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Mizuno Morelia Neo – Blazing Yellow/Malibu Blue


This is a boot that has been released for a few weeks now, but I thought it would be worth including on the site for you Mizuno fans out there. Yes, we still don’t have direct access to the Japanese boots here in the US but this version of the Morelia Neo MD is actually the lightest boot they have produced and it is steeped in history and tradition. This colorway is officially listed as Blazing Yellow/Malibu Blue, which is quite ironic since it seems like such an American defined colorway.

Everything in the construction of the Neo contributes to a boot that can accommodate for the key demands of the modern game. From the most precise technical handiwork to its smallest features such as the eyelet and stitch lines, this is a boot that has been crafted to become unrivaled in terms of the softness, comfort and feel.

Morelia-Neo Blaze Yellow

The boot is constructed using lightweight kangaroo leather which shapes to your foot giving an excellent feel and touch on the ball. A shortened tongue and lighter heel tab further contribute to the Neo’s reputation as one of the lightest leather boots currently in the football market. A graded pebax sole plate improves durability and grants exceptional flexibility whilst also being much lighter in weight than a regular TPU sole. The Morelia NEO MD utilizes different densities in the heel and forefoot which creates a flexible yet rigid, supportive unit. A classic molded stud pattern offers the player superb firm ground traction and comfort while also reducing stud pressure.

Mizuno morelia Neo Hulk

Other highlights of the Morelia Neo MD are the 13 specifically positioned PU studs in place to reduce stud pressure and offer excellent foot holding, traction and comfort as well as the Dual Injected Outsole which was designed to further enhance the flexion and spring of the boot whilst the footballer is accelerating.

There is only one real place to find Mizuno boots in the US – search eBay Listings.

As a final added, bonus check out the pretty cool and detailed “Lightweight Engineered Craftsmanship” video below.

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  1. Review them in the near future por favor

  2. For those of you who are looking for this or the Estrella. I recommend using Rakuten.

  3. prodirectsoccer.com has all of them. I just purchased the green hulks. Shitty part is they are stuck in customs at the moment.

    • I am a Canadian and I purchased a pair of Mizuno's from prodirectsoccer.com about a month back. I can honestly confirm that prodirectsoccer.com is a great option for us over in North America if you want to pick up a pair of Mizuno's. The shipping does take a bit of time, but if you aren't in a huge rush you can get some pretty great deals. I picked up my cleats on sale and even with shipping and customs ended up paying under $200… So that's pretty comparable if not cheaper than what you could expect to pay out here for a top tier cleat. Just take note that they charge Sterling, so make sure your bank wont charge you an obscene amount on conversion. Cheers!

      • hey what size did u purchase in terms of wearing other boots prior, do u need to buy a smaller size or bigger size as what u regularly wud??

        • Hi Luke,
          I was a little concerned about getting the right size as well. I had previously been an Adidas guy and had worn Adidas Predators in a size 9.5US . I did not purchase the Morelia Neo's, but got the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2's instead. So I don't know if they would fit the same. I decided to go true to size and ordered in my normal size 9.5 US. I have a bit of a wider foot, but I had no issue getting the boots to be comfortable on my feet. They do sport a fairly high arch that I wasn't expecting, but overall they are really comfortable. You can feel that the cleats are well constructed and good quality. I would suggest that you keep researching a bit, but in my one time experience with Mizuno, the result was true to size.
          Good Luck!

  4. Hi, Mizuno Moreila Neo, it's the best leather boots ever!. It's the most comfortable and lightest boots in leather! Not just saying it but truly amazing from the moment you hold it in your hands to putting them on and play in them. And it gets better and better the more you play in them. Worth every penny. Will say this, having played in all the high tech speed boot, power boot, nothing come close to Neo. Adidas and Nike have to really look back at the simple nature of ball to feet feel and make them back in leather. Nike Premier is close but still Neo just pip it to top spot in my book. And guys get them true to your US size and like it mould to your feet. Amazing and you will not go back to other boot after Neo.

  5. The Mizuno Moreila Neo is without doubt the Best Football leather boots ever made. I have been a Adidas fan for a long time but the moment I put on these Yellow Neo, I instantly become a fan of Mizuno. Anyone who buy and wear a pair of these will forever uses it as a bench mark for all future boots that they will be buying. I can't stress this enough, it is one of if not the Best ever football boots ever made.

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