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Adidas 11Pro SL in Running White/Chrome/Black

Adidas 11Pro SL in white

Adidas have been pretty quiet with regards to the 11Pro SL lately. We have only seen a few colorways released, which is surprising as it has proven to be more attractive to fans than the 11Pro. This latest colorway has been released with a design to capture the “summer season vibe” and soothe the minds of weary consumers in need of a new look.

The Running White/Chrome/Black comes together nicely to create a bright and tidy package, but adidas has thrown in a bit of neon yellow for color that makes it fall apart slightly. I personally think that this would look better with almost any other color rather than this particular shade of “electric urine” yellow but it adds a bright pop of color that Adidas was probably looking to capture. Other than the questionable color choice, the rest of the boot looks fantastic and the Chrome on the side gives it a very fashionable look.

The latest adidas 11Pro SL colorway can currently be found at

Running White adidas 11Pro SL

The Boot and Tech

While the 11Pro may have lost some fans due to the change from K-leather to Taurus, the SL version has remained a K-leather lightweight boot. This is extremely odd as we usually see companies remove K-leather in order to drop the weight. The forefoot of the boot is leather, while the midfoot to heel is a super thin synthetic. A super light K-leather upper coupled with the sprint frame outsole make these bad boys top out at an impressive 6.4 oz.

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We also see the three stripe support saddle in the midfoot that helps increase stability, as well as a very thin layer of duracoat across the front of the boot to enhance durability. The whole package is pretty simple and sweet, but it makes for a very solid heritage/lightweight hybrid.

11pro SL (2)

11pro SL (4)

11pro SL (1)

11pro SL (3)

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  1. Almost bought them, but people told me the SL version defeats the purpose of great comfort.

  2. These are phenomenal. I have not had a shoe to date in 40+ years of playing soccer that give you the control of these shoes. I think it has to do with the fact that the toebox is a little bigger than other shoes. Also possibly due to the shape of my foot (narrow middle, wider toebox). But they did fall apart after one year… make sure you check the manufacturing date to ensure they are not older than 1 yr because Adidas won't take them back (after 2 yrs).

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