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Adidas Predator LZ in Bright Pink/Black Review

Super Pink Predator LZ

Right off the bat, I do realize this is one of the initial Women’s version released in the Adidas Predator LZ. Since they hit the market, we have received dozens of requests for a review, from both male and female players. The female side of things is easy to understand, but surprisingly there are a lot of male players out there who have a need for the slightly narrow fit these boots possess. With that we picked up a pair, and I had top Irish soccer player, Melissa Kearney, test them out.

One thing these boots have going for them is their price tag – retailing right now for $130, they are substantially cheaper than the men’s version. Of course, this has a lot to do with sizing, but it is still a significant difference at the adult level.

Before kicking off the review, I’ve got an observation to add. Does anyone else find it odd that Adidas released a Super Pink version for men and this Bright Pink/Black for women? In retrospect, I would have expected Adidas to flip the releases by gender, so that the men got a little less pink. But I guess it is just a sign of the times we are in, where men are no longer afraid to wear flashy, feminine flavored boots on the pitch  – BB.

Pink Predator LZ Forefoot

Initial Reaction
I haven’t been an Adidas wearer to date, so going in I was a little hesitant on how the Pred LZ would fit. Previously, I’ve stuck with Nike releases and in particular the Tiempo range, so everything about this release (including the technology) was new to me. When I got them at first, they had a great aura about them and I was excited to get them into testing. The technology was a little daunting but having read Bryan’s Predator LZ review, I knew each area served a purpose – figuring each out would be the fun part!

How do they Fit?
I’m impressed with the fit and they really do cater to a slighter foot. I’ve been wearing a size 6.5US and that is what I wore in these. They feet really well on my narrow feet. A problem I have encountered in the past is too much room and my foot sliding around. That wasn’t the case with these and my foot felt connected to either side. I also likes that the synthetic leather upper doesn’t stretch too much and they were a good fit right through wearing them.

Would They Fit Male Players?
Ehh….I’m not sure how to answer this one. I know that they suit my foot, which is pretty narrow. In the past, I have tried wearing men’s shows with not much success, primarily doe to the wider fit through the arch and into the front of the boot so if there are male players who need a smaller size and a slight fit, I am sure they would work out pretty well. Plus the colors used are not as girly as I have seen in some of the men’s boots, lol.

Pink Pred LZ Zones

Getting to Grips with the Lethal Zones
At the beginning I found myself thinking “when am I going to use all these bloody zones?” Well, after testing I have to admit they all serve their own unique purpose. When it came to games, I was totally focused on playing and not my boots, so it was at training where I tried to figure out if I was using each zone. Of course, there were some I used more than others, with the outer “Sweet Spot” zone being the one I used most. I play outside midfield and have a tendency to play passes with that area – yes I know it is odd, but it is just my style!

Overall Comfort
What ever skepticism I had before wearing these boots has totally subsided. I enjoyed the grip of the studs on both our artificial turf training pitch and the natural grass we play games on. They felt good on and I never felt uncomfortable in them. Another positive was how they felt taking shots, very solid with good support without any sort of bulky feel. Oh, also worth noting is that after I got them, I wore them in a training session straight away where we did fitness, some possession and a game without any problems.

Pink Pred LZ Soleplate

Predator LZ Pink Heel

Pink Predator LZ Control Zone

Did you Feel Lethal While Wearing the LZ?
Haha, I get it  – Lethal Zones. I would say that I felt confident and comfortable. Playing as an outside mid they actually suited my style pretty well and I liked having a boot that creates a sort of positive mental edge.

Any Negatives?
I can’t think of anything off hand that was bad about these. They felt really good to wear and are actually still in great condition after almost 2 months of wear. Personally, I love the feel of a real leather, like that found on the Nike Tiempo, and I didn’t feel these were as natural – that I guess would be my only negative point.

Would You Wear These Boots Again?
Even though I have been a long term Nike wearer, I would consider wearing another pair of these. To be honest, I think I would have stuck with Nike boots only for the fact that I got this pair for free. I guess it is a good idea to sometimes change things up and try something new!

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Adidas Predator LZ Bright Pink

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  1. Very nice. I have incredibly small feet and ended up buying a pair of women adipowers and they are incredible. I paid $60 for them.

  2. $130 vs. $200? Surely, sizing alone couldn't justify $70 difference?

    • Demand, haha. It's not really justified per se, but because of the larger market in men's boots, they can get away with charging more.
      Too bad I have a wide foot, otherwise I'd be buying women's cleats.

      • You got it spot on – Demand!

      • Yeah, you are probably correct that it is demand, and probably not much else if at all.

        Interestingly enough, after skimming across few sites (for U.S. at least) it seems Adidas offers the most variety for women-specific boots. Puma is second but there's no price differences.

  3. One more quick question.. it seems like he is usually wearing 6.5 US male.. so.. what size does he have in female size for this review? It would be really surprise if he wears 6.5 US female…

    • Bryan's not the one who tested these; he got a female, Melissa Kearney, to do so. The first paragraph says so.

      Bryan usually wears a mens' size 9, according to his other reviews.

  4. Regarding the observation on colour at the beginning. The super pink was released for beckham and this was the official colour of the olympics so there was meant to be a tie in with the olympics, the olympic ball (albert) and the boots. As we all know though, becks didnt get picked.

  5. The demand is the reason for the price difference. While materials certainly factor into the price of the shoe, quite a bit of the price of the shoe is advertising and development of technology.

    Keep in mind, your feet must not only be small in terms of length, but also quite narrow for you to fit into women's cleats. If you have a lot of room in a regular male cleat, then you could give it a try. Otherwise the blisters wouldn't be worth the money you'd save and you'd be better off with the Absolion.

  6. great boots, nice combination

  7. I actually own a pair of these and, yes, they do fit male players. I normally wear size 9 US, got these in 10 US and they fit really well. One minor thing I don't like about the shoe is its insole because it's a little slippery and the arch area is too thick for me…which is not a bad thing if you need extra arch support.

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