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Nike Bomba Pro – The Review

Nike Bomba Pro (b)

The Bomba has been Nike’s staple turf silo for quite some time now. Having tested out the Bomba finale and now the Bomba Pro, I can say that their turf specific silo out performs pretty much every other turf cleat on the market. They are almost a power, control and agility hybrid which makes for a pretty neat boot. All the tech used in both are unique to the silo.

Testing out the Bomba finale piqued my interested as to what the mid tier version would have to offer. The Finale is arguably the best turf specific boot on the market right now and the Bomba Pro is very decent as well. It is also priced very fairly, I managed to pick a pair up from WeGotSoccer for a pretty fantastic price! My goal for testing was seeing if they compared well to the Finale and if the toned down tech still held efficiency. I got them in the Jetstream/Black/Challenge Red colorway and put it through around fifteen games.


With this particular colorway the impression they give is kind of lack luster. The color combo is nice but the placement is totally off. There are many options for the Pro though, so I’m not going to pick on it too much. The shot shield and instep have an awkward honey comb design which looks out of place and serves no real purpose. The look isn’t as sleek or as streamlined as the Bomba Finale, it has a more aggressive feel to it however. What I really like about it is that they kept the same stud set up as their top of the range model. They also seem a bit on the bulky side.

Nike Bomba Pro (c)

Nike Bomba Pro (d)

How it compares to the Finale

Besides the stud configuration the Pro is a very different boot from the Finale. It is very clear that the Pro is a take down of the Finale as far as in game performance goes. The shot shield and instep control area’s have been altered completely and toned down. The plastic passing area has been replaced with what almost feels like synthetic leather and a textured honey comb pattern. The actual shot shield portion still ramps up however, it is foam and not plastic and doesn’t have as steep an angle. The Kanga-lite used in the Finale has been replaced by leather in the Pro and the area covered by Nike Grind is a neat textured synthetic overlay that hasn’t worn down unlike the grind. The collar and insole also aren’t as comfortable, the material used is textbook take down material.

Break In and Comfort

Initially break down was pretty uncomfortable, luckily it didn’t last long. The sole plate broke in instantly so there was absolutely no issue there, however this doesn’t translate over to the upper. It was pretty stiff starting off but after three games it broke in enough to be considered comfortable. The collar rubbed my ankle the wrong way for three games before the issue went away, luckily I double sock so there was no blistering. After break in they were fairly comfortable, the insole did leave a bit  to be desired however.

How do they Fit

They fit like most other Nike cleats do. Length wise they fit true to size so the 9.5 fits like a 9.5 so stick with your usual size. However it does fit a bit narrow width wise, I even found it to be on the tight side and I have pretty narrow feet. So if you are wide, this might not be the right boot for you. However there is a bit of stretch in the upper not much because of synthetic portions of the boot.

Nike Bomba Pro (e)

Nike Bomba Pro (a)

Performance and Durability

The thing I enjoyed about the Bomba was the level of traction they provide. Just like the Bomba Finale the stud set up is designed to increase agility and it really works. I can take off faster, change direction confidently and never feel like I’m going to end up with a mouth full of turf pellets. The absence of turf pellets in the mouth is always a plus. The leather does take time to soften up, even then it isn’t close to being on par with kangaroo leather, but it gives decent touch. The textured overlay does create friction on the ball, taking a touch with the area while turning had an almost magnetic feel and really controlled the ball.

Again just like the Bomba finale it is reliable. I’ve never doubted my traction and I was always comfortable going in on challenges. Shooting felt great, especially if I catch the ball just right to utilize the foam portion of the shot shield. Durability isn’t really a concern thus far, the toe cap is double stitched to the upper and the out sole goes over the upper a bit so separation isn’t a worry of mine. However there is a small area where the rubber portion of the out sole has started to peel away, it hasn’t proved to be troublesome though.

Critics Notes

It has been a while since I’ve had an uncomfortable break in period. It may have been short but it was still unpleasant. They feel a bit awkward starting off, the leather doesn’t want to conform to the foot and this causes them to feel bulky. They aren’t that much heavier than the Finale, there is only a .6 ounce difference, but the way it is constructed makes it feel more like a 12oz boot. After they adapted to my feet however they lost a bit of that impression. The area of separation is a bit worrisome but it hasn’t gotten worse since I first noticed it.


As a little brother to the Bomba Finale this boot still retains most of the performance properties that we see in the Finale. The main points which this mid range gets points knocked off is in the comfort department. In hind sight this is one of the more uncomfortable boots I’ve had initially but the performance is worth the time it takes them to break in. For a $40 they are very impressive and I don’t regret picking them up. If you are a fan of the Finale and want a back up boot the Bomba Pro is a very suitable option.

Jim’s Ratings

Comfort: 55%
Performance: 61%
Technology Efficiency: 60%
Value: 75%

Total Score: 62%

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  1. Jim, Thank you for your honest review! As a owner of the Bomba Finale I was waiting for you to post this, and I am glad that you took the time (15 games!). As a defender, the Kanga Lite on the Finale does not offer much protection and I was wondering if the leather on the Pro was more protective. The majority of my soccer is played outdoor on artificial grass/turf. After your initial comments on the Pro, I decided to get the Nike T90 Strike with the AG soleplate ($35 on I know the strike is for forwards but the upper felt a bit thicker than the kanga lite. I will find out on Monday when I finally get to use them. Thanks again.

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