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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review

In the weeks since we have seen the introduction of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom to the market, they have quickly transitioned from a “what are they?” release to a “I gotta have a pair!” Not only has Nike managed to get their point across about why they have decided to focus on agility but they have also received some great publicity from players wearing the boots. Neymar has been front and center of all things Hypervenom, and his recent performances for Brazil at the confederation boots provided the most impact on a boot release I have ever seen. If you were to ask him, I’m sure he would give you a list of reasons for why they are a “must have” boot.

Having had several weeks with a pair, I also have a lot of points to make about the Hypervenom, some of which Neymar might not offer to players who want to invest in a pair. In typical fashion, I have extended the testing period with the Phantom in order to ensure some of my views are accurate.

Check out the Hypervenom series currently available at

Initial Reaction

Being that there were plenty of images circulating the net months before release, I wasn’t really shocked with the design. In saying that, the upper is so extraordinarily unique that getting them in hand was extremely important and as it turned out, pretty exciting. They are incredibly light and the upper is a lot thinner than I expected and they are definitely not as padded as they look.

Nike Hypervenom Upper

Nike Hypervenom Upper (2)

Breaking In and Comfort

Considering the amount of time invested by Nike into creating a new boot, you would expect them to be comfortable to wear. This installment took 2.5 years to development and the large number of players using them through testing shared a lot of feedback on how they felt to wear in game. Through testing, I found them to be very comfortable. Initially, I did feel like the soleplate was pretty stiff and ever after 3 or 4 wears, it was still extremely though to bend. Fortunately, this doesn’t cause problems while you have them on and they actually feel decently loose through the midfoot – vitally important. Up top, the upper also has an extremely flexible feel, largely due to the mesh material that is used in the underlay. They almost have a running shoe feel across the front of your foot, only with a little extra protection.

Nike has altered the heel by off-setting the seem that connects the upper around your foot. on regular releases, this is something that traditionally runs directly down toward the ground. But on this release, Nike has inched it toward the side of the heel in order to create a slightly looser, more naturally stretched feel. Well, that is its functionality in theory. Whether it was straight down or offset, I am sure the feel around the heel wouldn’t change substantially enough that players would notice a difference. If anything. it is designed that way for aesthetic purposes.

Nike HypervenomHypervenom Mesh Upper

NikeSkin Upper

This is the first time that Nike has used their recently developed NikeSkin on a soccer cleat and it offers a bold new level of performance. Honestly, it is a material that feels just as odd as it looks! It is the type of material that creates a barefoot type feel on the ball. The upper is comprised of a mesh underlay, a layer of skin over it and the final product is treated with ACC technology. When you get a pair in hand, the first thing you will notice is the honeycomb paneling, with that dimple effect covering the entire surface of the boot. On the ball, there really is a thin feel even though you get that raised bubble region in between each of the panels. If you are concerned that the style or pattern of the material might affect how the ball moves on control, or that it might cause it to change direction, don’t be. Everything is super soft and it tends to fold as the ball connects with your feet. If you spread your toes wide against the inner walls of the boot, it actually allows your toes to push outward and creates a funny appearance, sort of like what it looks like when you push your fingers along a balloon.

Then you will notice that as you rub your hand across it, there is an extremely unusual wax like feel. Compared to a regular smooth synthetic, you get a very different level of performance when on the ball. Although there is not a focal element across the forefoot, the final product allows for the ball to roll along the surface without sticking or sliding off. It sort of sits in the mid-range between both and that really plays along the lines of what Nike has advertised.

Using it for striking shots is pretty noteworthy. Personally, I found the friction created on the ball to be pretty pitch perfect for placing shots on target, especially the “pass” style shot. When you want to pick out a corner, it can compliment how you connect with the ball. In terms of shooting, the design plays a pretty important role. You get the benefit of a skin type feel across the inward panels, while the raised regions offer a little extra pop or rebound on shots. It is a unique combo that performs effectively in unison.

[See: Creation of the Hypervenom]

Designed for Agility

Nike has been drumming the notion of “agility” since the Hypervenom was released. It is feature of the boot that they really want fans to embrace and connect with the new silo. It is Nike’s way of moving forward and progressing with the speed of the game. During the development stage, Nike spoke with several focal players to find out what they wanted from their footwear and the ability to move quickly with the ball and turn at pace was key. For that reason, they decided to move toward a much more responsive boot and the concept of agility is pretty evident when you wear them. The upper is very manageable and really adapts to your movements, allowing for additional stretch as you look to chop and change direction, while the stud configuration provides a pretty impressive level of traction in tight spaces.

Nike Hypervenom soccer cleat

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Tongue

Updated Lacing System

In order to increase the surface area of the strike zone, Nike has trimmed the length of the lacing system and left it sitting much higher on the boot. It has also been offset to the side. Because of this, you really only get to pull the lacing tight around the top of the boot, which shouldn’t prove to be much of an issue unless you have thin feet.

How do they Fit?

This is a boot designed with a spacious fit. I have no doubt that there will be plenty of wide fitting players who will be pleasantly surprised with how the boot fits, especially through the forefoot. Because it has a mesh like feel, the Nikeskin upper has the ability to expand across your foot and I noticed that it gradually stretches over time – something that is definitely unique for a synthetic material. Players looking for a thin fit, make sure to read the section above as they might not suit.

Nike Hypervenom Soleplate

Nike Hypervenom Split Toe

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Forefoot

Soleplate, Stud Configuration and Traction

Nike again looked at the area of agility to improve the functionality of the soleplate. They have created a new glass nylon soleplate. There are 2 things that are immediately noticeable about it – the stud configuration and the dark line the runs through the forefoot. That line running through the forefoot is designed to be a split toe, with the intent of providing protection to the metatarsal and a new level of agility as you push off in different directions. What this does is provide a little extra bend under your big toe compared to your little toe as you look to change direction in an inward movement, and the same is true as you look to twist to the outside. Ultimately, this is one of those additions that are really difficult to qualify. I personally didn’t notice any obvious benefits from its inclusion and even in hand I can’t see what it does. I’m going with my gut on this one and saying it maybe does have a purpose – I just can’t validate it.

Then these is the stud configuration, for which Nike has modified the placement and design. on this version, each conical stud is thinner and features a lower profile, so you are closer to the ground and really have the ability to spring away from the surface at top speed. Added to that, the number of studs included has been decreased. This configuration features 6 studs up front and 4 in the heel,  with a braking blade and stopping blade located on the forefoot.

Hypervenom vs T90 Laser

T90 Laser to the Hypervenom Phantom

In order to challenge the status-quo and produce an updated boot that progresses with the game, Nike determined that the only appropriate course of action was to retire the T90 range and develop something new. It is a move that has created a divide within fans and there are some of you who are disappointed that the T90 is headed for retirement. Personally, I do feel your pain as it now creates another void for players who want a boot dedicated to power. But, I also like the new direction that Nike are taking. The game is getting faster and since each company is looking to find ways of improving player performance, it only seems right that Nike needed a fresh new direction, something that the Hypervenom offers. Yes, I will miss the T90 and they were a great boot, but after testing them, I approve of this latest curve ball.

[See: Death of the T90, Birth of the Hypervenom]

Critic’s Notes

Even after having them for several weeks, the aesthetics of the boot still don’t sit right with me. I’m just not keen on the bubble wrap design even though I understand what its purpose is on the boot. I also have some reservations about the soleplate and how stiff it feels starting out. It didn’t cause too many problems in terms of comfort, but in my opinion it is more effective having a loose soleplate that moves in unison with your natural foot movements.

Who Should Wear them?

Think of the attacking player that opponents try to keep quiet and shut down. The one that is sometimes less dominant on the field – but then there is that split second, one instance where they strike and make something happen.

For those interested in a pair, they are available at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A boot designed to compliment attacking players and provide them with an added level of agility through quick turns and sharp movements. Nikeskin offers a natural feel across the forefoot.
Category: A unique hybrid, with lightweight speed fully part of that. I hate to term them an “agility” release but I guess that is what they are.
Weight: An impressive and very responsive 7.2oz.
Would I Buy Them: Bar the actual design, I really would be willing to invest in a pair. They are a great performing boot that will suit a lot of players taste.
Player Position: Nike has defined them as an attacking style players boot – but defenders, don’t be afraid to try them, they have plenty to offer.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Would love a look at the new AG soleplate nike offers the phantom and phatal in. Maybe an AG phatal review for the other soleplate and step-down upper?

    • I have a pair of them sitting here beside me!! Definitely looking to get that up also some time soon.

      • Would something of a AG soldeplate comparison be possible? I noticed AG pattern for the Vapor is different from Legend/CTR360 and also different from Hypervenom.

      • Hi bryan!, i wear a size 8.5 in the adizeros and i was wondering if i should get a 8.5 in the hypervenoms or a 9. Because on shoefiter said i should wear a 9, and i tired them on and felt lose on me, but they didnt have an 8.5 to try on…

        • I'd definitely recommend going with the 8.5. I wore the same size for both (size 9US) and I actually found the Hypervenom fit wider than the adiZero. Technically, this would mean they should be recommending you go down a half size.

  2. Hello! had any problem with the toe spliting from the soleplate? do you think that this should happend? I would like to see a reiforcement on the toe like the one on the vapor VIII

    • No issues to report – I don't see it happening as it is really well glued down.

      • My daughter (12) has had her cleats for less than 2 months, splitting at soleplate on the sides and top layer of black leather is coming off.

        • Are you sure its splitting?
          Because from my experience they dont really split they just look like they are goinf to split, you will see a small gap between the soleplater and the nikeskin which looks like it has splitted.

          But from my experience they just stay like that and wont really “rip” further.

          However it is possible that you have a cleat with a error from factory, i had that once with my nike id phantom and have sent them back and received a new one.

    • They split and ripped on me! By far the worst cleats I have ever purchased and I have bought many pairs of high end cleats!!!! They only lasted 8 months playing 2 days a week. Not impressed!

  3. I agree pretty wholeheartedly with your conclusions. The stiff soleplate was my only concern at first, as it can cause your heel to slide on the slick interior, but once it loosens up the whole thing starts to make sense. Good (though unique) feel on the ball, excellent release control when passing and placing shots, no stud pressure, etc… and personally, I love the look of them (minus the skull, but it's growing on me).

  4. Hey i was wondering how would they fit if i have a narrow foot, by narrow i mean the vapor viii was tight around the forefoot and some what loose in the midfoot.

    Also how does the stud pattern compare to the mizuno morelia neo, im getting a good deal on them but i cant decide between them and the hypervenom

  5. Beware of them on hot turf. They make your feet feel like they are on fire! I ran into the issue over the weekend with mine. I couldnt even bare to keep them on. I swapped to my mvix.

    on another note:
    Great review Bryan. I also look forward to them! I have worn mine every game since the release from and i have yet to hit a durability issue. The upper actually softens the more you wear them! They are truly a great boot!

  6. Hello Bryan!
    So what could be the difference between Mercurials and Hypervenoms? It looks like they're both under the speedy category to me.
    Also, does Hypervenom has a similar glove like fit like the leather has?

    • That is a very common question that I will answer in more depth soon. But, in short the Hypervenom is all about Agility and natural foot movements with dribbling. The Vapor is more to do with speed and acceleration.

  7. Hi, was wondering; I saw the Hypervenom phantams on sale for only $84 at a website called =Cheap Nike Shoes. This is about 65% cheaper than at most of the other familiar cleat stores. Would this be a legit or good site to buy from? thanks

  8. The Ag version has a sole plate different from any other turf shoe on the market. Most people in the U.S. play on turf more than regular grass,, with that said, a lot of people want the ag review for the phantom.

    • the FG model can work on AG also. It has conical studs, and not blades like the vapor. Either sole will do fine.

  9. Do these boots fit true to size?

    • "This is a boot designed with a spacious fit. I have no doubt that there will be plenty of wide fitting players who will be pleasantly surprised with how the boot fits, especially through the forefoot. Because it has a mesh like feel, the Nikeskin upper has the ability to expand across your foot and I noticed that it gradually stretches over time – something that is definitely unique for a synthetic material. Players looking for a thin fit, make sure to read the section above as they might not suit."

      • I'm use the nike tiempo legend IV…size 11.5us….with the soccer socks, bands to get firm my ankle, the boots fits fine…also I have wide foot, so you can imagine my feet whit all the thing I use around it…if a buy the hypervenom, you recommend I still using size 11.5us??….sorry for my english…

  10. Hi Bryan.
    I previously had mercurial victory FG size 11.5US. I just bought a hypervenom phantom size 11US cause it fits about right.
    I have a wide feet and when I wear hypervenom it feels little bit tight around the forefoot. People told me the nikeskin will stretch a bit when i wear them but do you think it would be better to change it to size 11.5US

  11. I usually wear a size 12 in walking shoes but can’t decide if I should go with a 12 or 11.5 mens in these boots? Can you help me with this decision. I have wide feet but don’t want them too lose. What’s your recommendation?

    • You walking shoes should always fit slightly larger and since the Hypervenom series fits a little wide, I'd recommend going up a half size. our best bet to guarantee would be to try them on in a retail store.

  12. I have just bought the orange version.. Any idea what they are like to clean? Don't want them stained after day one..

  13. True to size?

  14. Hi im thinking of changing from predator lz to the hypervenoms. I wanted to make a nike id pair and all white out, are they hard to clean?
    And the artificial grass black stanes?


  15. pre ordered them from played about 7 games best feeling nikes ever no blisters on the heel so the lower heel def helps, one concern i have after a few week the tongue on the boots has come off from the stiching and make it very difficult to get on in the right place, i will post some picks something i think needs addressing, have not spoken to yet

  16. Hi, how do these cleats fit around the ankle? I've found maestris and adipures to be too loose in the ankle, but the vapor viii and previous f50 adizero were perfect. Because of this, would you recommend the vapor ix, f50 adizero (synthetic) or hypervenoms? Thanks

  17. Durability issues?

  18. I’ve found the bit down the middle of the plate is hurting my feet. Even tried my f50 insole but still hurts the centre of my feet. Anyone else notice this

  19. i wear a US size 9 in mercurial victory’s

    what size do you recommend i get for the hypervenom phantom ?

  20. I have a wider foot and im always concerned when buying a new pair of boots. Do you think the stretching would accommodate my feet?

  21. hi! im wanting to switch from mercurials to hypervenoms. my mercs are size 8 uk what size would you reccomend for the hypervenoms!

  22. trying to decide between hypervenoms,adizeros,predators,what would you recommend is the best boot out of them 3 for a midfielder/striker

  23. We bought the youth version for our son and he began having horrible heal pain. I was going to take him to the doctor, but asked him to wear his old mecurials to practice as a test to see if it was the shoes or his feet. They were snug but still wearable. Guess what? No heal pain. The placement of the nubs on the bottom are different, and I think that’s what was causing the pain. We got a bigger pair of Mercurial and his heal pain has disappeared.

    • First one kid on my son's team had heel pain, but we weren't sure why. Thought new boots were tight. Then my son started having heel pain immediately after getting his. Trying to see if using gel inserts will help. If not, we will make a change. Seems to be the boot.

  24. I bought a pair of these in womens, had a couple practices and 2 games and they are already detatching from the plate. The material seems good at first, but then ripes and splits like plastic. I have taken pictures and plan to contact Nike. I do not think these are worth the money at all and am very dissapointed. I have been a nike boot fan for most of my soccer career and normally only experience this type of wear and tear after a full season.

  25. Hi!
    Thanks for a nice review.
    I bought a pair for my son, 47,5… and after 6-7 training session the Nikeskin has start to get lose from the sole!! Not much but still. Have you heard any other having such problems? and in such a short time

    Best wishes


  26. Hey brian i saw cleats on for $89 they are nike hypervenom phantom's wondering if i can trust them

  27. hello Bryan…
    important question… ive been a Vapor user all my life and now im considering on these bad boys.
    but there is this one rumor preventing me from making the move…
    word is, they rip, particularly on the area where the upperskin meets the soleplate?
    your reply would be greatly appreciated

  28. I got my phantoms id, just finished practige with them and they are truelly awesome.

    I come from the adidas brand from adizero first generation all the way to the lZ s

    I can describe the phantoms as a mix between the adizeros and lz as they offer the sort of light weight agile movement from the adizeros and the shooting from the lZs thanks to the bubble “bounce” wrap.

    I hope they will last long as they are by far my favourite cleat atm, how do i proper take care of them so they wont tear apart early.

  29. Hi, Bryan
    Much thanks for this review! very helpful!

    One of the things I look for in a pair of boots are durability.
    Is the new nikeskin a durable material? also just by looking at how the upper is made, I imagine that It might be pretty difficult to clean the boots if they get dirty. How is cleaning of the boots??

    • Cleaning is very easy just as synthethic cleats, unfortunately i had a bit of badluck with my nike id cleats, after 2 training sessions the glue in the front slightly started getting loose,i returned them and asked for a new pair hopefully it was just a manufacture error, meanwhile i bought the standardcolour one hope this one will last longer

      • Thank you so much Jeff!! I have been a long time vapor wearer because I like to have the bearfoot feeling in my boots, and to me, the vapors have been the closest thing to bear foot. I'm not much interested by the whole agility thing, but im definitely interested by its bearfoot feel" marketing. What is your opinion on this??

        • Ive never wear the vapors but im pretty sure you have a more barefoot feeling with the phantoma than with the vapors.

          I myself come from the adidas range wearing multiple adizeros and even the predator lz.

          In my opinion the phantoma are a unique boot which is not on the market yet, i see them as a perfect mix between the adizeros and the predator lz s.
          Lightweight speedboot with the grip and shooting abilities from the lz.

          Only possible downside is maybe the durability, like ive explained here before i might just had a manufacture error cleat.

          Today i finished first training session with the new pair and so far so good

  30. Also the nikeskin is really thin which creates a perfect barfoot feeling yet they provide a little padding aswell which is nice for striking the ball

  31. Hey have you tried out the 2nd grade boots yet? If so could you let me know about their performance, durability and feel? Thanks.

  32. Bought these cleats in June 2013. My son was in love with them and just had to have them. I have to admit I have never spent that much on his cleats. Yes, we bought the $224 version in black/bright citrus. He has only ever worn Nike cleats. We've tried the others but Nike seems the best fit for his foot. Here's the bad news: these cleats fell apart early October. The upper shoe has completely pulled away from the sole. It has ripped all the way back to the middle of the foot. This is unacceptable for a shoe that only hits the pitch 2-3 times a week on the foot of a 13 yr old boy. Lucky for me the vendor is refunding my money even though its 5 months later. I guess they too realize that when you spend that much money on a cleat it should last longer than that. I don't know if it's the new materail these boots boast of or what but I have read other reviews that mention this very same flaw. Thankful for the refund.

  33. yo hace dos semanas le compre a mi hijo de 15 años unas nyke hypervenon q me costaron 75 euros, cual fue mi sorpresa que en el primer partido se le rejaron por el lado se ledespego la piel de la suela. fui a la tienda y me dijo el encargado q era normal q como lo de arriba es rugoso la parte blanda con la suela rigida suele pasar eso.No entiendo porque unas botas de ese precio se tienen porque rajar, mi hijo ya a usado varios modelos de nyke y con ninguno a tenido este problema

  34. I ordered a pair and I have used them for a couple of practices, however they over stretched drastically and now they feel like a whole size bigger. What do you recommend for me to do about this major flaw?

    • Tough call – they are definitely designed for a more spacious fit over time. Your best bet is double sock or look to sell them on eBay and try and get money back for a pair in a smaller size. Sorry, not many other options I can offer.

      • Id recommend to use double socks, preferable trusox since they wont slip in your shoes.

        I use trusox as double sock aswell and it works perfect for me.

        You will find diff opinions from people on how to wear it but you should just see for yourself.

        Goodluck with it

  35. I'm about to buy the 200$ hypervenom and i have a 12.5US for my mercurial and I was just wondering if i should go with 12.5 or 13? I didn't try them on but i think the size is the same… what should i get?

    • It depends on the shape of your foot i think, how width it is.

      I have a bit wider foot than normal and i used to wear 8.5 adizeros but in the hypervenom i wear a 9.

      I have about a thumb space in the shoes which is ok for me.

      So basicly if you have normal width foot i would go true to size, since they stretch a bit overtime.

      But if you have above normal width i would go for a half size bigger

    • True to size. Do note that the Hypervenom doesn't fit as tight around your foot as the Vapor does, they have a more spacious fit (just in case you have a narrow foot)

  36. Hi Bryan,
    I am a size uk10 (us11) on mercurial veloce 9 and the predator absolion lz 2. Do you recommed me getting the same size hence uk10 (us11) if not what size would you recommend?
    Please answer as I need to find out urgently.

  37. Hi
    I'm thinking of buying new cleats so can you tell me that wheather to go for adidas adizero f50 or nike hypervenom phatal

  38. Hi Bryan
    I'm thinking of buying new cleats so can you tell me that wheather to go for adidas adizero f50 or nike hypervenom phatal.
    my foot is a little bit wide so which one shoud i buy.
    plz reply fast…

  39. Hi,

    I just got new hypervenom phantoms. I haven’t tested them, but i will use them as soon as possible.

    I have two questions about durability:

    If I play on artifical grass with firm ground hypervenoms, do the studs broke easily, or does that upper nikeskin start ripping fast because of the “plastic grass”. And i think that soleplate cracks littlebit, but it’s not major.

    I am sorry, because my bad English, I am from Finland and i am only 13 years old 😀

    Please can you answer fast? Thanks!

  40. Hi Bryan…i wear a US size 8 in mercurial vapor IX..

    what size do you recommend i get for the hypervenom phantom ?same size with vapor??i nit you help…thank…

  41. Hi Bryan…i wear a US size 8 in mercurial vapor IX..//n//nwhat size do you recommend i get for the hypervenom phantom ?same size with vapor??i nit you help…thank…

  42. Are these boots durable? I have heard that they rip easy and that they are durable? What did you find with these boots?

  43. Bryan,__Just to clarify, you haven't heard of any durability issues about the phantoms? The comment section has several complaints about the upper separating. Can you confidently confirm there is no issue?

    • Still no issues to report. But, the upper does lip slightly more on the Phantom than other boots (say the Tiempo V or the adiPure 11Pro), so I could see how they would be more likely to separate for players that catch the surface while striking shots. More likely to happen on AG surfaces.

  44. How what is the width of Nike hypervenoms in inches/cm/m

  45. After palying with hypervenom phatal it feels wrinkled skin on my legs..!what should i do.??should i replace it with bigger size.?? Plz help me …send me suggestion on [email protected]….than you in advance Bryan..!!

  46. Do these shoes give blisters on the toes of the feet? I have the nike mercurial vapor 9 but had to buy nike tiempo mystic for my winter season.

  47. I bought a pair for my son but with metal studs and the found out he is not allowed to wear boots with the metal studs. Where can I get plastic replacement studs for these boots?

    • As far as I know, there are no plastic replacements available. You would need to switch them out for the FG version of the boot (the pair you have features an SG soleplate)

  48. They feel amazing and they live up to the hype. Only concern is the protection. I went wrong buying them as a gritty hard tackling defensive mid. I constantly get stepped on (by huge guys in an extreme league). A few days ago I caught the back studs of an sg plate right across the top of my foot down to my big toe. It literally felt like I was barefoot, I felt the veins stretch and several cracks. It was horrible. I have a sprained cuneiform and an abundance of micro fractures across the top of my foot and even my metatarsal. Great shoe, zero protection. At all. Whatsoever.

  49. I was a T90 before moving on to this boot. The T90 offer me alot of power in my shots also they were really accurate, but I wasnt getting enough speed with them so i move on to the HV. first time i wear them out of the box was great, the ball was sticking to my feet, alot of control and more agi i move alot quicker, Also in the rain they are awesome, all the first touches even amazing myself hahah. But i dont no if its because im in China, the HV i have now is my 3rd pair. I got the green 1s and i had to take them back after a month and a half, the treats or ripping from the inside took them back to Nike got a new pair of the same thing. 2nd time around was 2 months and on the right boot the mid stud came off. now im on my 3rd pair. so far its been a month and the tongue came off but i fixed myself didnt want to go back again. Beside that the boots are great, best i ever had.

  50. I have a small tear in my pair do you know how to fix it?

    • most likely its a failure in the nike skin. if the production date of the shoe is less than 2 years ago (should be able to find it inside the tongue where the size is listed), you can send it back to nike claims and see if theyll fix/replace it for you. the tear will only continue getting bigger the more you play with them. my boyfriend had the same thing and they replaced his shoes so you might have some luck there

  51. I received the new (pink and orange) hypervenoms, and honestly, I am very pleased. First of all, when you first wear it, you notice how comfortable it is, the Nikeskin also enhances that barefoot experience. They are flexible (After being worn many times) and the soleplate is stiff, which is one of the only annoyances I have with it.
    I feel as if that they are a better shoe for the midfield or striker positions, the Nike Skin gives you so much control on the ball. My position is usually left wing defense, and its the padding is to thin, if someone steps on your foot, but overall, its an amazing boot and I am definitely enjoying it more then most boots.

  52. What do you think of the NikeSkin does it help with anything?

  53. Wow!!!I. I wish i could have these shoes

  54. This are the best soccer shoes ever

  55. I wanna get a new pair of hypervenom phatal & I play close to everyday but I wanna know how long they are gonna last me .?

  56. whats the life span of this shoe??

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