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Black Friday Details Plus A Boot Giveaway!

Black Friday 2013 Deals

As always, we are in full swing prepping for the craziness that is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Over the past few years, we have brought you details on all the top sales and boot prices and this year we are again going to bringing some incredible deals.

The dates you need to mark on your calender are Friday November 29th and Monday December 2nd. Not only will we have all the top details posted, but we will also have some EXCLUSIVE FLASH SALES that you won’t find anywhere else. There are 2 different ways to follow along live and make the most of some killer deals:

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Twitter is where we will be posting most of the flash deals, with a smaller number of followers getting an increased opportunity to snag a steal. And for everything else, make sure you are following us on Facebook and checking the website for everything else.

Speaking of Facebook, we just reached the 70k follower mark and it is the perfect opportunity for us to giveaway the pictured Puma evoSPEED 1.2 below along with an exclusive signed picture of Sergio Aguero. This came to us from Puma a few months ago and you won’t find a giveaway like this anywhere else! Of course, the Giveaway is only open to our Facebook fans, so that is where you will find the details for entering the giveaway!

We appreciate all your support and there would be no website without you – so THANK YOU for choosing us as a resource for your soccer boot and cleat information.

Sergio Aguero Puma evoSPEED 1.2 Giveaway

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. The best deal I have gotten on a pair of boots was the one time I won a pair of CR7s from soccercleats101. Can't beat free!

  2. The absolute best deal i had was a gift from a friend of nike mercurial superfly. why was it the best? because it was free! 🙂

  3. A few months ago I found this amazing deal at where you could buy one pair of boots and get another pair for $1. I got 2 nice pairs of boots for around $80.

  4. Best deal ever? PUMA V1.10 SL for $50. One of the lightest football boots in history at the time (and I'd reckon even now). A favorite of Bryan's, and with good reason.

  5. I got my reliable pair of CTR Maestri II's for $85 online. It was the last one available in my size and they reduced the price!

  6. best deal iv ever found was when I was just browsing ebay, a pair of Legend IV FG for less than $50 shipped. Checking out ebay whenever I need new boots!

  7. Mizuno Morelia Neo from a Mizuno store in Korea – they were on clearance and I paid $55 for a brand new pair!

  8. The best deal I got was on a pair of hypervenoms. I walked into the store, which was just opening, and they had a 10% discount on merchandise over 100 dollars and on top of that if you signed up for their gold club membership you recieved 20% off all merchandise and since they were just opening the store to sign up it was 5 dollars so I got the shoes for a total of 150.

  9. The best deal I ever received was a pair of Predator Manias. I picked them up at a local soccer shop for only $50. That was the good old days when they still had a plastic SG stud option!

  10. The best deal i had was a pair of mercurial match r9 fg, copper , for just 40 dlls, i bought a couple of years ago, its important to mention the date i bought as this color was released in 2001 i guess.

  11. This is actually m first time entering a giveaway contest!

  12. I got two pairs of F50 AdiZero TRX for free from a friend that didn't want his cleats anymore.

  13. I got an awesome deal on some Nike Miracles from WeGotSoccer! They're definitely the best and by becoming a member you can save a lot more from them as well!

  14. Best deal for me was my first Adidas Adipure pro Sl back in 2011. It was my first soccer cleat in U.S. How I got it? There is a Adidas Outlet near my place, and I couldn't find anything that I wanted. But I saw the mark "Adipure pro SL" mark with $29.99. most of the markets were still selling over $200+. I grabbed and left the store soon as I paid 🙂

  15. The best deal I have gottennbon a pair of boots was getting the Adipower Predators for $65 from an Adidas outlet store that didn't know what they had. And I got them only a month after they were released

  16. The best deal I had was some lotto fuerzperas that were close to $250 and we found some online for $80

  17. Just got some indoor turf shoes for the new season! With a pre-Black Friday deal, they were almost too good to pass. Bundle in free shipping, winner!

  18. So I was in this addias outlook and found out the predator trx lz 2 was selling for 99.99. There was also a deal for half off after two pairs purchase. So i guess I got those predators for free.

  19. The best deal I've ever had was once at a clearance event I got a pair of Adidas f50 mi coach leather cleats for $10 US. Best deal I've ever gotten!

  20. Best Deal huh? Of course its gotta be when i won a free pair of boots (Nike Tiempo) on twitter.. Best feeling ever!!!

  21. I bought t90 laser iv clash color way for 50 shipped off ebay

  22. Best deal i got was on the Adidas Adi-zero F50 Primes sg. the cost of them were 300$ but i got them for 74 from a man when i helped out doing chores around his house. after i finished everything he asked me how much money do i want . i said that i needed money for soccer cleats but i didnt have enough for the ones that i wanted. so he agreed to pay the 225$ and i payed the 75$ for reimbursement .

  23. The best deal that I had on boots was that the manager of " Dicks" was my cozen so he gave me a new pair of sambas cleats for free because i needed some for my soccer season

  24. I got a pair of Mercurial vapor clash edition for 50 bucks at Dicks on the sales rack!!

  25. The best deal I ever got was having my nike ctr360 maestris (the first in the series) fall apart because Nike then gave me $200 to spend on anything Nike. I then proceeded to buy a pair of tiempos, mercurials, and a pair of ctr360s from the Nike employee store(everything 50% off there). So it was kinda like two deals in one

  26. the best deal i have gotten on a pair of boots was when i bought a pair of nike mercurial vapor 9 for less than 70 bucks

  27. Puma Evospeed 1 for $29.99 at Ross.

  28. The best deals(because it was two pairs) I got was when I bought a pair of umbro stealth pros for $70(down from 130) and a pair of umbro speciali pro r(the red and white you reviewed) for $70(down from 130). Both are three years old and still are in great condition, thanks!

  29. Best deal I got was a pair of nike superfly 3 from ross for 20 dollars

  30. Best deal that I have gotten was going to goodwill and buying a pair of real ctr's for only 20 bucks!

  31. Once i brought mercurials from dickssportinggoods the cashier ringed it for $9.00 best deal ever gotten, idk how that happened tho.

  32. Best deal: brother found some older T90 supremacy's for $15 at Ross. They had no idea how they should have been priced.

  33. Sometimes that best deal is not about the money afterall. Nothing beats having a pair of wonderful gear over your feet. Few years back and I got myself a pair of Mercurial Superfly.
    Man! Just how awesome was that! And really, I can't even wait to try out the evospeed, can't wait.

  34. The best deal was meeting the owner of a local soccer shop two weeks after my ACL reconstruction surgery at a US Men's National Team game in LA. We talked and he promised me a free pair of Superfly Mercurials as soon as I was healthy. A few months after I was cleared to play I got FREE $400 Superflys and I scored some sick goals with them.

  35. The best deal I got was a pair of lotto estadios for $35 from soccer cleats 101. Read the reviews and I still use this to this day!!! Great shoe THANKS BRYAN!!!

  36. Best deal for me was a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapors from a relative!

  37. Best deal I ever found was in a Zambian market called Chumpala in the Copperbelt city of Chingola, where at the back of a load of shabby stalls next a group of Zambian men playing card games and shouting random words in Bemba at us was a football stall where they happened to have a pair of adidas predator lz's amazingly (I know this sounds like utter rubbish) which they assumed were cheap knock offs, I checked them out and they were the real deal and so I bought them for 50 kwacha which is equivalent to £6.25 in English Pounds… True Story, photos of my trip to Zambia on Facebook!

  38. The best deal i ever got besides cleats from friends was a pair of AdiPower Preds for $25 in a clearance tub

  39. Best deal I've found was at a discount clothes store. A pair of brand new Adidas f50 Adizero Micoach for $30!! I was pretty happy about it to say the least.

  40. The best deal I have ever gotten is when my mother bought me my very first pair of cleats. Why was it special?? Because it was the first pair that i had my season shutout in goal.

  41. Beginning of my Senior year I was looking for a new pair of cleats to replace my torn Chameleon F50's (which I loved). I couldn't quite find a pair that tickled my toes until I saw the AdiPure's black and lime color way. It was on sale, so I had to jump on it! $87.94 got me the best pair of cleats I could ask for.

  42. I got a pair of Asics Lethal Flash for $30 from Dick's. I have no idea why they were priced so low, but the boots are great.

  43. The best deal i got was a pair of original Pumas evoSPEED 1 for $30

  44. I got my Puma King SL's for only $137. Original price was $220. I got the little bag that came with it and everything. I got it from who had no idea what they were selling. I couldn't believe it. Best birthday ever.

  45. I got a hell of a deal on EBay once, got a brand new pair of Puma v1.10s before the v1.11s even came out for $60! But that's if you don't count the v1.10s I won from SC101 on cleatology!

  46. My best deal was when I bought a pair of SG adipower predators for $50 at a local small shop and I could believe the deal I got from the sale. These are one of the highest rated boots on soccer cleats 101.

  47. The best deal I got was when I found nike ctr360 for $25!

  48. Miguel Angel Lopez

    The best deal I have gotten on a pair of football boots are a pair of Cristiano Ronaldo Mercurial Vapor 9 in Mexico at a Nike Store, they were on a very low price and it was the right time to buy them!

  49. The best deal I ever got on cleats was my last pair of Nike Tiempo Legend IVs in the sunburst colorway brand new the day they released for only $96. Still good to this day and I love to wear them.

  50. Best deal I ever got was from I have no idea why but I got Total 90 laser IV for $60 and Nike Confidence gk gloves for $47 a pair (retail is $150) Bought several pairs!

  51. Got a pair of predator lz's and adipure11's for only 95 dollars total this past summer! They had a buy one get one half off at the adidas outlet store in Orlando. Best deal I'll probably ever get since they were worth around $380 combined. Been eyeing these pumas for a while now though…would love to get my hands on some!

  52. All the best deals I've found have been through Bryan's site. The last best deal was a pair of F50's for about. 45% off!

  53. I bought a pair of brand new nike mercurial vapors for $60. They've been fantastic boots, I've had them for a couple years now and could really use a new pair 🙂

  54. The best deal I have ever gotten? Winning a contest to win some Limited Edition CR7 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX's. Free is always the best price!

  55. I would love to give these as a gift to my brother for Christmas! They are wicked!

  56. Best deal I ever got was a pair of Tiempo Legend IVs that were marked as the model down. And they were an old cutaway so were 20% off that price. Otherwise, I never get lucky.

  57. The best deal I ever go was $90 on puma v1.1 regularly priced at $220. I loved them!

  58. About 5 months ago I hot an awesome deal on Nike Mercurial's in Dicks Sporting Goods for only 5 bucks!!!

  59. I can not forget the best soccer deal I ever got. It was through your site ( The Umbro Geometra II Pro. The regular price was right about $179 and you guys posted a note on here advertising that they were on sale at for just $54. I could not believe it. The shoe itself was 100% kangaroo leather, pretty light weighted and nice looking. I bought 2 pairs and was extremely thankful that a loyal fan like myself could get such a bargain. I was so pleased about the purchase I personally emailed Bryan thanking him for the great find. Since that day, and the fact Bryan took the time to answer me, I have been referring this site to every soccer fan I personally know.

  60. The best deal I got was the adidas 11 pro I got from for 60 dollars!

  61. The best deal I have ever gotten was when I was browsing ebay, and found a pair of new Nike Tiempo Legend IVs for 80 dollars. That's why i always go to ebay when I'm looking to find some cheap boots now!

  62. Last year I found a pair of real AdiPure IV SGs on Ebay for $50. They turned into one of my favorite boots of all time, at less than half the price of all the others!

  63. The best deal I've ever gotten on a pair of soccer cleats was when I got a pair of Lazzarini Pantofola d'Oro's for free when I took a trip to Italia. I didn't have enough Euros and they wouldn't accept dollars so they just gave them to me!!!!

  64. The absolute best deal is when my friends gave me the Nike mercurial vapor 8 for free

  65. The best deal I've ever gotten is definitely my buy of the Mercurial Vapor Hi-Vis from I got them for $145!!!!! Idk how or why but I did!!

  66. The best deals i've got have always been at wegotsoccer.
    Vapor VIII for $110, great deal!!!

  67. I got a pair of mercurial miracles for $80 from which I noticed just browsing through their selection.

  68. I got a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend iii sg from for only $35 just this past February!

  69. I bought a pair of Adidas Predator Accelerator boots a year after the '98 World Cup. I got them for half price. I'm proud to say that I still have them! 🙂

  70. Best deal : diadora mericana for 45 from local shop!

  71. The best deal I probably got on some boots was when my brother and me were at a tournament, and I guess the guy didn’t know what he was selling and we paid $120 for AdiPure 11s and a pair af F50s. Possibly the best deal ever!

  72. The best deal I have ever gotten was when I got a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor 8's when they first came out and the store that was selling them didn't know what they were worth so they were only 105 and I even got him down all the way to 95:)

  73. Best deal I ever got on a pair of boots was when I got a pair of Adipure 11 pro for $60 on Ebay (shipping included). IMO they are an underrated boot. I love the stud configuration as long as I'm playing on grass.

  74. The best deal I ever got on a pair of boots was when I got Adidas Predator LZ (black/lime) for only $32 including taxes! I was able to buy this ay Woodbury Commons Outlet, NY. They were doing 50% off on Red tag sale. Not only I bought Predator Lz, I was able to buy Adizero 4 leather (silver) for $32 dollars! I still have the receipt with me because it was so cheap!

  75. The best deal that I have gotten in my whole life is when i won a free pair of Nike Libretto II in the contest of Masters, yes in a golf contest, but it was done by Bryan Bryne. So far the best pair of cleats i have use in my whole life.

  76. The best deal on a pair of Pele Sports trinity 3e, in a giveaway done by Pele Sports. All i had to do was guess the result of a game in the Euro.

  77. One of the deal I got was last Black Friday, I bought a pair of CTR360 with $50. The deal is not too big but I absolutely love these boots. First time I bought CTR360 but it will be my favorite type of boots from now on

  78. When I was in Hong Kong, they had Maestri III's on big sale, trying to sell off their last stock. I got a pair for about $110

  79. The best deal I've gotten was when I was at ROSS, I picked up a pair of Adidas F50 miCoach 2s for $30

  80. I found a pair of Umbro Speciali Xs at half-price for 100$. Such a great boot, I loved the A frame especially.

  81. I once got a Nike mercurial vapor superfly II and a hypervenoms for just 100 dollars from a local shop ! 😀

  82. the best way to get some more discount code in any website. i got a cheaper one from like PUMA V1.10 SL for $50. lucky me to know soccercleats101

  83. My best deal? A pair of Nike Vapor V's for $50! That was a couple years ago and it was pretty awesome.

  84. Best deal I ever had was getting a free pair of boots from a local soccer store because I had been supporting them for so many years.

  85. $70 for a pair of ctr360 maestri ii

  86. I was looking for a pair of boots for the new season. Found an Umbro Speciali 3 Pro in the St. George Collection colourway on discount for less than £25. The only size left was, thank God, my size. Not only is the Speciali 3 Pro one of the most comfortable boots I've worn, but also looked great in the colourway.

  87. Needed a new pair of cleats to coach practice for my U10 team without putting wear on my game cleats. Found a smoking deal on some f30's from for $40 shipped. Kids dug the super bright orange too!

  88. the best deal i got for a pair of boots is a free shipping and 50% coupon discount…

  89. The best deal that i have is getting a new pair of predator lz DB version for 80$ on ebay. Best deal ever ^.^

  90. Purple Diablo's!!! Excellent!!

  91. I got a pair of puma powercat 2.12 for 30 bucks off eBay. Those cleats are severely under rated.

  92. I got my oldest son a pair of the orange & silver Nike Miracles back in 2009 and loved them. Nike introduced that color combination for the 2010 World Cup. Around Thanksgiving of 2011 advertised the orange & silver Vapor VI, that was introduced in 2009, for only $48. We bought them right away and he wore them all the way through the 2012/2013 season. A great deal!

  93. I never had a chance to get a amazing deal… I buy cleats at the online shop using coupon.

  94. Best Deal Ever:
    My favorite Nike Mercurial Vapor V in Orion Blue at "Dick's."
    They were the only pair on the sale rack and were mismarked down to $40 and I had a 20% off coupon and a gift card! Even better was when you looked at both the white and blue Vapor Vs on the wall the were both price at about $160!! Mistake for them but super cheap Vapors for me!

  95. The best deal that I have ever gotten on a pair of soccer cleats is the time I went to the Adidas Outlet Store at Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach. They were selling a pair of the original (black and green) Adidas Adipure for $60 when they are normally $160

  96. I got the black Nike Tiempos a couple years ago for 30% off and they were great!

  97. On my f50 they cost $220 but at they were only $35

  98. The best deal I got on cleats was a pair of Predator Adipowers for $25 and Umbro GT2 Pro for $20

  99. I have a decent one here. So it is pretty hard to beat free, but most of the time people get one pair of boots for free. Well here we go. I got two pairs of synthetic F50's and an adidas Jabulani ball (the one used in the MLS Cup Final) all for the just plain stupid price of $50.00. Then I turned around and got a pair of adiPower SLs for $10.00 and then sold them on ebay for a profit of $70.00.

  100. Best deal I got was a while ago when the site was starting I got a pair of indoor lunar gatos for a deal. And all the info also really helped me narrow down the right indoor shoe for me. I still wear em and I still score goals with em 😉

  101. Best deal I ever got was from an Adidas tent sale. Got a pair of f50s for 40 bucks!

  102. juan carlos mendoza

    got the adidas predator lz trx fg with white and red on amazon for $ deal in my life!!!

  103. The best deal I have ever gotten had to be the buy one pair get the other for a dollar. Since the other boots were expensive, I had a girl on my college's field hockey team buy a pair of cleats for the season, so I got the Nike Mercurial Vapor VI black/orange SG for $1

  104. The best deal I've gotten was my most recent purchase of the Nike Tiempo Legend IV ACC-Stealth Edition for $130. Obviously not huge savings, but it was the best I could get and I love the boots!

  105. I would love these! totally sick boots!

  106. I bought a pair of Lotto Futura 100’s on for 27 dollars!!! Best deal I ever got.

  107. Not a while back, I got a pair of T90 Laser 4s in the volt/black/citron colourway from an online retailer based in the UK for $25 USD and free customization. Plus shipping was only $10!
    Thanks for running this giveaway Bryan, hail hail!

  108. best deal I ever got on a pair of football boots was a pair of Ronaldinho 10R Tiempo boots in a Dick's Sporting Goods in Virginia — just my size, for $30!! They had no idea what they had marked down!

  109. F50 Adizero Primes for $85 instead of the RRP $335

  110. The best deal I ever got on boots was at an event called Trash To Treasure at Penn State University where I found a pair of Predators in great used condition for 7 bucks. Certainly felt like I was stealing them!

  111. The best deal I have got so far is the deal when i bought one pair of f50 adizero before the football season kick off …, in septembre 2013…The adidas store sold one pair of f50 with 50 sale off..!!Awesome..!

  112. best deal i ever got was a free pair of Joma top flex indoors from with goal club points!!

  113. Best deal I've ever gotten is some Red Puma v1.08 from soccerdotcom. It was actually the day after christmas in 2009. The shoes were posted as's "deal of the day" so i snatched two pairs for $53.99/ pair. Realize these retailed for around $180 each. It was indeed, a very merry christmas that year.

  114. Best deal I ever received was when I found the Tiempo Legend IV's Light Bone on eBay for 90 dollars, and when I received them, I was told they were size 8.5, only to find out they were size 9! But hysterically, the 9 fit me just right, so I got scammed in a good way!

  115. I found an Ebay seller selling some authentic Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II’s for only $150 soon before the release of the Superfly III. Same quality of material and they were a great pair!

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