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Under Armour 10K Force Pro in Capri/Blaze Orange - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Under Armour 10K Force Pro in Capri/Blaze Orange

UA 10K Force Capri

If there was an award for the most outlandish colorway release of the year, I think Under Armour would win for this rendition of the UA 10K Force Pro. Not only does the boot hold several key performance upgrades, but the mix of Capri Blue and Blaze Orange leave it as one of the most noticeable boots you will see on a pitch. This is the type of boot that would make even the most one dimensional player on the pitch light up like a Dutch Christmas tree!

It is only a few weeks since I finished testing the 10k Force Pro, and I was impressed with what they had to offer. At 7.7oz, they are the lightest UA boot we have seen to date. Adding to that, you get a very effective CompFit lacing system that provides a comfortable ankle fit and a CoreSpeed soleplate that offers solid traction.

In terms of price, this Capri/Black/Blaze Orange colorway currently retails for $179.99.

Capri Orange 10K Force

I’m not a big fan of this look, but I do like what the 10K Force Pro has to offer. Other than the slightly high price point and the funky design, there are not many negatives about the boot that I can comment on. For what they have to offer and having had the opportunity to test them, I’d recommend them as being an ideal option for any pacey players on the field. The upper is actually thick enough to withstand heavy challenges, while the addition of CompFit creates a glove-like fit.

What is 10K Force?
You might be wondering what this boot has been named after. Well, both parts of the name have their own meaning. Force stands for “Power”, while 10k stands for the amount of running an average soccer player does in a game (generally sits between 6-12k).

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Under Armour 10K Capri Orange

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  1. I really wish Under Armor would quit making cleats of any type. They really seem to be going about these all wrong. Also, $179.99 for these boots is ridiculous. For that amount you can buy top models from Adidas and Nike.

    • Well get used to them. They are here to stay and you have to admitt they are improving. Remember when adidas and Nike came out they were probably looked upon as crappy too. Just give them time. To be honest I would say that while these smaller companies are improving, the top companies are starting to slouch.

    • I don't see why you would ever want to see someone leave the market, especially a company that attempts to make new technologies and bring different designs to the marketplace. Even if you never buy their boots, the added competition benefits you as a consumer because it brings new ideas to the marketplace, variants of some will likely be implemented within shoes you ultimately do buy.

      Also, your dislike of a shoe seems to be a silly reason to oppose them being in the market. Let other people who like the 10K Force Pro buy it. UA tends to bring a different package than any of the major companies in their boots, so let the people who like them buy them. If people don't want to pay $180 for them, the price will drop. Simple economics.

      • Totally agree, and like I shared in my main post, there is a Force II version that's only 0.8 oz. the heavier at half the retail and all but the CompFit ankle for features. I was a fan of the CTR360 for comfort (a gimme for sure), but UA's 4D inner is unlike anything I've ever felt! My non-Pro Force II's are over 2 oz. less than the CTR360's and therefore allow better speed. That in combination with a seasonal half-price usual makes an awesome pair of boots for just over $50. UA's comfort, weight, breathability, and blade design are the RIGHT direction and suits me perfectly. Not everyone's opinion, granted, but they certainly have appeal if anyone's willing to give them their due.

  2. if the orange parts where white, this would be the best colorway

  3. I almost selected this colorway recently when Dick's Sporting Goods' .com site had a super deal on the non-Pro Force II. My wife got the Nike Victory III in Turquois Blue, so she thought these might match . . . nah. I went with the silver and lime green. So far I love the boots. Great feel in both comfort and ball control. I must admit a definite comfort level plus for UA here, but the Nike has a tremendously better accuracy in the Tiejin leather upper for me. I bought the Force II for nasty practice days, but love their comfort. At 8.5 ounces, they're still fairly light and good for speed. Other than the special CompFit ankle, and the loss of the 7.7 ounce advantages of the Force Pro II, I'll take a sweet deal around $50 over the $117 available now anyday!

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