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Nike Hypervenom Released – A New Breed of Player

Nike Hypervenom Toedown

Say hello to the Nike Hypervenom – Nike’s latest boot to cater to a very specific type of player. Built for those that play with and agile, deceptive and deadly attacking style, the Hypervenom has been developed with input from players such as Neymar, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovich. These players specified the need for a boot that could help them create space quickly in and around the penalty area, and get their shot off from any angle. They discussed the increased agility of opponents, referencing today’s defenders who are now as quick, agile and skillful as many of the world’s best forwards.

Other than the extremely new and interesting visual look, there is a lot of other new parts that piece together making the Hypervenom a game changer.

The Hypervenom is currently available to order from WeGotSoccer for $202.

Nike_Hypervenom Toebox original

NIKESKIN – Redesigned Upper

Nike has created an all new upper specifically for the Hypervenom, which they have called the NIKESKIN system. Basically, a soft mesh bound with a thin polyurethane film is used, and it is finished off with Nike All Conditions Control technology (ACC) to provide the same level of foot-to-ball control in both wet and dry conditions. Using a mesh should provide a new type of feel on the ball that we haven’t really seen used before.

“Mesh delivers an amazing level of comfort and feel. The athletes asked us to deliver a boot that gets as close as possible to the feeling of playing barefoot, Mesh takes us a step closer to doing that and the All Conditions Control finish keeps the mesh dry.”  Nike Football Design Director Denis Dekovic

Modified Soleplate

The Hypervenom also features a new foot last, removing excess materials to place the foot closer to the ground and ball. It is Nike’s most anatomical last to date.

Nike worked with some of the world’s top podiatrists to create a decoupled outsole that increases the player’s ability to make that important first step away from the defender. A groove in the forefoot helps to quickly activate the first metatarsal, the bone that defines reaction time of the foot’s first movement.

The chassis of the outsole features compressed nylon for a high-response plate that helps deliver strength while being incredibly light. The stud configuration and length is designed to allow for faster penetration of the surface, and ultimately a quicker release – all innovations designed to help players create space faster than ever before.

Nike Hypervenom profile

Nike Hypervenom Soleplate

Nike Hypervenom TopDown

Hypervenom Debut

In a perfect twist (or specific timing from Nike) the boots will debut on pitch in the England vs Brazil game on June 2nd. Wayne Rooney and Neymar will be the players to don them and it might just be the perfect platform for Nike to showcase the boot.

The Hypervenom is currently available to order from WeGotSoccer for $202.

Is this what you expected of the Hypervenom and has Nike taken the right approach with design?

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  1. Interesting to see them putting the larger swoosh on the inside of the boot. I've never seen that from them before, it makes it kind if hard to picture them on my foot.

  2. Yikes….and what happens when they get stomped on by those quick, agile and skillful defenders?

  3. How much does the boot weigh?

  4. Is it true that these are going to replace the T90? I’ve heard that from several different sites, if this is true then i need to go buy a couple of pairs of T90s while i still can.

  5. Are they going to make it in junior sizes??

  6. I am having trouble deciphering the difference between these and the mercurials. I the the merc were for speed/ agility. These just seem like a watered down version.

  7. I love these

  8. Loving the sole plate, a boot based on agility having conical studs for once! And don't fret if you hate the orange, an all black version is being released as well. I may give these a try for once

  9. nobody asked during the brainstorming meeting. "what's the difference between this and the mercurial?"

    i'd like to think of it as the more comfortable mercurial.

    • I tried both on today, bought the hypervenoms. you can DEFINITELY tell the difference when they are on your feet.

  10. Could a right back or even a center back potentially wear these?

    I feel like there a ton of Nike endorsed defenders who used the Total 90, Ferdinand and co., what will they start wearing?

    • They are going to probably switch to the Tiempos or continue with the Hypervenoms. Ferdinand specifically will stick with the Hypervenoms.

  11. I just swooped up the Hypervenom Phatal in lime green, tested em this evening and all I cansay is WOW! amazing boot! the upper feels. so thin aand the touch is amazing. no stud pressure, super comfortable even for my wide feet! I tried Veloce's on today as well and they were tight around the ball of my foot and I didn't like the shape of the toe. As soon as I put the hypervenoms on I knew I found my cleats. the shape is amazing and like I said I have wider feet, not super wide but wide enough to where I can't wear veloce's and other mercurial boots so I'm ecstatic that I can finally wear a speed/agility boot. I think these would be fine for normal feet as well but those with very narrow feet should stick to the mercurial. the Nike skin lining on the phatals is awesome, the grip is great, I have absolutely no. complaints. I was ripping shots right away and felt that I had more power behind it. also curved a few balls which seemed easier than usual, possibly because of the lace configuration. I was a little worried that puttimg spin on the ball might prove difficult with a "flat matte" finish but no problems at all. definitely buy this boot! can't wait to play on Wednesday. well done Nike. o and also, these look insanely good in the lime color!

    • I also wanted to mention at how much easier it was for me to loft balls and chip. must be the low profile. honestly all I was expecting is a cool looking boot but these definitely help your game.

  12. can the hyper venom be on flat footed people

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