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SoccerSavings – Buy One Pair, Get the Second for $1

Buy 2 for 1

This is either one of the greatest or one of craziest boot deals we have seen in a while. are offering players the opportunity to purchase a pair of boots and pick up a second pair for an absolute steal of $1. In other words, you get the second pair for free (pretty much). But where this deal gets crazy is in the selection of boots you can pick up. Their offering for a second pair at $1 is pretty impressive, although it does vary by brand and availability.

As an example, I decided it would be a good idea to add a pair of Adidas Absolado LZ to my cart and pick them up with another pair for $1. Well when I did, it allowed me to pick up a pair of Adidas F50 adiZero for $1 extra. If you having been hiding under a rock or don’t know how boots are priced, that is a savings of $199 on a pair of boots. What I am saying here is that the $200 pair of F50 drop to a staggering $1 and I got both pairs for $58. That price will not be beat – EVER! It really doesn’t make any sense, but it is a terrific deal and I’m NOT going to complain since I get to share it with you guys!

There are plenty more awesome deals like this currently available – I am going to save you the hassle of reading my jargon, so take a leap of faith and see just what they have up for grabs on the Buy a Match Pair, Get a Practice Pair for $1 page!

I’m sure the top boots will disappear pretty quickly, but getting 2 pairs for 1 is an offer not to be missed. If you do end up buying a pair, let us know what you got in the comment section below!

*We haven’t featured SoccerSavings on the site before, but we can confirm that they are legit. Their headquarters are based in Wichita, KS and it features a retail store, on-site inventory, warehouse distribution center and team sales experts.

Adidas Offer

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  1. Def didnt have anything like f50s available for the deal.

  2. You can't do the combos you are probably imagining(at least that I thought). F50 are the only shoes really making this a good deal and (as of now) only come in size 12 and 13 with adidas shoes. The f50 cleat is the only deal here unless you are looking for youth size shoes.

  3. When do the discounts apply?
    I placed a Mercurial Veloce and a Premier from the selection but they were both full price.

  4. why do the cleats cost full price when they are in my cart

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