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Checking out the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3

Mizuno Wave Ignitus III

Although they are not readily available in the US, we managed to get our hands on a pair of the brand new Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3. This initial release is listed as a Vibrant Bolt/Victoria Blue/Chinese Red colorway.

There has been a very subtle shift in the market over the past year and many companies are moving away from the Power category – not Mizuno. Although they have managed to trim the weight of the boot down, everything about the Wave Ignitus 3 is geared toward shooting. And there is a lot going on with these, including a redesigned Mukaiten Panel and a new Tatekaiten vamp panel across the strikezone.

The soleplate and stud configuration has also been modified, with altered angles placed on the blades. I’m interested to see what this does to traction in play.

Stay tuned for a full review to follow, or check out for any possible listed pairs on eBay.

Wave Ignitus 3

To really understand the strikezone more, Mizuno sent us over the following details and I think it will make things a lot easier to understand if you simply read what they have to say about the technology included.

The top of the foot was then layered with a fin shaped technical panel called Tatekaiten (Japanese for top spin). When the strategically placed fins make contact and rub against the ball during the kicking motion, they force the ball to rotate with 17% increased ball revolutions. The improved (longitudinal) ball revolutions deliver more pace to the ball and when struck with Honda’s unique forward kicking technique the ball rises then dips at a forceful pace. A great tool for deadball situations like free kicks, when the player wants to get the ball up and over the wall at enough speed to beat the keeper.

 Further along the vamp area, the technical panel also features another new update, in the form of a more flexible Yokokaiten (Japanese for side spin) panel on the instep which creates extra (latitudinal) ball revolutions for improved side-spin and accuracy when wanting to curl the ball. Also following on from the Ignitus series, the Mukaiten Panel (Japanese for non-spin) is still ever present in this third edition. As the original technical USP the application of non-spin movement, reduces the rotation of the ball making ‘deadball situations’ even more lethal. As the ball flies towards the net it dips and swerves making it difficult for keepers to judge its path.

Mizuno Strike Zone

Muikaten Panel

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Stud Configuration

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  1. I like them. So you really cant buy them other than in Ebay?

  2. I REALLY like them.

  3. You can find these from Pro Direct Soccer as well. They are based in the UK. I bought my Mizuno's from them. The shipping takes some time, but their service is excellent. The link can be found below: http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/Mizuno-Fo

    • Just make sure you order in US sizing! I don't think I had to pay the VAT either.

    • I ordered a pair of boots from Pro Direct Soccer and shipped them home to Canada. I didn't have to pay any custom taxes or anything, just international postage. Top-class website.

  4. are they really full synthetic now? wave ignitus II's were full leather. Huge downfall if it isnt like that for the III's

    • They're full synthetic from what I know. Your only options for leather would be the Supersonic Waves, Morelias, and the Neos.

  5. looks cooool! especailly now with the T90 being dropped…. this is the only boot left with rubber fins.

  6. As a wave ignitus 2 wearer, I wish they would have gone with a less is more approach, instead of an all out T90 laser 2ish design, also the studs are so freakin’ aggressive looking now, I would be afraid to wear these on hard ground. They will no doubt perform excellently because Mizuno takes their time with releasing new tech until they know it works, but I sure wish they would have toned it down from the Ignitus 2 instead of going all out IMO

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