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Welcome Munich – Gresca Futsal Shoe Arrives

Munich Gresca 300132

There is a new Futsal soccer shoe available for players in the US to take advantage of – the Munich Gresca. I’m sure a lot of players out there are hearing about the European brand for the first time right here, but they actually have a pretty impressive presence in the World of Futsal. Munich shoes history is inextricably woven into that of Catalunya, Barcelona and the rise of futsal and street soccer culture in Barcelona and Spain.

Initially, the company has released 3 colorways exclusively on – all of which you can check out right here.

What You Need to Know About Munich

The heart of the company is its factory in Vilanova d’Espoia (Barcelona), where 250,000 upmarket sports footwear and streetwear models are produced every season by more than 50 workers and artisans who control the manufacturing process of the shoes, from machining and finishes to the manual phases of the most sophisticated designs.

The distinctive X logo design comes from the Franco era when Catalan companies often had limited resources and cobbling a balanced-looking X was easier to make look good than multiple stripes.

Munich’s Presence

Munich is a Spanish brand who have an enormous presence through the European game. You simply have to look at the fact that more than five players in the recent futsal World Cup final were wearing Munichs: Ari Santos, Wilde and Rafael for Brazil and all-tournament team player Sergio Lozano, plus the influential Miguelín and Borja for Spain. It says a lot when players at the top level of Futsal are choosing to wear shoes from a smaller company instead of the multi-million dollar companies.

Back in Spanish futsal league action this weekend, reigning champs Barcelona Alusport’s lineup in their 3-0 win over Madrid-based rival Inter Movistar saw 4 of Barca’s 5 starters wearing Munichs (this on a Nike sponsored team!)

Gresca Colorways

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The Munich Gresca

Ah yes, the actual boot itself. Here is the plan; we have actually had 3 pairs of Gresca’s for the past several weeks and are in the processing the first review of the boots that you will find in the US! You get a sneak peak of the colorways above, but you will need to stay tuned for the review. Gresca is Munich’s best-known indoor soccer model with plenty of professional Futsal players choosing them as their top choice. The boot features a vulcanized rubber sole and a toe cap that is key for those quick toe poke shots and a feature lacking on most of the big brands’ indoor shoes.

Colorways and More Colorways

Although the company has only released 3 colorways on the US market right now, they have an amazingly large selection available on the Munich Euro site, more than 42 alone in the Gresca range. I’ve spent some significant time checking them out and there are some rad designs to choose from.

But they don’t have Actual Colorway

Yes, in an odd twist Munich boots are labelled with a number rather than an actual colorway. So, all you need to do is remember your specific model number, or come up with your own cool colorway.

Buy the Gresca

As before, you have 3 colorways to choose from and they are all available right now at

Gresca Selection

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  6. Hi There, I was wondering how the Munich Gresca's fit? Do you need to allow for extra room (eg like the elastico pros) or just order to fit (eg like the Nike Lunar Gatos). These look like awesome shoes! Can't wait to get a pair!

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