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Nitrocharge Released in Forest Green/Electricity

Forest Green Adidas Nitrocharge

Adidas have just released what I think is the best looking colorway in their newest silo. So far with the Nitrocharge 1.0 we have seen Blue and Black with Electricity thrown in but their latest addition to the colorway catalog is a pretty unique Forest colorway. It isn’t often that we see this particular hue on the market,we have seen a few green colorways including the LZ II but I don’t remember seeing it done like this.

I personally quite like the contrast between the dark, somber green and the vibrant, lively green. It really sets the boot apart from alot of the most recent releases. However the shade is a bit too close to looking black and could potentially be mistaken for the Black/Metallic Silver/Electricity colorway.

This Forest Green colorway of the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 can be found over at

Nitrocharge in Forest Green

The Boot

Adidas have created a unique style of boot to suite the “engine room” of the field. The guy who is always where he is needed, stealing the ball at one end of the field and being in position to cross the ball into the box at the other end. The kind of guy who is always in motion and trying to find a way to break down the opposition. The focus of the boot is energy efficiency, enhancement and protection. The boot that is built like a tank with the efficiency of a hybrid car, able to take a beating and last for miles.

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The Tech

Every bit of tech is designed around the idea of energy return or protection. The most noticeable feature  would be the energy sling which is located at the bottom of the laces and is designed to support the foot through cutting  and turning movements. Next off we have the Energy Pulse element in the outsole (anyone else reminded of the predator element?) which is meant to almost act as a springboard to increase energy return and explosiveness. Pads in both the toe and heel as well as a  hybrid touch upper coupled with a mesh rearfoot make for a very durable package that offers up a great deal of protection for whatever situation the engine room may come across in their ventures.

Adidas Nitrocharge Green detailing

Adidas Nitrocharge Green detailing (d)

Adidas Nitrocharge Green detailing (b)

Adidas Nitrocharge Green detailing (c)

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  1. Can you please let us know how is the fit of this cleats? narrow or wide fit ?, and length compared to the predator LZ ? Thank You

  2. can u recommend any shoes for bunion sufferers?

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