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Cleatology – Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R

Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R

Over the past year or so, I have been picking up different pairs of old school boots, as I look to create my own personal collection of classics. One of the boots on my list has been the Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10R, and finally I was able to secure a pair that are in pretty good condition and in just the right size!

For those that don’t know, this is a pretty unique boot as it was the first truly personalized Ronaldinho boots we saw released on the market, back in 2006. The Brazilian playmaker played an instrumental role in developing the boot to his liking and style. From the fold over tongue that creates a larger striking zone to the soft K-leather upper, everything was specifically molded to compliment Ronaldinho’s style.

For those that have a deeper interested in this boot, your best bet for picking up a pair exists on eBay Listings. There have been several pairs listed over the past few weeks, it is just a matter of finding the right size at the right time!

Nike Tiempo 10R

10R Soleplate

I’m a true fan of these boots, as they hold an important role in the history of the Tiempo range. One of the first things you will notice about these boots is the intricate detailing placed throughout, with 10R and Ronaldinho’s signature making for an easy spot. I personally love the soleplate, with the larger 10R in the center making for a tidy addition as it is surrounded by the gold composite chassis.

The extra smooth K-Leather upper took on a completely new type of stitching pattern that allowed for a more personalized fit across the forefoot. It makes for a very professional look and falls right in line with even our current day expectations of the Tiempo range. While the extended tongue, which runs right over the entire lacing system, created a much larger and cleaner strike-zone. A word here on the Velcro system, it seems to hold the tongue down really well – very important!

Ronaldinho Signature 10R

Nike 10R Leather Upper

The soleplate also took on a unique story, with Ronaldinho requesting textured stud tips that allowed for improved sole control on the ball. For most players, this addition was less important, but for Ronaldinho it was part of his playing style, since he grew up playing tight, fast paced games of Futsal. If you have played Futsal, you will understand the importance of getting your foot on top of the ball and moving it side to side. If you are familiar with watching Ronaldinho play, you will have seen him do this move many times!

I’m eager to hear your guys input on these boots – if you have worn a pair, leave some comments below on how you feel they tested or performed. I don’t plan on wearing this pair anytime soon, so your feedback will be important for other players who might be considering searching out a pair.

If you are looking to try secure a pair, check what is available at eBay.

Ronaldinho in Tiempo 10R

Nike Tiempo 10R Heel

Tiempo 10R Tongue

Ronldinho 10R

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  1. Great read! I love reading about older boots.

  2. Hey Brian I actually have a pair of these! They are quite exceptional. My experience with these:
    1) First of all, they are about the classiest boots you can find.
    2) They took a while for me to break in, probably because of the stitching, but after about a week or so, they perfectly wrap around your foot.
    3) The leather is not super thin, but not too clunky, making for a great balance between comfort and protection.
    4) The traction is the best I have EVER experienced.

    • Also important notes:
      1) The boot is unique in that it only has 5 lace holes, rather than the customary 7. This was because Ronaldinho wanted a bigger vamp size. However this can make for a very tight forefoot fit at first, but it will loosen up.
      2) I can't say that durability is the best out there unfortunately, you will likely get at most 1 season with these. The leather on mine is already separating from the sole, but its nothing some Gorilla Glue can't fix.(yes, i put glue on my cleats)
      3) The leather is already pretty much waterproofed.

      I got my pair at

  3. Best comfort in a boot i have ever worn, easily better than copas.

  4. Good boots nice touch and ball feel, good for short and long tight inbetween passes, really enjoyed the comfort as well as the goals made with them. If Nike can re release Jordans than they should re release these.

  5. No joke, last week I was visiting my wife's family in Yuba City CA and the local soccer shop had these in my size brand new. Best part of the deal, only $100. I bought them but have been scared to wear them because of their rareness. Perfect condition, comes with the tag with Ronaldinho's quotes, the card stock about boot technology, and the bag to carry them in. I love these!

  6. Against my better judgement (as I'm considering buying a pair for my 11yr old in size 7) … Soccer Shop USA ( has these for $60 in size 7 and some really small sizes (4 & 4.5 — think about how tricked out your kid would be sporting these!) …

  7. On a a side note, has anyone noticed that soccer stores like, Wegotsoccer and other sites have stopped selling the Adidas Predator LZ. I was hoping to get the red ones but of the color ways are available except for the SL version

  8. Have all these series, simply amazing and stunning cleats

    The leather aren't so thin neither too thick ; very comfortable ; amazing first touch

    My favorites are the last series, which has a zig-zag stitching across the boots

  9. Strange to think that 10R made legends what they are pretty much, then you have the dio's and legend IV how similar they look is crazy.

    Shame as I think legends get over looked now, they dont have that postboy like 10R anymore

  10. i owned a pair of the lower tear ones where the lace cover only came half way down and i loved every second of them till i out grew them and want another pair but they are super rare if anyone knows where i could find a 10.5 or 11 in these it would be appreciated

  11. Great boots…my second pair finally tore…I'm thinking of going synthetic from here on end, something outside the norm, such as Asics or Mizunos…but I have a soft spot for these.

  12. I’m actually looking to buy a pair of these but idk which size would be best for me. I’m a size 10.5 in my normal shoe and my vapors I. Currently have and I’m wondering whether I should go up one size to 11 but I’m worried it may be a little loose if I go a higher size so if you can let me know the fit that would be awesome!

  13. Can anyone help me? I’m usually a 10.5 in nike but if I get these in an 11 will I be ok?

  14. So I found a pair of these in a second hand store in Japan and they appear to be brand new with the tags and the sealed picture of Ronaldinho. The only difference I see with them (literally the ONLY difference) is that they don't have the patch on the bottom of the cleat, they have a swoosh instead. They also have a different style number 315363-027, most of the others are 315362-027 so I wonder if these are maybe a Japanese version? any insight? I planned on picking them up and holding on to them as a collectors item.

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