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Mizuno Morelia Neo – The review

Mizuno Morelia Neo

The main selling point for the Mizuno Morelia Neo that they are one of the lightest kangaroo leather boots on the market, weighing a very impressive 170grams. A common opinion on lightweight models is that companies sacrifice durability and comfort in order to shed the weight of the boots. Having previously worn the original Morelia and being a big fan I hope these live up to the hype and don’t tarnish the great Morelia name.

You can currently find the Morelia Neo available at

In the Box/First Impression

When unboxing the Mizuno Morelia Neo I was excited and skeptical at the same time as the original Morelia is probably my favorite football boot of all time, so the Neo has a lot to live up too. Mizuno include a drawstring boot bag and care instructions which is a nice touch that I feel should be standard with all top tier boots.

These really are a good looking boot, and look even better in person than they do on the pictures that I have seen. The stitching on the kangaroo leather provides a unique look and really do give these a very sharp image.

What else is instantly noticeable is even though these weigh in at 170 grams, Mizuno have still managed to produce a sturdy feeling top quality boot using materials of the highest standard.

My first impressions were definitely positive and my skepticism was rapidly fading. Even though I generally only wear black boots I actually really like the Orange/Blue colors used on these.

Morelia Neo Boxed

Fit/Break In

I am testing these in a size 8.5UK/9.5US and they fit true to size in length. I have a wide foot so was pretty worried as to how a streamlined boot as light as these would fit and had no problems what so ever.

I couldn’t resist taking these for a spin as soon as they arrived so took them too a park for a light jog and kicked a ball around for an hour and I doubt that I would have experienced any problems taking them straight into a game as the comfort is exceptional straight out of the box.

The kangaroo leather used on these feels a little stiff to start with but softened up after a couple of hours of use. The anatomical lacing and high quality microfibre synthetic midfoot make for a very snug but comfortable fit. The boots look narrow but offer quite a roomy fit, especially in the toe box area which was a pleasant surprise.

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The Morelia Neo has a classic moulded conical stud pattern with four moulded studs at the heel, eight moulded studs at the front and a central oval stud in the centre, the sole is made from Graded Pebax which provides enhanced durability and flexibility and is much lighter than TPU. The soleplate is thicker at the heel area which keeps the boots rigid yet flexible. The boots offer excellent traction, and do the job perfectly. I have tried them on slightly soft to firm ground and also firm to dry ground and the traction was excellent on both ground types. The 4 moulded studs at the heel area are slightly angled and thin which means more of the stud enters the ground which offers great traction on all natural surfaces.


The kangaroo leather used on these is very thin but still of a high quality and as you would expect the touch with kangaroo leather is superb. Dribbling with the ball with these I really noticed a difference with the ball staying closer to my feet than usual. I can only out this down to the leather being so thin that you really get to feel every touch of the ball.

The way the stitching has been done on the forefoot also creates little cushions of leather which works well for your first touch and control.

There are no striking elements/gimmicks on these just nice supple k-leather and a leather tongue, so nothing out of the ordinary to report, just a very natural feeling strike.

Morelia Neo Tongue

Morelia Neo Leather Upper

Orange Morelia Neo


As with all leather boots some routine maintenance is required. I can’t stress enough how important this is to maintain the quality of your boots. You can honestly triple your boots lifespan with the proper care. My initial concern with these were protection and durability, as they are so light. I have had my foot stepped on a couple of times in training and a game and the mesh on the tongue and thin leather offer a little protection, not nearly as much as the original Morelia but I wouldn’t say it was a concern. In regards to durability, the only thing to note is after a challenge from behind the external plastic heel counter has a small gouge and is slightly damaged, but nothing major and I can’t see it causing any problems.

Would I buy them and why?

The answer to this question is a resounding…….YES! The main attributes I look for in a boot are comfort and build quality and the Mizuno Morelia Neo delivers in abundance, whilst also offering a very lightweight and good looking design.

I have always argued that a boot could not improve you as a player, even though I maintain that thought, these have slightly changed my thinking. Little improvements on your touch and control even though they are small can make a difference, giving you more confidence which ultimately can enhance your game.

If you are considering buying these, then go for it. High build quality and materials, extremely comfortable, lightweight and look great. What more can you want?

Please ask any questions and leave comments below.

You can currently find the Morelia Neo available at

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  1. Beautiful boots, especially the version that is made in Japan.

  2. Mizuno Moreila Neo I'd one of the best boot ever made.

  3. Would you recommend these more or the Adidas adipro 11 SL?

  4. Hey there I'm going to buy a pair in the coming weeks. I'm wondering how the size fits. For example, just bought a pair of adidas copa mundial size 12us and they are too big, i also tried a pair of nike premier size 12us and they are too small.. Since i'm buying the morelia neo online, i wonder which size should i get.
    Also, i'm wondering what's the difference between the morelia neo regular and the other one made in japan.
    Thanks to let me know.

  5. Just bought a pair today (I'm currently living in Japan) and I'm in love. I bought a pair of Nike Super Ligera 3s (not sure if they're available in the US) maybe 2 months ago and these are better by far.

    Next to no comfort issues while breaking them in. Very light and quick, wonderful touch, and I'm taken aback by the low profile. I would consider the Mizuno label on the inside/outside as boot tech because it has horizontal ridges. However, I didn't really notice it while playing except for maybe some padding and it doesn't seem to add weight either.

    Glad I came across your site and read this review.

  6. Hello all, looking for a little help. With Mizuno releasing boots in the states, I will be buying a pair of Morelia Neo's as soon as the Mizuno site allows. I am wondering how true to size they are? I currently wear Puma King Finale SL I in an 8 1/2 u.s. that are a perfect fit. Any suggestions on the size I should order in the Neo's?

    • I also have the Puma King SL is an 8 and a half. I recently got the Morelia neos in the same size. They fit well but took a little longer to stretch and due to lacing you will spend more time getting them on which is of because the fit is more secure laterally than the finale SL. I first wore the Neo's with very thin socks until the stretched out a bit there are now perfect. In conclusion these will take a little longer to break in unlike the pumas the neos do not have a full k leather upper.

      I wish they still made the king finale sl's most underrated shoe in terms of touch and comfort.
      I love the thin k leather touch/feel of both boots.

  7. Cheers, a good review which has me switching to these from my previous vapors.

  8. Those shoes are just awesome!

    Here is my review for the Mizuno Moerlia Neo:

  9. I’ve got a wide foot, certainly cant wear adidas F50s, nike mercurials, cr7s, etc, or almost any puma shoe. What do you think the odds are of this shoe holding my foot, or molding to it? Everything i’ve heard about them is perfect but im always hesitant before buying cleats out of fear my foot wont fit, and unfortunately no store around carries them so I have to order online… Also length-wise, what other boots do they compare to in fit?

  10. how do these compare to the asics ds light x-fly 2k?

    about to make a purchase between these two and would like your opinion


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