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Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 23 2024

Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection

Copa Samba Collection

Released in 1979 and specifically designed for the 1982 FIFA World Cup, the aptly named Adidas Copa Mundial has done much more than survive over the last 34 years. The Copa has aged magnificently and has been subject to only a few minor changes throughout it’s reign as the best selling football boot of all time. There is hardly a boot-lover on this planet who hasn’t sung its praises, and with Adidas moving ever-further away from true heritage in the adiPure line, the Copa Mundial could be considered the brand’s last true homage to days gone by.

The steadfast commitment to class, comfort, and durability is what has kept the Copa so popular for so long in a market increasingly dominated by hyper-thin synthetics in every seemingly conceivable shade of neon and pastel. In a move that will likely be met with equal parts praise and pitchforks, Adidas appears set to release 5 bright new colorways of the Copa Mundial in honor of next Summer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Find all Copa Mundial Samba colorways at WeGotSoccer and

Technically, I lied. Adidas is releasing 6 colorways: Vivid Berry, Solar Slime, Solar Zest, Blast Purple, Solar Blue, and White/Black. But after seeing those first five color combinations, I honestly forgot that the classy white colorway even existed! The Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection (or as described so eloquently by Soccer Cleats 101’s very own Richard Wyatt, “The Adidas Copacabana”) is definitely set to raise some eyebrows. Representing the most significant change to the Copa Mundial in it’s history, the colorways Adidas have chosen for it’s best selling boot will also be seen on the release of The Adizero IV and the Adipure 11Pro 2 launches, as well as new colorways for the Predator LZ and the Nitrocharge to be debuted this November.

Adidas Copa Samba White

All joking aside, the white/black colorway is exceptionally classy, and manages to capture the quality the Copa is known for.

[See: Adidas Copa Mundial Review]

From a reviewer’s perspective, the Copa Mundial is one of the most well-rounded boots on the market. While it does not boast any intricate technologies or lightweight-oriented materials, the Copa still manages to outperform most contemporary models in terms of comfort, durability, and all-around quality. When viewed in this sense, adding a splash of color to the boot does not make it any less durable nor does it detract from the construction quality. Just as adding a fresh coat of paint to a Ferrari does not have any bearing on what is underneath the hood, the Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection’s garish colorways are simply bright, eye-catching shades intended to celebrate the vibrant culture of Brazil, as well as provide a nice bit of publicity for the other Adidas boots set to debut around the same time.

Brazil Samba World Cup

Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival boasts numerous bright and eye-catching costumes and floats, no doubt inspiring Adidas’ Copa colorways

There will undoubtedly be widespread reservations about the release, however I feel that concerns regarding Adidas destroying the Copa’s reputation are unfounded. The release is in no way comparable to the alterations the Three Stripes made to the Predator line in changing the entire focus of the boot from power to control. Graduates of the old-school can rest easy knowing that Adidas do not plan to change the construction of the boot or discontinue the traditional black/white colorway, and it will remain the ubiquitous heritage juggernaut in the market, albeit with a few bright additions to the family.

Whats your initial reaction to the news that these colorways will be released in the historic range?

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Adidas-Copa-Mundial 1979

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  1. Well the purple color way looks nice… but the rest are iffy if not down right ugly. Still, they will make very nice collectables

  2. At the Copa, Copacabana,
    The hottest spot north of Havana.

    Barry Manilow lyrics aside, I don't get the idea that Adidas have here. Copa (and heritage boot buyers) haven't been screaming from the roof tops "I love my Copas, but I'd prefer to buy a pair in retina piercing pink". Conversely everyone who loves tech heavily boots in all the colours of the rainbow haven't really been saying (outloud at least) "I'd really love to own a pair of Copas, but I refuse to buy a pair until they bring out a colour which matches my Holland kit."

    Seems like Adidas is handing the tried and true heritage boot lovers their redundancy papers, much like Puma did earlier this year.

    • Actually I have Copas and I really only wanted to change the color of the boot. I am super happy about this change.

    • You are clearly not the consumer who these are aimed at Richard…and I also fall into the same category. However, I see lots of young players in my league who wear these outrages colours and tend to stay away from classic looking black boots. This could be a stroke of genius by adidas because it could open up this classic to a whole new target group.

    • Also, it's not like the black boots are going away. These look like limited edition versions only.

  3. I love the white Copa's, I also love the idea that people who prefer classic's shouldn't be limited to just buying black and white.

  4. Because the last thing we need is colors that match a jersey! That being said- why aren't all kit black or white in color like boots are supposed to be? 😉

    All joking aside, who remembers the Profi Liga- now theres a good boot! In silver, gold and blue even!

  5. I cannot wait for these to come out! Especially the white.
    I'll buy 2 of the white pair, and one of each of the rest (if they come with the regular Copa price tag)

    I'm surprised Adidas is not making a yellow and green pair. Just to headline the Brazil theme.

  6. Will all of these be made in Germany with kangaroo leather?

  7. Something tells me adidas won't like you showing this picture…

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