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Nike Premier - What Does it Mean For The Tiempo Legend? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Nike Premier – What Does it Mean For The Tiempo Legend?

Tiempo vs Legend Details

With the recent release of the extremely traditional Nike Premier, many players are left wondering What is in store for the Nike Tiempo Legend range?

For some reason, a lot of people are under the impression that Nike are going to shut-up shop on the very prestigious Tiempo, but that isn’t so and we have the back story as to why.

What do Nike plan to do with the Tiempo Legend?

There is no change in the direction Nike is taking with the range. Through the past few editions, Nike has used the boot as a blank canvas and played around with different classical styles. Basically, the boot will continue to be their classical playground where they continue to evolve the range, adding new types of technology and retro styles through multiple editions.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Nike Premier vs Tiempo

What is the Nike Premier all about?

According to Nike, the Premier is pretty much set in stone and there will not be multiple editions of the range. They set out to create a high performing timeless classic set at a price under $100. In other words, we should see this boot on the market, as is, for many years to come. In similar fashion to the Copa Mundial, the Nike Premier is intended to be a more consistent boot with a longer life-span. I’d imagine we will see some minor updates as time goes by, but I really do hope that Nike can leave these unchanged and at the same price for several seasons.

Main Performance Difference – Soleplate

Having tested both, the primary difference lies in the soleplate. The Tiempo Legend features a plate that bends very uniformly right on the toe crease. They are designed for increased acceleration when you take that first step. The Premier is a little different. The plate is extremely thin and offers a more progressive hinge that naturally flexes with the foot. Those looking for a traditional boot will really appreciate that!

Retail – Price Difference

In terms of retail, the Tiempo legend is always going to be a little more expensive seeing as Nike are using it as a platform for developing. With more research and development comes a higher price tag and I expect it to increase over the new generations. On the other side of the spectrum, Nike set out initially to create a boot under $100 and since it is we don’t expect to see new versions released, it seems like it will continue to sit under the $100 for a while to come.

Nike Tiempo Legend – check availability
Nike Premier – check availability

There are still several colorways available in the current Tiempo legend IV range before we see the introduction of the next generation. We were even treated to a very clean Light Bone/White colorway this week!

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  1. Tiempo has been my favorite boot the past two years. And I just got my Premiers.
    They are definitely more comfortable than the Tiempos and a bit lighter. Although the Tiempos feel like they are constructed better and will last longer. Only time will tell. The leather on the Premier feels quite a bit softer but for some reason doesn't look (feel) like the smooth K-leather I am used to seeing on the Tiepos, as well as the AdiPures I have collected. they are both great looking/performing boots though.
    I just wish they would release a White/black edition as well. That would differentiate it from the Copa and still retain the "classic" look. One of my favorite boots of all time was the Adipure 1. I have both the Black/white and the White/back; the latter is my favorite by far.

    • Check back in and let us know how the Premiers work out durability wise.

      • OK……I've been wearing the Premiers almost exclusively for the past 2 months. They are extremely comfortable. I really notice a comfort difference when I put them on immediately after trying on one of my other boots (and all of my boots are broken in). They feel as close to a sock as any boot I've owned. The one issue, which I assumed would happen, is that they stretch a lot. I thought my Legends stretched,…..but nothing compared to these Premiers. As mentioned in another post of mine, you have to lace these up REALLY tight or they will roll when you do any type of cutting movement. But lacing them up tightly doesn't make them uncomfortable. But again, they stretch A LOOOOOOT.
        As far as durability, I give them an A+. There is no separation of upper and sole-plate. Its actually still smooth at the joint. I've inspected every joint, seam, lace hole, etc. and the boot has absolutely no durability issues…… far (knock on wood). If you look at them when not being worn, they look like they are 10 years old. They are so soft that they appear to "melt" when you take them off. But when laced up, they look brand new and are one of the more durable boots I've ever owned.
        I've gone back to some of my other boots from time to time, but always find myself switching to the Premiers mid session. they are that comfortable.

        • HI beto
          I was wondering how well the premiers are holding up for you after all this time. And what surface have you been playing most on? I ask because durability (especially the separation of the upper and the soleplate at the toe) is a big issue for me as I play mostly on turf.

  2. Going by retail prices, isn't the Premier in more of Tiempo Flight territory?

    • Yes, but Nike are trying to advertise the Premier as a much higher quality boot, at a very affordable price.

      • That in itself is fine, but I wonder if Nike is shooting themselves in the foot a bit with this. I consider Tiempo Flight as one of the best 2nd tier options around, but Premier seems to stem on Tiempo's toe too much.

        Then again, if the Premier really does provide that much better quality at same price, the only winners would be us, the consumers.

  3. Hi, I've got fairly wide feet which I measured to be 3.85" on a rough tracing.

    Would the premier, Tiempo Legend, or the Adipures work best?

    I play mostly as a dribbler with a very anarchic style.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I have super wide feet (size 10.5 width, size 8.5 length), and I only wear Tiempo Legend IVs. They offer good width in the midfoot, and even though kangalite is used from the middle of the boot back, it stretches enough to fit your foot in comfortably. The leather in the front of the boot stretches a lot, and conforms to your feet really well.

  4. Hi, I've got fairly wide feet which I measured to be 3.85" on a rough tracing.

    Does anyone know if the tiempos, adipures, or the premier suit the best?

    Dribbling playstyle with plenty of quick touches. Thanks!

    • The new adipures have a "support saddle" of synthetic running through the mid foot, meaning the wont stretch in the middle, so depending on where your feet are widest they could work or they definitely will not. The Premier will stretch the most I assume because the whole boot is leather, where as the tiempo and adipure have a synthetic midfoot area.

      • I have all three of these mentioned. I haven't had the Premiers long enough to know how much they will stretch. The Tiempos stretch A LOT. And I mean a LOT. But they are extremely comfortable. But a little too much "roll" when cutting . The 11Pro are stiff in the midfoot which can sometimes cause cramps if laced too tight. But you HAVE to tighten them because the forefoot is really loose.
        The Premiers have been the best so far; tight but comfortable. They will still stretch but I don't know how much more. I will give it another two weeks.

    • adiPures suck for wide footed player, and i really mean by 's'
      Tiempo is the best so far, i have Legend Elite, Brasiliero, Air Legend, RII, or the best for wide footed player is Super Ligeras, defintely feels great

      But if i can say for the rest of the list, try Mizuno! They are really wide, even they have specifical designated size for wide player! Wide (2E) Super Wide (3E) etc.
      (Btw they are really nice, i have my customized pair with my footprint as size wise 😉 )

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