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Nike5 Elastico Series – Breaking Down the Range

Nike5 Elastico Indoor Range

If you are like me, you might find the Nike Elastico range to be slightly confusing at times. There is the Elastico, the Elastico Pro and the Elastico Finale – trying to figure out which performs better in different situations can prove difficult for those who haven’t worn them before.

With that in mind, we picked up a pair of in each silo (all in the Bright Crimson/Total Orange colorway) and decided to give you a breakdown of each shoe, with some added commentary on what to expect if you decide to pick up a pair. As a short cut for those interested in picking up a pair, here is the entire Nike5 Elastico Range.

Check out more details and images below!

Elastico Indoor Shoes

Nike Elastico Finale

Nike Elastico Finale

Price-point: “Top of the line” – $109.99
Upper Material: Kanga-Lite synthetic leather – offers the feel of kangaroo with the lightweight durability of a synthetic.
Weight: 9.2oz
Designed for the fastest indoor games, with a set of hollowed out panels adding a slightly sticky feel and raised fins on the sole providing optimal traction. Ideal for players who take the game seriously and need a boot that provides optimal performance in all areas. Not so good if you are looking for a long term durable option!

Nike Elastico Pro

Nike Elastico Pro

Price-point: “High end bargain” – $74.99
Upper Material: Natural leather upper with layered forefoot stitching. Mesh panels along side add breathability.
Weight: 9oz
Designed for quick games where you need a little extra padding on the forefoot. Players who like to strike a lot of shots or need a little extra protection will benefit most. A good option for players coming back from injury or prone to ankle injuries.

Nike Elastico

Nike Elastico

Price-point: “The budget buy” – $54.99
Upper Material: Synthetic leather toe and instep overlay for increased durability.
Weight: 8.4oz
Designed for players on a budget who still want solid performance with a protected upper. The overlays on this shoe actually make it most useful in the series for toe-pokes, something players encounter a lot while playing at a quick pace. Also, this is actually the lightest of the boots in the range.

Weight – A Different Trend

As soccer players, we have been steadily drilled with the notion that lightweight equals better, and the less weight there is the more money you should pay. Not so much with the Elastico range. In fact the cheaper you go, the lighter the boot is. Why is this you ask? Simple – while playing indoor, balance is extremely important, and have that extra weight in the sole of a lightweight boot provides a center. This is the case with the Elastico Finale and the additional fins also provide a greater level of traction. You have to bear in mind that indoor is an extremely different game to outdoor, and as such the rules are different!

My Preferred Option

Having the opportunity to test all three boots in the range is something not all players have the opportunity to do. Deciding which one is right for you can prove challenging. Here is my input; all 3 offer solid performance for their price-points – so you really can’t go wrong. The boot that suited my game best was the Nike Elastico Pro. I wouldn’t rate this shoe as the best looking in the series, but it did offer a great touch and solid traction in play. They offered a pretty ideal level of traction for my playing style and I am a fan of the stitching that exists through the forefoot.

Summing Up

Being that this is the top range indoor range of releases on Nike, there is a set of expectations for these shoes. Depending on the type of player you are and the boot that you need, each boot offers a different option. As above, I am an Elastico Pro fan – but the other two silo’s both have plenty of positives. And, if design is an issue, try something like the Volt/Electric Green colorway!

Nike5 Elastico Series

Elastico Series Soleplates

Elastico Series

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  1. I adore nike mercurial victories indoor. can you review it?

  2. i got the original finales and found them to be probably the worst soccer purchase ever. Apart from not knowing to have to buy a half a size up.. i found them to be a pretty stuff indoor shoe.. i now wear the mecurials .. a lot happier

  3. How would you rate it compared to the Lunar Gato?

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