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Who is Ready For the Nike Premier?

Nike Premier Soccer Cleat

With all the flashy, high profile releases that have hit the market in recent months, it is quite refreshing to see a boot that features a tradition look and doesn’t cost an absolute fortune.

Welcome in the Nike Premier

Nike has taken a completely different approach with this boot by setting out to create the best $100 boot there is on the market. It is a bold move but one that really sets the brand and this boot apart. It is set to mix it up with several other boots on the market, but it is the Adidas Copa Mundial fans that Nike really want to reach out to. The Copa has a cult following of sorts and owns a key piece of the market. Many players consider them to be the most consistent boots currently on the market and the creation of a Nike counterpart is well overdue.

New Nike Premier FG

Key Features

Nike has gone with a premium but very supple goat leather upper on this one. It is a interesting addition since we don’t see a lot of goat leather releases, and I am keen to see what it really has to offer. In terms of weight, they come in at 8.6oz – or in other words a pretty pitch perfect weight for what we expect from a release like this. When it comes to traction, Nike has taken on a new conical configuration that is designed to provide an extra stable ride through quick turns and twists.

And of course, the general design has been kept simple and very functional. There are no wild colors or odd gimmicks. It is a basic release that caters for players with more of a no-nonsense style.

Visually, the inspiration from the boot came from two sources: the iconic 1994 Tiempo Premier, worn by 10 of the players in that year’s World Cup final, and the first shoe to ever carry the Swoosh, a 1971 boot called ‘The Nike’.

“We wanted the Premier to have a simple visual design but for it to be bold and, stylistically, carry a lot of Nike Football DNA. There are players out there who want a beautiful black leather boot that delivers a great fit and a ultra-soft touch on the ball. The Premier is for those players.”

Nike Premier Sole

Although Nike has taken the fundamentals of the Tiempo release, it is important to note that this is a completely separate release that take modern concepts onto a very economically efficient release.

Overall, everything seems to be extremely positive about the Premier. They look the part and have a lot of extremely modern features that allow it to compete with the Copa Mundial, while boasting a more modern set of characteristics. But of course, the real test will be on the pitch – and we already have a pair secured for review.

Final note – in terms of retail the cheapest price we found for a pair was on WeGotSoccer, where they are listed for $89.99. also has them, but they are listed at $99.99.

What do you think of this release and will it compete with the Copa?

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  1. really well done. optically seems to be an old school boot with nice clean details. hope this one will be worn by 30% of all professionals ww.

    front area reminds me on adidas adipure I – the only pure one !!!

  2. Is Nike discontinuing the Tiempo?

  3. there is better, but these are nice. Shame that people google-eye over nike stuff when there are better products from other smaller companies

  4. Valon Rochester

    The stitch pattern is just…. i dont know.

  5. These have to be made in the USA to compete against adidas copa mundial which are made in germany IMO.

  6. I like these, but I am not sure nike considers long term durability (ie more than one season) when creating a sub $100 boot, which could be a disaster considering one of the main reasons Copas are so popular is that everyone knows someone who has gotten YEARS out of a pair. Even so, these are right up my alley, thumbs up Nike!

    • I think Nike make much higher quality boots for all of their lower tier boots in each silo (better than every other major brand). Quality is not going to be an issue, but I do agree with you in regards to durability. Copa's use rivets to attach the sole plate to the upper, and Lotto Stadios were stitched. I definitely sense Nike is trying to ensure players only get one season out of them before buying another pair.

      • I am thinking of the nightmare tiempo flight, everyone loved them in concept, but so many people had ripping and separation from the soleplate after only 6 hours of play that Nike pulled them all together. Although I will say Nike makes better take downs than Adidas right now for sure! I would still rather go Mizuno Morelia, they are still only around $110 with shipping from the UK, but you will have to wait 2+ weeks for arrival.

  7. Reebok Malaysia

    whos going to take this silo ? any pros will be on contract to wear this?

    • I think any player that is wearing Copa's will be attracted by these. Not saying they would switch, but that is the market Nike is trying to target.

    • Not sure we will see any pro's wear them under endorsement, but there are sure to be some lower league players who will look to sport them.

  8. We Got is out of size 9, and is on back order until mid June now. I think this is going to be a huge move by Nike! Now they just need to ensure stores are fully stocked so that availability is never an issue.

  9. Looks nice. But like someone else said, the stitching is a little….underwhelming. At 8.6 ounces I also wonder about durability. They may be on the wrong side of 9 ounces (IMO between 9 and 9.5 is the sweet spot for a leather boot). I wouldn't expect it to be as durable as the Copa, but nothing short of bombproof will win over any Copa fanatics.

  10. Bryan are you sure these are goat leather? I have read elsewhere they considered goat leather but went for kangaroo leather.

    • To be honest, there is no definitive answer right now. Nike state it is a "premium leather used for the upper sets the benchmark for softness and feel for leather-based boots". I will have a pair later this week and will update on what it actually is.

  11. Does anyone know how these fit compared to a Legend?

  12. Just want to know about size, is it true size? or do i need to reduce size? someone please let me know.

  13. Have you spotted any pros wearing the Premiers yet?

    Only person i've seen sporting a pair is one of the EPL physios' think it was Stokes.

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