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Puma King Finale SL in Blue Metallic Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma King Finale SL in Blue Metallic Released

Puma King SL Blue Yellow

It has been a while since we have seen a new colorway released in the Puma King Finale SL series. As the fifth release in the series, this latest Blue Metallic/Dandelion/White is most definitely the most visually significant to date. It is a very Sweddish looking boot, or a colorway that would go down really well with some D1 college teams here in California – UCSB and UCLA in particular.

This is not the first Blue/Yellow combo release we have seen in the last 12 months (case in point the Adidas adiPower), but these offer a more prominent mix of colors that create a distinguishable range of cues. If anything, these look more like a outlandish 1970’s styled boot, holding tradition with a little bit of colorful flair.

In terms of retail, this version of the King SL comes in at $209.99.

Blue and Yellow King Finale SL

I have had the opportunity to test the King Finale SL and was left extremely impressed. So much so that they are still one of my go-to pairs of boots. They are a boot that offers a traditional feel, natural touch and plenty of traction in a lightweight package. Puma manages to trim down the King Finale and create a top performing speed boot without dramatically reducing comfort levels, which is extremely important. Those of you that wear a pair will find they fall into the speed category, although some people will categorize them as a heritage/speed hybrid.

Creating an SL
In order to drop the weight of the boot to 7.9oz, puma has made some significant changes. For example:

  • Cut off tongue – not only has the amount of fabric used in the tongue been been cut back, but the fold over tongue has been completely removed, an aspect I am very pleased about!
  • K-leather upper slimmed – Puma still use a K-leather upper, but they have modified it to be thinner. This improves feel on the ball but reduces protection.
  • Heel Counter trimmed – The heel counter has been completely trimmed down, with any excess material removed

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