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Nike Incyte – Official Match Ball For 2013/14 Season

Nike Incyte Soccer Ball

Summer is often a difficult time for football fans. The major European leagues come to a close and we are left scraping by on transfer whispers and the promise of a clean slate come August. The Confederations Cup offered an exciting, yet brief respite from the dog days of Summer, but even the electrifying performances of a galvanized Brazil are fading fast. Luckily for us, though the mercury continues to rise, players and clubs are returning to training and preparation for the coming club season.

The Confederation’s Cup may have been Adidas’ show, but Nike continues to be the official ball supplier of some of the biggest club competitions in the world. What better way to prepare for the season than to train with the ball that will be used in every Barclay’s Premier League, La Liga, and Italian Serie A match?

The Nike Incyte officially goes on sale today (July 1st) and it boasts an impressive collection of features and technological advancements that eclipse last year’s popular Maxim.

Nike Incyte EPL

EPL Incyte ball detailing

“Continuing the tradition of making the most technologically advanced footballs in the game, the Nike Incyte ball features performance innovations that increase reaction, touch and ball flight..”

Nike has included more than their fair share of bells and whistles in the Incyte, not limited to:

“A high-elasticity layer on the surface allows for a cleaner strike and helps the ball travel with more speed. The micro-textured casing also delivers a more accurate ball trajectory than seen before.

Five-layer construction optimizes the feel of that all-important first touch, allowing the athlete to bring the ball under control quickly and with ease.

Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology maximizes the ball’s visibility allowing players to see the ball earlier and react faster.”

The Incyte will be used in the biggest leagues in the world, giving credence to Nike’s opinion that their newest ball is the most technologically advanced in the game. There is no better method of testing new equipment than throwing it into action with the biggest names in the toughest competitions. Look for the Nike Incyte on pitches across the globe over the next 12 months.

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  1. Looks horrible. Especially the nike logos

  2. Played with this ball at a soccer camp. Best ball by far that I have ever used. When you strike the ball, it flies. It is also very visible in the air.

    • Nike balls always feel so round.
      Adidas always feels like theres this extra layer on top that makes it slightly like a beach ball.

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