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Akuna Cinquestelle Colibri – Boot Review

Cinquestelle Colibri Review

Cinquestelle are a very special company who have been hand making footwear since 1911, with a very storied and impressive history and the fact that I have found hand made football boots to have always been the best available it is fair to say I was excited to see how the boots would perform.

When I ordered the Cinquestelle Colibri, I was asked for the exact measurement of each foot and I also informed my contact at Cinquestelle that I have a wide foot, so the boots were made to fit my feet, this is another reason my expectations were so high, but did they live up to my high expectations?

First Impression

I received the Cinquestelle Colibri in a Black/Yellow colorway and I like how they look, they definitely still have a heritage/old school look about them but with some flare. The fluorescent yellow detailing and moulded studs really offer a unique look that I really like.

The leather used is called Paul’s Calf Leather and I really wasn’t sure what to expect as these are more expensive than the kangaroo leather boots available on the site, I have worn and own many kangaroo leather boots and have always deemed it to be the best available, the Colibri has definitely opened my mind. The leather used is easily the softest most flexible leather I have ever come across, you really need to experience it to believe it.

Cinquestelle’s philosophy is to create football boots like a second skin or a sock to offer the beat possible feel and touch on the ball, each pair I received (three pairs) are all incredibly flexible, you can literally bend them in half.

Cinquestelle Colibri Soleplate Flexibility

Cinquestelle Colibri

Break in and comfort

The fit of the Cinquestelle Colibri is exceptional, they were made to fit like a sock and they certainly do. They have a nice snug fit and feel like a second skin.

The break in was pretty much non existent, I wore them straight into a two hour training session and encountered absolutely no problems. From straight out of the box the comfort is great and the longer you wear them they more comfortable they become. After wearing them for just a training session and a full game the boots mould to your exact foot shape, the leather softens even more and I can’t emphasize as to how soft the leather becomes, it truly is outstanding, it is so soft the lace marks (where wrapped around the boots) are permanently imprinted on the leather.

I recommend when ordering these to order a snug tight fit as the the leather will stretch, the whole boot is made from leather even the sole.

Touch and Striking

The Cinquestelle Colibri offers one of, if not the best touches on the ball that I have worn. As the leather is so soft and responsive you really get an unrivaled natural feeling on the ball. I’ve been impressed by some of the synthetic boots that I have tested recently but the Colibri has reminded me that high quality natural leather really is at the very top when it comes to touch.

Striking the ball is pretty unspectacular, but I found when making passes the Colibri really excelled. Intricate passes like a chipped ball over the opposing defence and through balls for the forward to run on to were going exactly where I wanted them to go, obviously the boots won’t make you a better player or improve your passing but these really do feel like a second skin with nothing between your feet and the ball allowing you to place the ball perfectly.

Cinquestelle 1911

Cinquestelle Insole

Cinquestelle Stud Configuration


These boots use a standard 12 stud firm ground stud pattern which is very basic and in my opinion does the job perfectly. I have used the Colibri on many ground types including artificial grass, dry grass and wet grass and the traction was good on all surfaces. Most of you will have no doubt used the same or very similar stud pattern before. The sole of the boot is extremely flexible and responsive which allows your feet to move naturally, even the sole on the inside of the boots is made from leather with the sole plate using a soft plastic.

Durability, Protection and Maintenance

The only concern I have with the Colibri is that with the leather being so soft and thin that it will not offer the best protection or durability. I have had my foot stood on a couple of times and it definitely hurt but the tongue is nice and thick with a generous amount of suede padding on the inside which helps in this area.

In regards to durability, Cinquestelle boots really are up there with the very best when it comes to making boots. The soleplate is entirely stitched to the upper, the leather although very soft has shown no signs of wear so far but it does stretch quite a bit so definitely buy these so they fit snug as they mould to your feet.

Maintenance is pretty easy considering these are leather boots as there is minimal stitching, and are a one piece of leather but with any natural leather boot especially delicate hand crafted ones you must ensure that you care for them, clean them and don’t allow mud to dry out the leather and you may have to occasionally apply leather food if the leather begins to feel dry (which hasn’t happened yet after many hours of use).

Cinquestelle Colibri Heel Design

Would I buy them?

Yes I would buy them In a heart beat, I’m fortunate enough to have many hand made boots and they really are the best kind available. Cinquestelle are undoubtedly one of the best football boot makers around, the attention to detail, the history, the company philosophy and the quality materials are to be admired. It’s a great feeling wearing a pair of boots that are unique, knowing that someone in a little workshop in Italy has taken so much time and pride in his work and handcrafted your boots.

I have worn many different brands, materials and technologies and I believe that the Cinquestelle Colibri is up there with the very best, they are unique in the way they have been made to feel like like a second skin and they truly are outstanding. The pictures do not do justice as to how soft the leather becomes. The most important aspects of a football boot are always comfort, touch and durability and the Colibri easily delivers on these aspects, also add in that the boots are handmade from scratch to fit your feet they truly are special.

For those interested in finding out more about Cinquestelle or ordering a pair of these boots, check out their website at:

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  1. Thank you so much. I have been looking into buying a pair of Pantofola d"Oro's, Ryals, or Cryuff Sports boots. These seem to be a slight step ahead of each of those boots. I will be purchasing a pair or two for college next year. These seem to be the real deal. Also, does your contact work for the brand or does he just have some contacts of his own?

    • My contact owns the brand, he is the grandson of Pasquale Lazzarini who started the company in 1911. If you require anything, contact them through the site, they are very welcoming and professional.

  2. Have to try these one's out. They look and sound awesome!

  3. Is the leather water proof? how do you order them?

  4. whats the price on these?

  5. i see that their website also offers synthetic sole plates too 🙂 looks like a great find.

    do you send in the paper your foot is drawn on too?

  6. Very interesting boots, thank you for the article!

  7. When you order the boots, it advises you on how to measure your feet, and advises you do both (as they may be differen sizes) but you don’t send them the paper. In regards to width, you have to inform them in the comments when ordering if you have a wide foot.

  8. If anyone is interested in how these are made, type “Inside Akuna Colibri” in to YouTube. I highly recommend watching.

  9. wonderful review! great work and really thx for ur time doing it up!! ive been waiting for this for weeks!

    hey I was js wondering if u r planning to do up the reviews for Piuma and the Historia since uve also bought those 2? thx !!

  10. Hi Justin, thank you for the feedback, Yes I will also be reviewing the Piuma and the Classica. I will be wearing the Classica tonight for the first time.

  11. Whats the weight?

  12. Haha considering buying these, even though ive allways been a light-boot man.. They look cool and classy. Is it poosible for you to upload some on-feet pictures?

    • Hi, if any of you want to see some more pictures of these and other boots, follow me on:

      Instagram – kevinwightman_sc101

      Twitter – kevinwightman86

  13. What stage better boots between akuna colibri and pantofola d'oro lazzarini? Your advice?

  14. Cinquestelle or nike tiempo legend 4? I don't know which boots to choose :(.

  15. Lol Kevin. You are a big fan of cinquestelle!!

    Apparently the best leather boots on the market :). For you.

    Maybe mizuno morelia made in jappan is a rival or ryal?

    • I have Ryal boots and Made in Japan Morelia’s and they are all outstanding boots! Couldn’t go wrong with any of them. They are all TOP of the range boots.

      • Thx Kevin for your answer and expérience. I need a new boot and i think to take the cinquestelle. I prefer the leather boots because they are more comportable. I have a pair of pantofola d’oro lazzarini and it´s a very good classic boot.
        The standard leather boot (f50, evospeed, tiempo, morelia neo ) is good but i think the handcrafted boot is a better choice. :).

        Ps: sorry, my english isn’t good :))

        • You honestly wont regret Cinquestelle mate, they are up there with the best! Ryal and Mizuno MIJ also great boots.

      • Thx Kevin for your answer and expérience. I need a new boot and i think to take the cinquestelle. I prefer the leather boots because they are more comfortable. I have a pair of pantofola d’oro lazzarini and it´s a very good classic boot.
        The standard leather boot (f50, evospeed, tiempo, morelia neo ) is good but i think the handcrafted boot is a better choice. :).

        Ps: sorry, my english isn’t good :))

  16. Hello friend, I live in Brazil and I am a big fan of the site, soccercleats101 and would like to know how do I buy a pair of football boots (Cinquestelle colibri) being here in Brazil. Or if I send you the money to buy and send for me in Brazil thank you, and sorry for my english.

    But it’s because I’m crazy to parade pair Cinquestelle colibri here in the fields of Brazil. hugs

  17. Do you live in the US? Do you know how to get these if you live in the US?

  18. I think Pantofola is starting to use cheaper leather to cut costs. I bought a pair of Dream turfs a few years ago and the leather was incredibly soft; I can still easily fold the shoe in half as shown in this article but then last year I bought a pair of Lazzarini’s and while they looked beautiful the quality of the leather didn’t come close.

    So, now, I’m looking at trying out a pair of Cinquestelle or Ryal boots. Ryal boots to me have a nicer look than the Cinquestelle but based on this article I really want to give these a try. But then I can just save a ton of money and buy Umbro Speciali IV’s which can be found for less than $80…Is it worth paying an extra $100 or so for handmade Italian boots?

    • Also one more question. Is the sizing on Cinquestelle similar to Ryal's? I normally wear size 41 but I measured my feet as per instructions on the cinquestelle website and apparently I'm 39.5 right foot and 40 left foot. If I were to buy Ryal's should I purchase 40 or my usual 41?

    • It depends what you are looking for, Ryal and Cinquestelle are both amazing and the Umbro Speciali iv are also a great pair of boots with very good leather quality.

      If you want to save some cash the Speciali won’t disappoint, if you want to be unique go for the hand made brands.

  19. I've contacted them and they said that they do not ship to the US. Is there any way i can contact you via email and we could possible work something out? How does the Piuma/Feather kangaroo leather feel relative to Colibri's PAUL calfskin? I just recently bought a pair of Pantafola D'oro Dream Astros that i believe have kangaroo leather and i'm not that impressed, the leather feels kinda firm to me even though i take very good care of it and try to rub boot oil on it after each use of indoor turf soccer.

    • They don’t ship to the US? That’s a shame, they may loose them a lot of business. Unfortunately I wouldn’t want to act as a middle man as I don’t want to be responsible if boots went missing etc.

      The Piuma is a little stiffer than the Colibri, but I have not worn them yet so it’s hard to tell how they will be, but Cinquestelle told me the Piuma will offer the most sensitive touch on the ball.

  20. Jonathan Gonçalves Freire

    Hello friend, could you enlighten me a question between the boot and Cinquestelle Pantofola d’oro, I noticed that the Hummingbird model is Lazzarini are equal, it is true or just an impression. They use the same leather paul calf. Not only hummingbird but other models are similar, thank you hug.

    • Hi, pantofola D’oro and Cinquestelle were once the same company, Pantofola were bought over and the Lazzarini family are actually the owners of Akuna Cinquestelle.

      There are differences, the Panto Lazzarini uses Kangaroo leather, the Colibri uses Paul’s Calfskin leather. I have also found Cinquestelle to be more durable.

  21. Jonathan Gonçalves Freire

    Hello friend okay? Mizuno Morelia Neo japan Cinquestelle colibri and which one is the best hug

  22. I bought these boots and I really liked them in just about every aspect except for the fact that they were giving me really bad blisters at the back of my feet, above my heels.

  23. Could you just tell approximately how much these shoes weight, I want to know if they are close to a lightweight shoe or more in the Copa Mundial class 🙂

  24. i just bought pair of Akun and they fit right exactly on my feet that no room for my toes to breathe! is it supposed to be like that?
    it s sort very tight. do you suggest to get 1/2 size bigger or they ll be stretch.

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