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Time2Run – Adidas adiZero Feather 2

Adidas adiZero Feather 2

There is absolutely no fitness like match fitness, getting to play 90 minutes is where you really get yourself into soccer shape. But, to get to that point plenty of off field running is a necessity, especially as you work through pre-season. That is why, over the next few weeks, we will be detailing some of the top running shoes on the market, starting out with this top market option, the Adidas adiZero Feather 2.

Why choose this running shoe first, you might be wondering? Well, the simple answer to that lies in the fact that it is one of the best Summer options there currently is on the market. Since the upper is constructed using an air mesh, they offer a fantastic level of breathability while a SprintWeb welded frame provides added support. If you are wondering why they have “Feather” in the title, it is because of their overall weight – 6.6oz. For a running shoe, that is extraordinarily light.

You can currently find the adiZero Feather 2 at

Adidas adiZero Feather 2 Upper

adiZero Running

Before continuing, we want your opinion on running shoes – hit the comment section below and let us know what running shoes you recommend and why!

Running in the adiZero Feather 2
Adidas use a adiPrene+ foam in the midsole to provide extra support, and it works out to be very effective when running. You get a medium level of bounce as you land. It is not as springy as other high end running shoes, but considering the weight, you are getting enough padding to decrease the thud as you hit the ground.

Seriously, these things are light….like “superlight” light! It makes for a great feel to run in. You get a very natural feel, with nothing holding your feet down. Changing from a regular shoe to running in these is an odd experience, but in a positive way when you start running. It does raise one important question though, how light can or should a running shoe be?

Player Reaction
Player reaction to the shoe when they see them for the first time is consistent – “those things are light!” After getting over the initial shock comes the topic of support, and how they feel while running.

miCoach Compatible
Adidas has hollowed out a space in the sole for a miCoach chip to sit in. As a result, it means you get to track your running stats and improve your training performance over time. This is a feature I am personally a fan of!

Recommended For
This is the type of running shoe that will be particularly effective for players in warmer conditions who need a lightweight shoe to get them through preseason (or even off-season). I found the lightweight upper extremely effective this summer, while wearing them to stay fit in the warm California climate. If you are using these in colder conditions, you are going to need some thick socks!

Available Colorways
As well as this Tech Grey/Lab Lime colorway, there are several different colorways of the lightweight shoe available, including a Black/Infrared, a Blue/Infrared and a Infrared/Blue.

adiZero Feather 2 Running Shoe

adiZero Feather 2 Sole

Lightweight adiZero Feather

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  1. Shoes I would recommend are Nike frees (5.0 specifically), Nike lunar glide, Nike flyknit and any Adizero. I haven’t gotten any asics, brooks, saucony, puma or mizunos so I don’t know much about them apart from that brooks are very supportive and some asics and pumas are very light.

  2. Seems like they were released now to be the "rival" of the Nike Flyknit Racer. Maybe? Or just coincidence?

  3. I think with running shoes it has a lot to do with your preference and what type of a runner you are. I prefer a stability shoe and have great success with the Lunar Glides. I've had ever version except the 3s and have just started in the 4s and must say they are great.

    • Yeah. I think it has to do most with what type of foot you have.

    • The biggest thing when choosing a type of running shoe is getting the right kind based on the arch of your foot (they often refer to this as pronation). Most running shoes are meant to support a different type of pronator. The Asics website has a pretty good explanation of how this effects the type of shoe you should get.

      Since there are many shoes for every type of pronator, posts like Bryan's are useful to help you determine which of the shoes that fit your type of arch might appeal to you in other ways. That said, even if a shoe seems really cool to you or has a neat gimmick you like, you shouldn't buy it if it's not suited for your arch. Though in my opinion, when getting your first running shoe, it makes sense to go to a speciality store like New Balance or Asics where they have people who can help advise you on the shoe that would be best for you.

      • Pronation and supination are the angle your foot hits the ground at. It’s related to your arch but they are two different things. An insert can help these things but a more supportive shoe is typically better for someone with feet that supinate, pronate or have unnaturally low or high arches. Also please review the Mizuno Be (there’s an article about them on footy boots).

  4. Nice Shoes! They seem to be made for runners or people whose feet sweat a lot.

  5. Mizuno Waves. Most comfy, solid running shoe out there. Asics are also great.

  6. Asics are simply amazing shoes to be running within!
    Since my foot arch are high, asics gel stratus are really helping my foot and really comfy
    Mizunos are the top choice out there either

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