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Win A Pair of Retro Adidas Boots!

Win Retro Adidas boots

For anyone that has ever wanted a pair of boots with history and tradition, I have a pair of 1970’s Adidas boots that need a new home. Over the past few months, I’ve spent time collecting some pretty retro boots and have a few extra now to share. This pair came from England and they have a storied history, which includes an appearance in the FA Cup first round in 1977!

Obviously, you are not going to spend time with these on the pitch, but they will make a pretty sweet collector pair for those that appreciate boots. That is unless you are extremely brave and want to feed the upper with plenty of much needed leather food!

Entering is as simple as this:

Leave a comment below telling us what it is you love most about boots.

The competition will be open to entries on Saturday and Sunday, and I will pick a winner on Monday.


  • One entry per person.
  • Open to US residents only.
  • The boots are a size 9 and come as is.
  • Winner selected on Monday, 4-1.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. What I love about any boots is the type of style they give you. They give You a type of alter ego and a type of identity that I love.

  2. I love to see the evolution of boots. Seeing how different the boots of today are compared to boots like these and seeing the different technologies and styles incorporated is pretty awesome.

  3. I love these boots because the man that coaches my younger brothers team has worn old school boots like these for years and I love the way they feel on your feet as opposed to all this new synthetic leather. If you gave these to me I would put them in a showcase and give them to him.

    p.s. he played in a u-23 world cup and played for the ny cosmos the year the original nasl collapsed

  4. What I love about boots is that they mean it is soccer time. Not time to walk the dog, go to the store, go to school, go to work, go to the gym, or anything else. When I tie my boots on, it is my time. TIme to do what I enjoy. What I love. Time to have fun and get business done. Time to play ball. The world stops turning until I take them off. Thats what I love about soccer boots.

  5. What i love most about boots is when you find that one style that works for and with you constantly adding to your play. It feels like a sock on your foot, almost an extension of your foot like you are playing barefoot. That's when you know you've found the boot for you. For me it is the Copa Mundials.

  6. What I love and admire about boots is they are your buddy in every game. sometimes you might blame them for ruining your move or shot but in the end, they are there on your feet through your match

  7. What I love about boots is the variety that they come in now, but in the end, they all do the same thing. Like any piece of equipment, you treat them well and they'll treat you well. When they are broken in, they fit like a glove and can last for years. I've given boots away to friends, but I never throw them away; they are a direct extension of you as a player. That's what I love about boots.

  8. I love how flashy and wild that blue insole must have seemed in the 70s.

  9. What I love about any boots is the leather style because the touch with ball is better to me than the synthetic upper.

  10. These types of boots used my idol, i have always wanted to own a pair they are so classic.
    I never got one pair because they are so old i have searched in several websites but i can't find any. Im size 9 though.
    They are my favorite pair of retros!! I hope i can win them they are legenday!

  11. I love how boots have come so far.

  12. I love their originality. No one else I know has these boots, or anything like them. They're totally unique

  13. What I love about boots is how they are constantly being updated with the demands of the game and players.

  14. What i love most about boots? Well..i look it in different way. Maybe the design and colour, cause..every designs or colours made represent the time and history created behind it. Like adidas and nike world cup edition boots. Or pro signature like Ronaldo(Brazil) silver blue R9, Beckham/Zidane predators.

  15. The boot is just deadly, nothing but class

  16. I think what I love most about boots is how you can become a different person while wearing them. Each time you put them on can be a boost of confidence and pride. They can be a source of joy when you need it most. And when you find the perfect pair of boots, the ones that fit you like a glove, it's like finding a new best friend. The right pair of boots don't only change your ability, they change who you are.

  17. For me boots are tied to the memories I made while wearing them – I love the feel of the first goal with a new pair, or a final goal before I retire some old boots. They remind me of standout plays, memorable games, people I've played with and against. For this reason I have trouble parting with old boots – I like looking at them all lined up and recalling the season that passed with each one.

  18. What I love about these boots is that they epitomize class. They are clean, rustic, and simple. These boots are not about lightness or flashy colors, simply a nostalgic boot with the classic three white stripes.

  19. I love boots because they offer an escape from "real life" and a chance to be a different you from the you that goes to work or school everyday.

  20. I love the textured conical studs, reminding me of one my favorite boots, the Ronaldinho Dois (in Nike's words: "…textured stud tips for maximum traction, "under the foot" ball control, and stability)…Doubt these beauties received the same marketing language in their day!

  21. the touch… definitely the touch. it can be divine

  22. I love playing in boots because if I played on grass without them I would slip. Also they look sexy and are from the F.A. cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I have never used these boots, so i cant really say how much i love them, but i can say that i love the simpleness and that people now are looking to get the most techy boots when you can still be amazing now matter how “simple” or “flashy” the boots are. also they’re classic

  24. How simple and clean they are, like my comment.

  25. I love this boots because it associates with the classic football. The football that wasn’t about glamour or fashion, but about comfort and classic style. Now a day there are so many add-ons to the boots that you really dont “Feel” the ball, nor have a real touch to it anymore. Back in the day, like this boot, it was all about you. No further enhancements were needed in order to be the best, and that pure leather touch in unbeatable.

  26. I just love football boots because is the tool you use to play the most beautiful sport in the world

  27. Honestly the thing I love about my cleats is that after the game I can sit back and think back about the game, the good and the disappointing parts, while stuffing them with newspaper to dry them out, cleaning them and rubbing on the leather food. The games not over till your boots are clean.

  28. Lorenzo Aguayo Jr

    I like seeing all the different designs and colors, I would have one of every boot this year! if I had the money! its just cool to see how they change over time

  29. i like the German Style of these boots. Reminiscence of Beckenbauer.

  30. What I love about boots? No matter what pair you happen to get, once you crack them in they become a part of you. It's almost like a bond created, that once you put them on you know that it will become a part of your game, and you both (boots and you) will help each other get the job done.

  31. what i love about these boots is that they're made of k-leather!

  32. I love the simple classic Adidas design with the blue heel liner as a contrast !

  33. I love boots because I know when I have them on they change my life. I have no worries. I used to be into drugs and soccer has brung me away from that. I have now devoted my life to it.

  34. Even though I have been against new gimmicks on boots in the past, what I like most about boots is all the new advancements and variety between different boots. There is a different type of boot for every person, and it is not always the lightest, brightest, or most expensive that fits your personality and playing style. I have accepted te advancements of new technology like on the LZ. But not everyone's playing style fits a bright boot.

  35. I would love to be able to say to all my players that some of the best football in the world was played in these boots. Think of what you can do with the same amount of hard work and love for the game when you are wearing your flashy 7 oz. wonders!

  36. What I love the most about boots are that they represent one's playing style and are one's style on the pitch. They are what can make you the best player possible!

  37. I just love the history of every boot. I enjoy thinking about where it was made, the people that made the boot, and the men or women who designed the boot. But most of all, I like to think about who wore this boot. Sometimes i might even think about the type of animal that made the leather on leather boots! Every boot is unique! If you look closely, you might discover a lot of things about your boot! That is why i love boots

  38. I love all boots because they tell a history of the evolution of the game. They are a way to let players express their type of game and mentality. From a speed demon to a master tactician; boots allow players to personify their playing styles in the most affluent way possible. BOOTS RULE!

  39. I love the confidence that boots give you, because at the end of the day, the player is doing the work. not the lot.

  40. They just look beautiful and are a part of history.

  41. I love how soccer boots can let players express themselves. Whether you are retro or a flashy player you can always find some boots to tell how you are.

  42. I like how they use the same blue as in some of the modern boots.

  43. What I love about boots is that they represent your style of play, they give you a certain personalty that separates your game from everyone else's.

  44. I am old enough to remember when you could get shoes in any color, as long as they were black with white accents
    I still play, and coach multiple teams, but looking at boots like this brings back great memories

  45. What I mostly love about boots is they way the look and feel. Soccer boots in my opinion show what kind of person you are on the pitch. If you wear Nike Tiempos it shows that you mostly like to control the ball, and most importantly control the game. I wear the Nike T90's and I think that shows that I love to strike the ball whenever I get a chance, which I pretty much do. But yeah that's my reason why I love soccer boots.

  46. Victor Gutierrez

    I love the fact that boots have advanced technologically so much, that we get the impression they radically alter our game for the better.

  47. Nicholas Vergara

    i love to see boots where the makers put all their heart and creativity in a cleat for a soccer player to simply succeed and do their 100% on the field and create history

  48. I just love everything about boots and i like to collect them

  49. What i like the most is the simplistic yet modern design these boots have. They have the classic black and white but with the modern flash of blue for the heel liner. To have this boot back then would have been a statement but also now! Back then it would have had color and now it would have none! What a change in soccer shoes these past years. The spectrum of likes and dislikes has totally changed. But the shoes have a classic but modern design, and that is my favorite thing about them.

  50. I love how boots continue to evolve, surpassing the last innovation with the sole purpose of improving ones performance on the pitch. Everytime I think a company has come up with the next big thing in boot technology, something even better pops up soon after and I absolutely love that.

  51. something i like about the boots is that its different from the rest and it shows an evolution of how the beautiful game has changed through boots

  52. What I love About boots is that they really comfortable and its all you need to play the best sport in the world and obviously a ball lol.. So like I was saying boots help you run faster (Nike) and other boots help you to control the ball (Adidas) and I also love the fact that each boot has their own Style and they have all you need to leave everything in the field. I Love Soccer

  53. I love boots because they are the only piece of equipment that differentiates each player. After all each player on a team doesn’t choose their uniform but with boots it’s all upto them. It reflects your game, your beliefs and what the game should be. It makes you stand out from the rest

  54. What I Love Mostly About Boots Is That Every Single Boot Has A Unique Style & When Someone Wears Them It Shows Their Personalities. Also Every Single Pair Of Boots Has A Unique Story Behind Them.

  55. I love boots because they give you the greatest gift in the world. Football. It’s just as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about getting your feet hurt while playing if you have boots on.

  56. Amazing boots if I may say! A chance to win would be impecable but as well I'm not the only one

  57. I love the fact that they are the only ones always on the field with you.

  58. it was never the boot ,it was the player that made the boot.

  59. What I love most about boots is that they usually accentuate something about the player wearing them. A player’s personality can affect what boot they choose and sometimes you find players that are pretending, others are cocky, others are the real deal. I’ve found that the real deal players will play with mismatched boots if need be. But the guy who keeps cleaning his new vapors probably doesn’t have it.

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