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“This is Not A Real Predator” – The Great Debate

Predator to Predator LZ

Since their release, a lot of players have questioned if the Adidas Predator LZ should be labelled a “Predator” release or not. It seems like the opinion on this is very mixed and it is actually the first time I have heard anyone question the Predator range and what they represent.

Some players agree that Adidas are correct in updating the boot and moving it forward with other current boot trends on the market. Having a lighter boot with several performance areas where you can focus your attention makes them more of an appealing boot for the utility player. But then there is the argument that Adidas has taken away a valuable weapon that many players look to add in their game; a genuine power boot.

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On release, I actually spoke to one of the footwear developers, and he explicitly stated that the Predator was moving in a new direction, to suit a more playing styles. In the past, the predator has been strictly marketed to those looking for a Power boot. Now it is seen to be a Control/Power Hybrid, with each of the 5 zone serving a different purpose.

My question to you is simple – what do you think of the latest Adidas Predator release and in your opinion has Adidas modified the boot in the right or wrong direction?

Answer the poll, then leave us your honest comments below telling us what your take is.

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  1. They are actually closer to the first few Preds than the Adipower or Pred-X was. They have a rubber element all over the forefoot, as did the first few generations. The only differences are that they are now lighter, non K-leather and called a "control" boot.
    They are lighter because of the present state of football boots ALL getting lighter. So that should be a non-issue.
    The fact that they are not k-leather anymore is also a product of the times. Not a deal-breaker.
    And it they were still called a Power or 'shooting' boot, fewer people would be complaining. The 'Control' thing is in their head.
    Just my 2-cents.

  2. i love n still love the first 3 editions of the predator.

    i had the 3rd ed one which lasted for 4 years n scored many goals with that.

    the accelerators were shaped differently and didn’t fit my feet after that.

    the LZ now is just banking on the good rep that comes with the name Predator.


  4. I constantly get into arguments about this topic with friends. The LZ are a disgrace to the predator line. How can you go on premium leather a nice weight to the boot and suddenly change it to an all synthetic upper and no lace cover strap? I personally love the strap. If they really wanted to make a hybrid boot give us something less flashy, a classic color way, black and red maybe.??? and throw a nice lace cover strap back on and watch sales rise.

  5. 1st these aren’t predators, i knew the game is changing, but the way they purposed to change the boots is someway ridiculous
    I mean, first come the tongue disappear, then the leather, then the weight issue, then come this crap all the way

    Maybe about branding issue perhaps? I think they made a MISTAKE if they’re thinking about a solid name than consumer could put a faith into boots name
    The result is, they do segmenting a new consumer, but they lost a huge share for a true boots fan

    Maybe the game is changing, and adidas wanted to change all of their silo? 80% agree, but we know adidas keeps pushing sprintframe onto all of their silo, and “the-winner-recipe” is definitely changing adidas
    i think in the near future, we couldn’t hear “all in” instead of “lightweight performer”

    The point is i’m confused about what do adidas have in mind, but Nike is gaining a huge share, and adidas is somewhat busy mowing their yard

  6. I think these boots can justifiably be called predators. However one area I think that Adidas has started to fail in for me personally, is not releasing the more update models in the classic black red and white colour way. Neither of the LZ has had this classic colourway treatment, something I feel is an iconic part of the predator range

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