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Nike GS Released – Light, Fast and Eco-Friendly

Nike GS detail

In their continuing effort to release advanced boots, Nike has released a new limited edition boot for this summer, called the Nike GS. This boot takes on a completely different set of attributes than we have seen from anything else released on the market to date. Designed to be lightweight, all the components incorporated into the boot take on an environmentally-friendly approach.

At first glance, there is a lot to take in on these boots. The Black/Lime Green colorway is extremely bold and the upper has an unmistakeable texture. A very unique aspect of the boot is Nike’s use of a solvent-free Kanga-Lite synthetic upper, which provides zonal reinforcement for exceptional touch and control on the ball. Overall, the new boot weighs in at a super-lightweight 5.6oz.

Conceived and engineered in Italy, the Nike GS features recycled and renewable materials throughout the upper and plate design. A bio-based traction plate made primarily from castor beans ensures strength and flexibility on pitch alongside a sock liner made from 100% castor beans. The boot laces, lining and tongue are made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials. The toeboard and collar, feature at least 15% recycled materials.

Check out more details and images of the new release below.

Nike GS Boots

Personally, I am very intrigued and interested in testing the soleplate. Nike has labelled this one as the traction plate, and it includes a minimalist diamond-silhouette spine, which provides optimal flex and agility in plate performance. Accordingly, the anatomically positioned studs maximize speed in multiple directions to ensure responsive and assured movement on pitch.

The one big negative I see on this release is the price point, with Nike giving them a $300 retail. This is partly due to the fact they are being released on a limited edition basis, just to be used this summer. August 15th is the official date of release and you are going to have to act fast to guarantee a pair!

Stay tuned for further details and info on availability as we get it – and as always, we will also have a pair on the way for review!

Nike GS Upper

Nike GS Soleplate

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  1. Does anyone know the select retailers??? any of them???

  2. Matthew Vincent

    300 bucks for some recycled plastic? I thought the idea of recycling was to save money!

  3. anyone else thinks that these might be the cleats that Nymar was seen wearing blacked out?

    • They certainly do look like the one's Neymar was testing out. What gave it away in my opinion was the back heel portion of the boot.

  4. Will these be available for pre-order on soccer.com?

    • The Easter Bunny

      No, there are only 2012 pairs made so they will not have them for pre-order anywhere.

      • seriously? Cause you can "preorder" them on PDS right now, maybe it's just a glitch in their website that you find them and order them, but plenty of people have done so already, myself included.

        • will they charge your card right away? cause i have experience once with prodirect where they charge you right away for a pre-order item.

          • I'm not sure, I was reading the payment process today and it seems they will only hold it for five days where it's more than five days before the launch day. Unsure just yet will update if you want me to later this week.

      • you sure about that?

  5. These honestly look more like sprinting spikes more than soccer cleats, but they look cool. I think this could be amazing or a huge whiff.

  6. i can't find these

  7. y do these cleats cost alot there ECO and its has nothing special in the cleat like its look like the cleat for Acadecmy or sumthingg

  8. like i cant find these claests on PDS at all how did you pre order them??????

  9. neymar

  10. Hell yeaa cnt wait to try em out

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