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Checking Out the Nike Bomba Pro II

Nike Bomba Pro II

We managed to get our hands on one of Nike’s latest turf specific shoes this week, and although they are not the top tier release (that goes to the Bomba Finale II) these boots have a lot to offer. In fact, these shoes sit at a much more attainable price-point and as a result sell more units.

The Nike Bomba Pro II features a full grain leather upper that provides a very similar feel on the ball to other soccer cleats on the market. It is soft and flexes easily under touch. Through the midfoot to heel, Nike use a mesh material to lower the weight of the boot. The tongue is created with similar intent, as a single layer design provides just enough protection under the lacing system. In turn, this produces a boot that weighs in around the 9.7oz mark.

Going back to the mesh on the upper, normally this would be placed to allow for an airy feel and more breathability. I can’t say that this is the case with the Bomba Pro as the inner portion of the boot is lined with leather. As a result, its main purpose is to lower the weight of the boot while adding a different style.

The Nike Bomba Pro II is currently available at Soccer.com for $79.99.

Bomba Pro II Sole

Bomba Pro II Stud Configuration

Conical Studs, Oblong Studs

The real reason many players will be considering these shoes is based on the sole and the configuration used. Conical studs are used for quick rotation to help aid the rapid turns made in small-sided games, while oblong studs help provide excellent traction and stability on turf surfaces. I am a huge fan of Nike’s efforts to create turf specific configurations and having worn these a few times they have again got it right. The primary different between these and an FG boot is the fact these are lower to the ground and as a result you feel more stable on your feet without losing out on traction.

UNBOXED – The 360 View

As part of our latest project on YouTube, called Unboxed, here is a fast paced, 360 view of the Bomba Pro II.

Nike Bomba Finale II

For those wondering how these differ from the more expensive Bomba Finale II, there is actually a lot more technology included in the latter. The Bomba Finale II boasts 27 percent fewer components than the initial Bomba Finale release, creating a softer and more flexible shoe that is also 10 percent lighter. The Bomba Finale II is also equipped with new ‘NIKESKIN’ technology, a polyurethane skin layered over performance mesh and they have a closer, stitch-free fit. In addition, the Nike Bomba Finale II features Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology for consistent ball control in dry and wet conditions.

Realistically, the Bomba Finale II is a mush more advanced shoe and in conversation I would probably recommend them first. But in terms of value, you are definitely getting bang for your buck with the Bomba Pro II. In other words, don’t disregard this featured boot simply because the higher priced boot packs more technology. The key to these boots is the sole and configuration; you get the same design on both boots. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the soft, supple leather upper.

Anyone worn these yet or have additional feedback to offer other players who might be interested in a pair? If so, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Nike Bomba Pro II is currently available at Soccer.com for $79.99.

Bomba Pro II Boxed

Bomba Pro II Upper

Bomba Pro

Bomba Pro II Lacing

Nike Bomba Pro Heel

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  1. thyr r NO PADDINGS!!! wth nike.. u come out with the CTR 360III, the master of its class with absolutely no rivalry in site and bam no more control pads on any of ur just released cleats.. get ur ish together

  2. terrible durability…the stiching joing the leather to the midfoot came off in game #3. but the sole plate, design and comfort is the best of all turf boots; in fact good enough for full sided 11 v 11 games too.

  3. do both the Pro and Finale fit the same?

  4. For me, these are the best turf boots and market. The sole plate is absolutely perfect for small-sided games.

  5. Hello Brian!
    Loved your article!

    I am considering getting the Bomba Finale 2 vs Bomba Pro 2.
    Looking to get a pair for my 7-a-side games.
    I personally stick to my leather uppers as I have pretty odd shaped feet.
    But as you wrote above, you recommend the Finales over Pros.
    Is there many differences other than the material of the upper itself?

    Thank you!

    • I bought the finale 2, never played them in an actual game, just wore them for running around, but I ended up returning them to get the pro 2s. I found the pro 2s to be much more comfortable. Although I'm not a super competitive player, at 27 years old, I'm just looking to run around the pitch, have some fun, dangle a few defenders, and smash in some long shots. :p

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