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Nike Rate Their Own Boots – The Official Scorecard

This caught my eye earlier as I was browsing Nike’s website, and I’m not sure how it hasn’t been highlighted before. Nike has actually posted a scoring system of how they rate their own boots. It is an interesting move, but one I applaud as it gives players some insights into the thinking behind each range. We all know what categories each boot falls into, but when you can look at things on a visual scale, it makes it even more interesting.

As you would expect, they haven’t deviated too far away from the high side of the scoring spectrum, with all scores staying withing 2 points of the top. There are some super interesting results from reviewing the numbers, like for example they rate they rate the Mercurial and CTR360 joint top, with the Hypervenom next and the Tiempo at the base. If we could see exact sales numbers, I am sure that they would mimic this rating system.

The rating system covers the core performance characteristics, which Nike has broken into explosiveness, agility, stamina, passing/striking, dribbling and receiving.

Side note: You can find all these boots and make your own design via NIKEiD.

Check out the full guide below, and comment with any unusual findings or agreements you have with the scores.


Nike Score Card

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  1. I like this a lot…I have no idea how I haven’t noticed it considering I visit the Nike site all the time!

  2. if u average each out, the mercurial and ctr are best

  3. Is the Cleats by Position Section ever going to be updated, I personally found it very useful and am kinda missing it this year.

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