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Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Released

adidas Nitrocharge Onfield

Adidas are back with a brand new silo that caters to a new demographic of player. The Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is the first boot that caters specifically to the “Engine”, a player that Opta helped Adidas define through extensive research. This is the box-to-box midfielder or the energetic outside back that wants to continually get on the ball.

[See: Adidas Nitrocharge – The Engine – May 16th]

Being that it is a brand new silo, there is a lot of new things going on right through the boot. With that in mind, we have put together a very simplified breakdown of what you can expect from the Nitrocharge if you decide to pick up a pair.

It all starts with price and availability – you can get a pair for $179.99 at WeGotSoccer or $199 at

Nitrocharge 1.0

HybridTouch Upper – Adidas stick with the same HybridTouch upper we first saw on the Predator LZ. It is their most advanced synthetic to date and it offers players n extremely natural feel on the ball, similar to a natural leather, while maintaining great ship and providing weather proof properties.

EnergySling – This is the yellow band that arches across the forefoot. ENERGYSLING is a rubber like compound that provides stability and energy through lateral movements. In other words, you get more energy rebound as you look to cut and chop.

EnergyPulse – The soleplate of the cleat contains ENERGYPULSE, this is the Zig-Zag layer you can see toward the front of the boot. It has been inspired by spring technology, with high-elastic material at its heart, providing added energy during the toe off phase of sprinting.

Protection Mesh and Pads – From the midfoot and wrapping around the heel is a Protection mesh layer and Protection pads. The material is very similar to what you find on a running shoe and it runs around the most sensitive tackle zones such as the Achilles tendon.

SprintFrame – If there is something that Adidas is confident in, it is their trusted soleplate. They are now using the same traction system through their entire range of boots.

miCoach Technology – Again, you have the option of placing your miCoach chip in the boots to track performance.

Weight – Being that they are a midfielders boot and offer a padded feel, Adidas has checked the boot in at 8.4oz.


New Adidas Nitrocharge


Nitrocharge Protection mesh

“Energy is so important in today’s game. I’m running from box-to-box for the full 90 minutes and am constantly changing directions and sprinting.  Wearing a cleat that gives me energy return throughout an entire match gives me a huge advantage.” – Sporting KC midfielder Graham Zusi

In addition to Zusi, MLS stars such as Dax McCarty of the New York Red Bulls, Osvaldo Alonso of Seattle Sounders FC, Juninho of LA Galaxy and Perry Kitchen of DC United will wear Nitrocharge along with international players Dani Alves of FC Barcelona, Daniele De Rossi of A.S. Roma, Ezequiel Lavezzi of Paris Saint Germain and Javi Martinez of FC Bayern Munich.

Everything about these boots seems to sit perfectly in line with what I would expect a defensive midfielder to be wearing. One of the most obvious things about these boots is the fact that Adidas doesn’t take the “lightweight is best” approach, something that is actually quite refreshing and there is definitely a place in the market for a boot like this. Personally, I like the overall design although I expect better colorways to come.

What do you guys think of the Nitrocharge and is it a boot that suits your style?

Nitrocharge Soccer Cleats

adidas Nitrocharge Sketch

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  1. Perfect for a center back!

  2. I like these, the tech on the upper isn't to evasive

  3. Adidas has become such a marketing driven company. This boots are just marketing gimmick at its worst (energy sling!! come on!!)! but people will buy into it just because is Adidas.

  4. I love also how adidas is not claiming the rubber band as some kind of "power element".

    • Might be useful for touch, seems to sit in a nice area for controlling the ball.

      • it could add some grip on the ball, like some extra texture which I personally like,but Adidas knows better than most, like with the power pulse predators, there is no way to make a boot "more powerful" without adding weight, or physically making your leg swing faster, (Force= Mass x Acceleration) with Nike about to release the hyper venom, which id covered in ultra thin "Nike Skin" I think we may be about to see the end of the power boot category.

  5. You need to review them quickly! I am definately interested.

  6. Over all I think this is a very nice shoe But I really don’t like the colour. Chang the blue to black or white and that horrible neon to red and I’d be all over it.

  7. these would probably be the perfect boot for me since i consider myself a utility player, playing left/right back and going up in attack as well as a stopper/defensive midfielder and also a winger also having to play in a defensive role. what do you think bryan?

  8. Are these a new silo or are they going to replace the predator LZ?

  9. I would definitely give them a try. I'm still in love with the Predator LZ for the simple fact that it's the best boot to fit my foot shape that I've ever tried. Curious to see how these will fit my narrow and highly arched foot.
    I approve of the weight and glad to see the HybridTouch upper.

  10. Although outside midfielders don't get as many touches on the ball compared to center midfielders, they have to run up and down the field like a winger and a fullback. Do you predict that the nitrocharge is good for this, and what other cleats would be good choices? Thanks!

  11. I think this is a great boot. In fact, I hate to say it, but I find myself buying this boot before I buy the LZ (Which I LOVE!) I’m a center defensive mid and a left back. And I can’t think of a more perfect shoe for this for CDM. I get stepped on SO MANY times, so the extra padding is great. I usually strip the ball away and then I play it from the bottom – forward. So this boot seems great. But of course when I play left-back I stick to my f50s for those fast sprints.

  12. Honestly they never would, because they are out to make money. But I wish they either wouldn't advertise so strongly or people would tune it out, there are many fantastic boots on the market from brands other than Nike and Adidas, i don't like it, mainly because i don't like how there isn't much feeling underfoot with the sprintframe hollow studs. And I personally think that the carbon fiber wing of the UA carbon would be much more practical and lightweight.

  13. Think they'll be on miadidas anytime soon anyone?

  14. Is it good for full backs?

  15. I'd set most of this aside as marketing to move boots…no shoe with a rubber band is going to be able to give back energy that amounts to any impact for the player wearing them.

    That being said, they do look nice and the padding at the back of the heel is something which would be handy for anyone who gets hacked at or likes to dig into tough tackles…if it actually provides any significant padding.

  16. Does the energysling give a bit more power when it comes to shooting?

  17. here release new colorways, also blackout nitrocharge will on sale soon

    *link removed as website was spam

  18. My boot size is a nine but some boots the 8.5s fit better I want these boots but stuck on size should I stay with nine or go smaller to get the right fit

  19. Whens the review coming?

  20. Nitrocharge or nike ctr maestri 3?
    And im a full back

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