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Adidas Predator LZ – The Updated Edition

Updated Predator LZ

Adidas this week treated us to a an new, updated, dramatically designed, sort of re-invented version of the Predator LZ. To answer the most pressing question, this is not a new version of the Predator and Adidas has not reinstated a new title – instead, we can think of it as the 2.0 version of the Lethal Zones.

The main staples of the boot stay unchanged on this version. This includes the use of Hybridtouch in the upper, a SprintFrame outsole and miCoach technology. All of the changes are related to the actual Lethal Zones, with all 5 seeing some sort of alterations.

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It has been over a year already since we attended the release event for the Predator LZ, so it makes sense that we would see some movement in the range at this time. Because of the Predator LZ’s success, it seems like Adidas didn’t want to change things up too much. It is a case of “why should we move to the new generation when there is still some life in the current range?” With that mindset, the design team pieced together a modified version for release.

This latest release can be found at

Predator LZ Compared

First Touch

Role: Large recessed ribs to cushion impact and stop the ball. It’s a vacuum effect for instant control.
Change: Rather than lined rubber, Adidas has implemented an X pattern design across a wider area.


Role: Raised and thicker 3D shape following the natural curve of the instep to help create rebound distance and open the game.
Change: The most impactful change with a prominent raised region added in what looks like a matrix pattern.


Role: Designed for quick contact with the ball and close control.
Change: Again, Adidas go for an X pattern with central ridges, which takes up slightly more surface space than before and should offer cleaner contact.


Role: Memory foam with a sticky coating on top. This ensures consistency, precision and killer passing.
Change: Rather than one solid memory foam region, things have been split up into strips with added rubber in between.

Sweet Spot

Role: 3D ribs ensure longer contact with the ball to generate speed and spin.
Change: Region has been extended and Adidas has made things more flexible with the addition of honeycomb panels.

In terms of actual performance, it is difficult to compare the technology without testing. There is sure to be a very different experience considering how each region has been modified. The one thing of note is that this newer model takes on a more fluid looking design, with each zone looking like it will fold a lot more easily. For example, the first touch zone now features that x style patterned cushion as opposed to straight lines. This means the space in between each point offers more flex. The same is true with the sweet spot.

Again, for those wanting to pick up the new Predator LZ, they can found at

Ray Green Predator LZ Strike

Ray Green Predator LZ

Ray Green Predator LZ Heel

Ray Green Predator LZ miCoach

Ray Green Predator LZ 2


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  1. would you choose them over the vapor 9s?

  2. looks like leaves stuck to your boot.

  3. Wow, the new boots look cool and sounds like the perfomance will be even better, how do you feel about this new release? good or bad?

  4. This new boot looks great and I think it's a good release, but it isn't really like a predator, adidas has started getting kind of far away from what predators are supposed to be, this new boot is cool, but shouldn't it be a seperate silo from the predator?

    • A lot of people will agree with you on this. It is simply a case of Adidas trying to modernize the Predator range. Over each edition, there are areas that the modify – this time around, they seem to have modified what the range is supposed to represent. I'm sure we will find out if that translates into a good or bad move based on the next edition. The key question from Adidas perspective is "has the Pred LZ sold more pairs than previous models?"

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