro™G midsole layer that has consistently been a highlight of UA boots since the first pair they released.

I’m already planning on getting these in to testing to see how they perform in game. Everything from the outside looks improved, but is in-game where we will actually find out if UA has achieved its goal of creating a more responsive boot.

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Hydrastrike Upper

UA Hydrastrike Corespeed


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  1. I’m so looking for to this review! I’ve been tempted to order the all black colorway lately, just to try it out. But I’ll just wait to see what you have to say first.

  2. I really wish Under Armour would just stick to making clothing. When viewing the boots in person they always seem to bulky, tons of plastic and just over all sense of confusion when they were designed.

    • While I agree that some aspects of their designs seem to lack definitive directions, I think their footwear as a whole are more than decent. There have been many hits and misses for their footie boots, but UA's been making good and interesting decisions and strides with these 2nd generation of boots, and I'm looking forward to them.

  3. Awesome these hydrastrike look better then the previous version but how is the sizing?

  4. Looking forward to the review!

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