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Puma King 2013 - Black/PUMA Silver - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 23 2024

Puma King 2013 – Black/PUMA Silver

Black Puma King 2013

What’s With This Colorway?

This is a pretty fantastic new colorway release in this years Puma King range. There is nothing better than a classic Black leather upper, and when you add some smooth Silver detailing, it just makes things extra fascinating. Initial reaction to the new King has been mixed, primarily because of the change in upper material, but I’m not going to be one to complain with such a traditional looking boot. 

Puma King 2013
Black/Black/PUMA Silver
Release Date:
February 2013

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The New King 2013

There is a definite modern twist to the latest Puma King release. Through the history of the range, we have become familiar with a K-Leather and a simple design. This time around, Puma has switched to a premium leather and upped the overall visuals of the boot. The leather upper is obvious the big talking point, but the one thing to note is that the leather used is still ultra-soft and also thinner so that you get more feel on the ball. Its inclusion also allows Puma to drop the weight of the King range to a perfectly balanced 8.4oz.

Let me just note that visually, this release is a far improvement on the previous King Finale model – especially with the tongue cut at the ankle. On the heel, you will notice that an external heel counter has also been added. It is there to secure and stabilize your foot while protecting it from rash challenges.

Puma King Black Silver

Turn the boot over and you will spot a modernized soleplate with a very unique stud pattern. A mix of conical and almost square shaped studs are strategically positioned to allow for balance and stability in play. I’m being slightly unscientific when I call them square studs, as they are rounded and dynamically chiseled, but compared to a regular conical studs they look like a 4 sided shape!

All in all, this is a very modernized take on the range from Puma. Even with many detractors, the case for the brand moving with the times seems to be true and you have to admit that it is a move that makes sense. Other brands seem to be finding ways to drop weight as quickly as the contestants on Survivor, so why would Puma seemingly sit back and wait for their consumers to move onto the next best thing. There is a lot to be said about boots with K-leather upper and their performance benefits, but you need to note that Puma has not moved to a synthetic like most companies…..and traditional colorways like this are a welcome addition to the market!

In terms of retail, you can find this colorway available for around $149.99.

Black Puma King

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  1. Amazingly Classy Boot

  2. I love this classic look, not sure about the move away from k-leather. If I wanted something lighter there are plenty of options out there. I’d pick a king coz I want k-leather heritage boot.

  3. Any idea if the puma king or king sl will be released in a white colorway?

    • There will be a white upper with some red detailing. There are pics out there if you look. I believe it's to be released along side this black colorway.

  4. great color amazing design a boot to make history happen

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