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Adidas F50 adiZero III – Player Reactions

Just yesterday we were introduced to the new Adidas F50 adiZero, with Lionel Messi debuting them in the Champions League vs Celtic. The pair that arrived into SoccerCleats101 HQ turned out to be perfect timing, as we were able to take them out to training last night for testing.

But as well as that, I decided it would be a good opportunity to pass them out to fellow Doxa players to see just what their reaction would be to the new boots. Obviously, the guys are not following the #1 website for boots, but that is OK as it makes their reactions a lot more authentic. Check out the video, and make sure you are subscribed to SoccerCleats101 on YouTube to stay updated on all video releases!

For those interested in the featured Synthetic version, they currently available for Pre-Order on WeGotSoccer. Alternatively, the Leather version is available to order from for $209.99.

Please note, this is not a “performance” focused video – it is simply to do with the initial reaction to the colorway and design. Most players have not worn the adiZero, so views expressed are those of the players and not SoccerCleats101.

Reaction to New adiZero

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  1. I must confess I am disappointed with the design; something about it is off-putting in terms of the positioning of the Adidas 'bars'/'stripes' being too close to the toe-box and the 'membrane' area towards the heel isn't aesthetically appealing either. It is too reminiscent of the Adidas 5Star NFL cleat for whatever reason.

    In truth I think the best-looking pair of F50s were the Adizero Prime that came out in Warning/Black initially; they had a certain simplicity I liked. As regards performance we shall see but I can't see them being markedly different from their predecessors although perhaps the texturised upper could impart more grip on the ball when dribbling and perhaps offer some friction when shooting to give some swerve to the ball. I'll be most interested to see what you make of these.

    On a totally unrelated note, you profess your love of the Puma V1.11SL, which I love as well – is the Evospeed in the synthetic comparable for fit and feel (The V1.11SL synthetic is excellent – almost jelly-like)? I'm perhaps looking to procure a pair in the black/orange colour.

  2. The 3-stripes is a different approach. On the pitch, the 3 stripes blends nicely into the ground, and it looks really good.

  3. I absolutely love the look and design. I've worn Nike boots all my life and the Predator LZ was the boot that made me make the switch due completely to how well it fits my foot and arch. They are extremely comfortable. How's this F50 fit compared to the Predator LZ? I'll definitely be heading to the store to try these on when they come out.

  4. I hope the material is softer than the previuos model (I wonder why they don't use the hybrid-touch of the predator LZ that is a GREAT synthetic)..and I would like to see if they solved the durability problems of the leather version, with the upper easly separating from the soleplate..

  5. I still have and love the old adizeros I got from you so I cant imagine how adidas could even get better. Now that they aparrently have, thats fantastic. I can only imagine how good those cleats must be since I already love the old onesThanks again btw for that give away years ago.

  6. i really want the leather one im going to get it

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