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Brandon Marshall Wears $3,601 Pair of Nike Hypervenom Phatals

Brandon Marshall in Hypervenom Phatal

Believe it or not, a pair of used Nike Hypervenom Phatals just sold for $3,601.

That’s right, three thousand, six hundred, and one United States dollars.  But not just any old pair of Phatals. This pair was worn in game by an American Football player! Brandon Marshall took to the field in last week’s Thursday Night Football game to show his support for Mental Illness, part of the Mental Illness Awareness week. He joined the soccer boot sporting ranks among the many kickers in the NFL who opt for soccer specific cleats. For those of you who don’t know, Marshall was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder a few years ago. Considering that Marshall usually wears basic Nike football boots this was a change for the Chicago Bears wide receiver.

The NFL has a strict uniform policy that can have a player can result in fines or even expulsion. The NFL agreed to allow Marshall to wear the Hypervenoms as long as he paid a fine – for a total of $10,500. But this was no news to Marshall, as he was prepared to meet their demands, and even match the fines with donations to charities supporting mental illness and breast cancer awareness.

Marshall took to twitter after the Thursday game with “The money the league will fine me is nothing compared to the awareness raised tonight,” and a picture of him sporting the Hypervenoms.

Brandon Marshall lime green nike hypervenom

It also interesting as this is not the first time Marshall was fined for colorful cleats. A year ago around this time, Marshall wore a pair of bright orange cleats in a Monday Night game. Perhaps he likes the attention of wearing flashy cleats in one of the more popular game days of NFL. Also, it is interesting to see that he chose to wear the Phatals, a take down version of Nike’s Hypervenom series. I wonder what kept him away from the Phantom (Top tier version). Brandon Marshall not only lit up the field in his cleats, he also lit up the scoreboard as he tallied two touchdowns and nine receptions in the Bears 27-21 win over the New York Giants.

Although you can’t buy the game worn pair as bidding has ended (see for more info), you can get a pair of the same lime green Hypervenom Phatals on for a slightly more affordable $99.99.

What do you think about Marshall’s Hypervenoms? Would you pay $3,601 for a pair of Phatals that a professional soccer player wore in a game?

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  1. Again, would love to see an article about NFL players wearing soccer cleats.

    • Hey Andy,

      I will be doing an article on top NFL kickers and what they wear soon. Look for it over the next few weeks!


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