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Nike Mercurial Miracle III Review

Nike Miracle III Sail

For those that stick to more economical priced options on the market, this review seems like an absolute must read. The Nike Miracle III is a boot with a lot of attitude and positive performance benefits for players of all levels. Not only has Nike given it a similar look to the pro-level Vapor VIII, but they up performance by introducing a 2-blade heel design. Pictured is the Sail/Soar/Challenge Red colorway, and below is a breakdown of how they have tested over the past few weeks! Plus as an added bonus, details on a giveaway are also listed below.

When it comes to retail, the Miracle III hit the market around the $120 mark – but you can pick them up in several colorways for $101.99 on

Breaking In
Put a fish in water and what does it do – swim, it comes naturally. In similar fashion, put a pair of these boots on for the first time and you will be able to play soccer – because they are built to be put into action. I’m happy to report that this Miracle III provides a comfortable feel right out of the box with pretty much no complication. I also love the soleplate used, it is extremely flexible yet has enough stability to offer bounce as you accelerate away. In fact, I would choose this soleplate 10-out-of-10 times when compared to the Carbon Fiber soleplate seen on the Superfly range.

Nike Miracle Blades

In-Game Performance
For a $120 mid-tier boot, this latest Miracle performs just as expected – if not better. At times, I actually felt like I was wearing the Vapor, with touch and control on the ball feeling fantastic. Nike has done a great job of mimicking performance to the highest level. You don’t get that slightly textured feel like you get on the Vapor due to the suede upper, but it does have that similar buttery, soft to touch quality. This plays to your advantage over 90minutes, offering a natural feel on the ball.

One tricky area turned out to be the stud configuration. Thankfully, the Miracle comes with a set of blades that are slightly wider than the ones found on the Vapor. Each blade is slightly thicker and they don’t have that sharp edged profile. But, I did find that there was a level of drag as you back-pedal on firm surfaces. The blades seemed to stick in the surface at times and although I was never close to falling, there were a few times where I had a split second to catch my balance.

Miracle Upper Texture

Nike Miracle Cleats

Miracle vs Vapor
If you were to compare just the upper vs upper on both boots, you would quickly find it very difficult to determine which boot was which – always a good sign for the mid-tier release. Design wise, there is not a different sized swoosh or distinguishing symbol. Even the heel design offers the very same visual cues. In terms of performance there is a difference, the Vapor features a thin Suede Teijen Microfiber, whereas the Miracle employs a regular Teijin microfiber. The soleplate is the definitive area where you can differentiate both boots, with the Vapor featuring a more advanced Double-composite glass chassis that is surprising flexible. Overall, preferred reaction to both has been very mixed – some players like the look of the Vapor, some like the Miracle.

Nike Miracle III Upper

New Nike Miracle III

How do they Fit?
This release fits in the very same fashion as the Vapor VIII:

My initial reaction when I got these was that they offered a fantastic fit right across the forefoot but with a slightly longer fit. I mentioned it several times and commented on the extra lenght you get from having an extremely thin upper. Compared to other boots like the Vapor VII, you get about an extra finger width of space. I have a medium/wide fit and having worn them several times, I can tell you that players with the same foot width should order true to size. Players with a narrow fit should order a half size down.

I recommend ordering true-to-size compared to other Nike releases – although worth noting is the fact that they fit slightly longer than the Miracle II, for those familiar with previous Miracles.

Another Viewpoint
Jim posted a review on the SC101Blog a few weeks back, it is worth checking out for those that want to read a review from a different perspective.

First off is the problem of scuffing, and again the Teijin Microfiber upper illustrates it primary weakness after just a few wears. If you decide to get a lighter colorway, be warned that you will need to spend time keeping them clean. The one other negative was the dragging feeling encountered while back-pedaling, which did create a slight problem on occasion.

Giveaway – Yes please!
We ran a giveaway for a pair of Miracles last week, and we are doing it again just for the loyal folks that read this review. I’m keeping things simple – rules stay the same – simply follow all the same directions listed on the Nike Mercurial Miracle Giveaway, just post the following on Twitter to enter:

Nike Mercurial Miracle review, plus WIN a pair #Giveaway – Follow @soccercleats101, RT and you are entered!

Open to entries through September 26th. Winner will be contacted on September 27th.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A high performing mid-tier release that features a soft Tiejin Microfiber upper and an extremely unique 2-blade heel design.
Category: Falls into the speed family, with an economical price-point to boot.
Weight: An extremely solid and decently lightweight 8.2oz – personally, I find that to be an excellent weight point.
Would I Buy Them: They have a lot of positives going for them and I’d definitely be willing to invest $100 on them with the understanding that they are likely to scuff pretty quickly.
Player Position: Wingers, pacey forwards and attacking style players will get the most out of these – that includes outside backs who like to get down the line!

Nike Miracle Heel

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  3. Ah I was hoping you'd review the updated leather-like upper they put the clash and seaweed mercs out in.

  4. Can I change the studs on the SG PRO for firm ground?
    I don't want to buy two sets of shoes.

  5. I've never used twitter before, but I created an account just for this.
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  6. Can I use these on artificial grass??

  7. Hi,

    First of all the reviews are brilliant and I love what your doing with the website it certainly helped me and am sure loads o others to narrow down what is certainly a market full of boots.

    I have pretty wide feet around the toe box and narrows down the further to ankle you go.

    I am a striker whos game involves poaching and i am physically strong and quick and have narrowed down my boot selection, for years I have worn vapors and have never had a problem but I am liking the t90s because they are certainly a lot wider feeling but the vapors don’t cause discomfort

    Which boot would you recommend for a striker of physical prescence and the boot for turning and getting a way from defenders at the same time

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