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Puma King – The 2013 Edition

Puma King 2013

Check out this latest Puma King release – there is definitely a modern twist to this one! You can tell by looking at the above image that Puma has changed its direction with the range by breaking the norm and giving the initial release a bright colorway. In fact, it is a really slick and streamlined look that has the potential to sell well!

We are still awaiting more details on the range and will update the post as we get information. Until then, check out Puma’s press release on the boots below, and hang tight!

King FG Technologies

It’s in your nature to take control and maximize it on pitch. The PUMA King is no different. It’s engineered to stay on top of its game – through every pivot and kick – so you can stay on top of yours. This lightweight, modern icon has performance-driven touchCELL properties to help enhance your touch on the ball. The soft, premium leather upper helps boost your feel for the ball so you can drive it right where it needs to go. The lightweight Pebax outsole reduces weight while the external heel counter helps increase protection and stability in the heel. So if you’re looking to reign on pitch (and we have a hunch that you are, you little control freak you) then get into the King. And get out there.

Puma King Details

Puma King Kick

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  1. Doesn't look as classy. Hope they don't mess these up like Adidas did with the adipure.

  2. It is described as premium leather, not as K-leather. I wonder if that means Puma have gone to something more similar to Taurus leather. Based on how much I've enjoyed the 11pro, I wouldn't mind personally, but it'd not doubt be controversial.

  3. I wonder what the hexagonal protrusions on the tongue are for. Puma have certainly piqued my interest with this release.

  4. Yep I bet the upper is made from calf leather not kangaroo any more. Not only that but they have ruined them by introducing so much synthetic materials. I mean the Kings were classic all kangaroo leather upper. Only thing they needed to do to the original Kings was to get rid of that ugly hard annoying tongue. That's it! These now are just like every other Puma boot, a bit of leather over the top and the rest synthetic crap. I hope Adidas never stops making the Copa and also Diadora never strops making their all kangaroo leather upper boots. Because if they do it will be a sad sad day for those of us who still enjoy playing the game.

  5. Oh no.. please leave the kings alone! No one who has ever played in a pair of real puma kings has ever said "Wow these are great, except they would be way better if the studs were odd shaped, the soleplate thinner, and the leather cheaper".

    • The Evospeed 1K's are lighter, made of K leather, and cheaper…. why would any one buy these? Just found out the SL versions are made of tejin microfiber=not a puma king

  6. The King is dead…

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