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Nike Premier “World Cup Collection” Hits Market

Nike Premier Colors

Check out the new paint job that the Nike Premier range has been treated to. As part of their World Cup 2014 build-up, Nike has added colors to recognize three of the countries that will be wearing their jerseys in Brazil Rather than releasing boots for every nation, they have picked the three nations who have achieved glory on soccer’s greatest stage.

On release, fans applauded the new heritage release for its classic, very simple design. This new set of colorways offers a slightly more in-your-face appearance and they will appeal to a different type of player. You still get a classic boot with K-Leather upper and high comfort, but the colors are bold, brash and give Nike a head-start on the impending Copa Mundial colorways we are set to see in early 2014. In fact, you have to wonder how long they had been planning these colors. Smart move maybe?

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From concept, Nike worked with the idea of creating a high performing, timeless classic that would be would be available to consumers for less than $100. It is not directly implied, but the boot is intended to be a direct competitor to the Adidas Copa Mundial, with the more modern nature of the Premier giving it a fresh edge.

Nike Premier England

In case you were wondering, England gets the Red, Brazil gets the Yellow and France the Blue primary upper color. The entire upper features one color, as do the tips of the studs. The only part of the boot that is differentiated is the White soleplate. I never thought I’d see the day where I got to talk about a “Red-out”, Yellow-out” and “Blue-out”, but that is exactly what these are – a boot that has been covered in a single layer of paint.

Each version is going to be available on a limited basis, so fans interested in a particular pair will need to act fast if they want to secure a pair for $150.

Check out the 3 colorways right now on Soccer.com.

Nike Premier Brazil and France

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  1. I have to say that the yellow looks smart. Also if Nike was smart, I would release an alternate colorway For the Premier. I was mad when the White Copa was a limited edition. I would much rather have a color option for the Premier and Copa.

  2. I wonder if this is a good move. The Copa has years of history, so a different colored Copa Mundial is a big deal. The Premier has not been around long enough for different colors to seem all that novel or special. The colorways themselves look pretty nice, but considering the price ($150), there are quite a few modern k-leather colorways available there. They will certainly appeal to some boot collectors, but I'm wondering if they will do as well as the multicolored Copas.

  3. As an amateur collector, these new colorways do nothing for me. I love me some heritage boots, but this just doesn't fit the bill. Glad it's still a K-leather upper, but its just too much color.

  4. I love my nike premiers. At first glance these new color ways looked terrible but I could see myself rocking the yellow ones. Yellow boots are fresh

  5. ProDirect and WorldSoccerShop have said they are only making 1000 pairs of each color, and 300 of each color will be available for sale in the US. can anyone verify this? Ive already pre-ordered all 3 colors off Soccer.com because I absolutely love the premier, but just curious!

  6. All Nike have done is made a heritage boot in differrent colors comparing the product to what lotto did with the stadio primatos.

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