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Cleatology – Adidas Predator Absolute

Adidas Predator Absolute

Surprisingly, here is a boot that I’ve had in my closet since before I started SoccerCleats101, yet I don’t have a post about them. This particular pair of Adidas Predator Absolute also has a pretty big significance for me – they are the actual pair I wore when I made my professional debut for New England Revolution!

The PowerPulse was the 8th series and the 2006/07 Predator release. Pictured is the SG version, which features interchangeable aluminum blades. They weighed in at around 10.2oz, which at the time was a midrange weight point and pretty ideal for a Power boot. But the major talking point about these was the interchangeable insole, that allowed you to change between a regular insole and a slightly weighted version. Adidas built of the same concepts used in golf clubs, where the added weight provided extra momentum as you swing, increasing the force exerted on contact with the ball.

For those interested in picking up a pair, rest peacefully knowing that they can be found! eBay is the best place to look, with plenty of pairs and sizes currently on offer.

Adidas Pred Absolute Strike

As for the all important Predator strike zone, it featured specifically positioned rubber elements that were segmented to allow for increased surface contact of the ball. As a result, there was more opportunity to put spin on the ball and off course you got a little extra power to boot.

When released, I was pretty enamored with this release and touted them as the best boot ever! Looking back on it, it was probably related to the fact that I was getting pairs for free. Now, if you take a snapshot of the entire history of the Predator and the latest Predator LZ, they definitely fall down the popularity line. Most Adidas fans will tell you that it is the look rather than the performance aspect of the boot that leave it as a slightly forgotten legacy.

In your opinion, how do these boots rate against the newer Adidas Predator releases? Leave your comments below – I’m interested to read your thoughts on the evolution of the range!

Predator Absolute Upper

Adidas Predator

Predator Absolute SG

Absolute Predator

Adidas Pred Absolute

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  1. Guys still wear these older boots at the park. Better than the new ones; you can't beat a soft leather with plastic alternatives.

  2. I remember when I used to have this model in World Cup 2006 David Beckham edition. ANd honestly, they are the only boot that actually did increase the power of your shot. No other boot I have used does that, although I think the boots have to evolve with the game, and the new releases from Adidas are slightly better.

  3. Nice boot, not the best design imo. For me best preds have to be manias and then powerswerves.

  4. The best predators were the original release which kick started their popularity.

  5. They are K Leather so IMO they rate higher than the current crop. They are no accelerator though!

  6. I’m going to go old school (is 1998 old school?) and say that the Predator Accelerator is the best Predator boot made. Feet-You-Wear technology (loved their running shoes with the FYW sole… SO. PERFECT.), Traxion sole, the first of the smaller Predator elements, and K-leather. I’m 29… most of the people here probably have never worn those boots. Tragic, man…

    A very close second would be the adipowers. Great boot.


    Believe it or not but a local soccer store is full of these. When i went in every predator box i pulled out had these in them. Without an employee who knows how much old pred boxes i'd be going through. They were all non smelly and new

    • Where is this shop? If this place is anywhere in Texas I'm going to be making a road trip

      • I'd love to tell you if you are prepared to visit the metro Detroit area. they have 50% off 2010 and PRIOR adult mens firm ground cleats coupons on their website. it is called ****************************************************************************************************
        sorry can't tell you that

  8. Nice, but i'm shocked you actually wore those at Gillette. With that plastic pitch and all. Sharlie used turf shoes all times.

  9. Bryan: I'm loving the Cleatology features. For someone approaching their late 30's, reading about all the old boots brings back many memories (when most top boots were made of real leather – ahh, the smell of unboxing a new pair of boots back in the day was a real treat). Looking forward to more of the Cleatology posts in the future. Keep up the fine work!

  10. I personally liked this model better than the new ones. I enjoy having a solid feeling boot and I also hate the bright neon crap that passes for color schemes nowadays.

  11. As far as I can remember. My best days of playing soccer were with these cleats. excellent cleats.

  12. I have been looking for that exact pair since i outgrew mine back in 2007. Same color and everything but hard to find in size 11 in that red and black color scheme

  13. These were my first "professional"pair I got for myself as well. Problably the best boot of all.time!

  14. These were my all time favorite cleats. I like the absolutes better than the ones now. They were so comfortable and I had a powerful shot. My best days in soccer were with The Predator Absolutes.

  15. These absolutes have ALWAYS been my favorites. They sure bring back great memories! I remember I had these in this color as well as my alltime favorite white/gold colorway. This Predator is really comfortable and stylish IMO. The new ones out today are a JOKE!

  16. I still own a pair of these in blue/silver and theyre in excellent condition. Classic, legendary and very hard to find boots I Love them!

  17. Does anyone know how these fit? I found a pair recently and couldn't remember what size I wore in them. I'm currently in a 9.5 Diadora Evoluzione, 9 Copa, and 10 street shoe.

    • I would say true-to-size. I wear 9US and they fit me perfectly. I still bust these guys out every now and then in games!

  18. I remember these has the best predator ever!! Hi remember i was wearing vapor at the time, and a friend of mine have them and he borrows me for a training session and i fall in love for them so much that i bought them.
    The season after i bought the powerswerves and was my second favourite pred of all time, i still have two pairs ( i bought four pairs of PowerSwerve) and i had two pairs of X and they are rubbish compared, i also bought more two pairs of adipower and they are very good, but not as good as previous models, and i have also a pair of LZ's but i wish i have more pairs of absolutes because they are one of the best boots that i have ever playded with..

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