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WARNING – This Is What Happens When You Irritate Cristiano Ronaldo!

CR7 in Supernova

By now you have probably heard or seen the response Sepp Blatter gave when asked who he thought was a better player; Messi or Ronaldo. His choice was clearly Lionel Messi and the President of World soccer hit a nerve with the “2nd best player in the world”. He also pointed out the fact that people are more likely to vote for a clean, likable player over a primadonna. In other words, while Messi is hanging around, Mr. Blatter will be pushing for him to be the Worlds best player over Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was obviously pretty ticked off about the comments, as per his comments on twitter.

Then there was last nights game between Real Madrid vs Sevilla. For the first 30 minutes, Gareth Bale was taking center stage……and then in stepped Ronaldo and I am sure Sevilla were really appreciative of Blatter’s comments at that moment. Ronaldo did exactly what he does best by banging in a solid hattrick, proving that he has the right to feel like the best player in the world on any given day. I’m sure he was pretty pleased with his performance, although knowing CR, he probably wanted to score another few. In hindsight, I actually think Blatter’s comments could help Ronaldo’s chances of winning this years Ballon d’Or. There are not many people that like Blatter, and it seems a lot of people like to go against him to cause controversy. If he would choose Messi or Ronaldo, does that not mean the majority will want to see Ronaldo voted best player?

Moral of the story; don’t tell CR you think he is the second best player in the world, unless you want him to put on a show and score some goals!

CR7 Galaxy Product Shot

On his feet, CR7 is wearing his new Nike Vapor IX Supernova boots that were released last week. To be honest, the overall appearance of the Supernova boot offers differing visual cues under lights. The mix of the blue hue on top of a dark base creates plenty of variance from different angles. In some images, they are pretty dark and hard to pull out, but in other images they really pop.

This version of the Nike Vapor IX features an all-over digital print of the Star Vela Supernova and includes a seven star path print, paying homage to Cristiano’s jersey number. The supernova print is juxtaposed with a popping chrome swoosh flecked with silver fleck and a Blue Glow outline.

Those interested in a pair can secure a pair via pre-order right now.

Ronaldo and Bale

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  1. *primadonna, not Pre-Madonna

  2. pre-Madonna = before 1983

  3. still second best

  4. Bryan,

    Quick question. If you could choose, which boots would you have CR7 wear? I'd love to see him wear the Hypervenoms, or in a crazy brand switch the Pred LZ.

  5. , and this is what he uses for protection even bale

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