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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX – Explosive Speed Released


We have had nearly 3 weeks of sneak peaks and player spotting, finally today the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX was finally officially released. The latest from Nike is designed to deliver performance, innovation and explosive speed. I’ve read a lot about these in the past week and it is obvious that Nike are placing an emphasis in creating a boot that is tailored to players who like to chop and change direction at speed. And the aesthetics are pretty dramatic!

Vapor IX Pre-Order

Here is a short breakdown of what we can expect from the new silo.

Speed Control Texture Upper

Engineered with a completely new type of Synthetic upper that is designed to be soft and provide players with a high level of grip on the ball. We have all been wondering what the dimples are all about and it is definitely the most significant part of the boot visually. Nike are calling it a Speed Control texture that is designed to enhance friction and control on the ball without minimizing soft touch. An anatomical last sculpted to the natural shape of the foot should provide a wider variety of players with a comfortable fit.

Nike_Mercurial_IX Upper

Nike_Mercurial_IX Up Close


ACC Technology

We are starting to become familiar with this one on all Nike releases. Nike’s innovative All Conditions Control (ACC) technology further aids performance and ensures a consistent touch whether playing in wet or dry weather.

What about the Soleplate?

A lightweight soleplate features two separate pieces of glass fiber, designed to for increased flexibility and responsiveness in the heat of the game. Again Nike has stuck with a 2 blade heel design, which allows for quick surface release and faster acceleration. This same configuration was used on the Nike Vapor VIII.



Release Colorways

We have two bright and vibrant colorways to choose from right away; a Fireberry and a Sunset. Both colorways will be available for pre-order on January 18. The colorway detailed in this post is the Fireberry, with a pic of the Sunset version posted below. Let us know in the comment section below which colorways appeals to you more – we are interested to find out if Nike has got it right with the visuals, according to actual players.

Where Will They Be Available to Order?

Vapor IX Pre-Order

What Nike Is Saying

In today’s highly technical and fast game, straight line speed and ability to simply pass a player is only part of the player’s skill set. Combining performance innovation and a heritage of lightweight boots for fast players, the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX takes this legacy to the next level for players who rely on tight cuts and turns combined with bursts of explosive speed to beat the opposition. Since its original launch over 10 years ago, the Mercurial has always stood out. Bold and exciting, the boot’s color and design has always ensured its players are noticed. The new Vapor IX is no different. Featured in striking Fireberry and Sunset colorways, the boot makes a bold statement on pitch.


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  1. Nike released too much boots in a short period of time.

    • Yeah, the Vapor VIII is not nearly old enough of a model to need replacing. They should just make more than 6 vapor viii colorways.

      • Yeah pal. I feel sad for the Vapor VIII user but I guess its the Nike's marketing strategy. One more thing, boots these day are full of 3D textures. For this one, it emulates the dimples on a golf ball.

    • should MV 8.5… 🙂

      • I agree. My opinion is it must have pretty significant changes to be call MV9. Just like transition of Nike Total 90 Laser 3 to Laser 4. Just my opinion. 🙂

  2. I generally like bold colorways as long as they are tasteful, I own a pair of the vapor 8’s in teal, however these are just awful. It looks like Nike thought of every possible color to throw onto a boot and then matched that with awful gaudy Nike bold letters on the instep. There is nothing worse than large letters on a football boot. We know its a Nike boot, you don’t have to write it for the world to see. It’s just tasteless and disappointing from Nike. This boot in one color, like a black or maybe silver or gold might be promising. But enough with these bright berry sunbursts.

  3. I’ll be grabbing a pair of these to play in for sure!

  4. Totally agree Luc… the large letters on the side look childish and the boot actually had a shot at looking good otherwise. I have the vapor 8’s in seaweed and they are amazing.

  5. The Vapor IX look to be the Vapor VIII with a new upper and updated graphics. Are there any other differences?

  6. I like the sunset.although more to look at than to wear.
    I doubt it'd make me more visible than the mangoes. Haha

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