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Introducing the Nike Tiempo Legend V

Nike Tiempo Legend V

With 2 and a half years of extensive research behind it, Nike has finally revealed it latest boot masterpiece – the Tiempo Legend V. For weeks, people have been asking when the new silo would finally be unleashed, and having seen the release colorway used in games across Europe this past weekend, we knew the time was near.

Players such as Carlos Tevez, Gerard Pique, and Ronaldinho were heavily involved in the creation of the new boot, which takes a lot of inspiration from the totally classic Tiempo 94.

Find the latest Tiempo Legend colorways at

With the design of the Tiempo Legend V, Nike has focused on providing players with the lightest touch. One of the fundamental issues with a leather upper is how it absorbs water and increases the overall weight of the boot. By using an innovative materials across an enhanced glove-like fit through the forefoot, the Tiempo Legend V brings the upper closer to the foot and resolves the problem. This comes to fruition thanks to the development of a new upper package comprised of two trimmed down layers. The Tiempo Legend V mimics the touch and lightweight feel of a synthetic and is built on the same anatomical last as the revolutionary Nike Hypervenom to bring the foot closer to the ball.

Nike Tiempo 5_original

Nike Tiempo Legend V Image

Again, Nike use all Conditions Control (ACC), but this time it is used across a K-leather upper. I’m sure this one will cause some shock with fans, Nike has reverted to using some K-leather in the upper. We have seen a dramatic shift with recent releases away from the highly desirable material, so a lot were expecting the Tiempo series to take a diversion also. Another new addition is Hypershield technology, which blocks moisture for a snug fit that lasts and allows for a constant touch regardless of weather. This second layer of hydrophobic mesh ensures that the boot dries quickly and absorbs less water than previous leather boots. Again, everything here is geared toward ensuring the boot performs in different weather conditions. I am seeing a trend with how Nike is advertising this one!

Further innovation comes in the Tiempo Legend V’s engineered soleplate, which Nike state will move with your foot for stability, traction and comfort. Heel and forefoot studs have been widened to help provide this increased stability. Conical studs are used at the forefoot and tip, designed to promote quickness in directional rotation. Taking inspiration from Nike Free technology, the outsole plate flexes from the midfoot to offer increased movement and comfort for the duration of a match.

Nike Tiempo 5 Tongue

Tiempo V Detailing

Tiempo V Studs

On the lateral side, the boot retains a classic aesthetic augmented by a stitched upper, while the medial provides a pop of color.

Fitting with Tiempo tradition, the Tiempo Legend V is a product of pinnacle craftsmanship employing modern technologies without sacrificing the classic look.

No doubt we are going to hear a lot more about these boots in the coming days and into this weekends games. We are awaiting confirmation of their retail availability and the price point that they will come in at, but as soon as we get news it will be updated here.

*UPDATE – $200 is the official retail price-point, find them at!

For now, check out the pretty cool video below that will give you a more detailed look at the boot, and make sure to let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the new edition.

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  1. The lightest touch? Have they announced their weight?

    They remind me of the Ronaldinho Dois, which are an amazing boot. Im curious to see how they perform

  2. A bit confused by these sentences – "but this time it is used across a K-leather upper. I’m sure this one will cause some shock with fans, Nike has reverted to using some K-leather in the upper."

    Didn't the Legend IVs have k-leather in the front half and eventually get ACC?

    • Correct – it was more directed at the fact every release in between has featured an upper rather than k-leather. And I think there was large consensus that Nike had moved completely away from it.

  3. Bryan,

    Can we tell if there is the addition of any tech on the inside of the foot? Is that swoosh in some way more tactile, or padded? The CTR360 had the raised rubber portions on the instep (i think that's what its called), but this one appears to be lacking that.

    Besides the return to the K-leather upper, what else has Nike brought to the table?

  4. Did the price go up? I thought the previous versions were cheaper?

    • They were. The last one was priced at $175 MSRP. It seems that we're beginning to see a bit of a price hike across the board on boots.

      It's also worth remembering that you almost never pay MSRP. Most stores immediately knock $15 off the price (for example, the high vis tiempo is $160 at without being on sale). Right now the Tiempo are being sold for $200, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the price drop by $10 or so fairly soon and have $180 to $190 be the eventual price point for the boot.

  5. are these better than the nitrocharge ? and are they more comfortable and better fitting?

  6. My friend and i have been tracking the release of this boot for about 2 months.. As soon as they went up i ordered my pair. The tiempo was one of my first boots and stuck with them through my highschool/college career. I am very anxious to get these and see how the line has kept up with the times.

  7. One thing I find a little bit surprising is that these shoes use way less of the Kanga-Lite material that we saw on the Tiempo IV. Instead Nike have gone for more Kangaroo Leather. I know this might sound a little out there, but I think Nike has a reason for this, and I could be wrong. Ronaldinho has been a big part in the development of the boot. Thus the why this boot looks a lot like the Tiempo Ronaldinho Dois. Lets not forget the fact that Ronaldinho is looking to have a likely spot in the Brazil team, and the World Cup is in Brazil. I know this is a bit out there but I think it makes sense. To be honest why else would nike bring back Ronaldinho after they haven't used him for so long? Kind of interesting.

  8. Should I go for Tiempo IV (big discounts right now) or the Tiempo V is THAT much better to pay 70-70 bucks more? Im looking for a cheap White K-Leather Boot, and the tiempo fills the bill.

  9. It looks like Nike have also changed up the midtier silo. The new one is called the Legacy. Looks like Nike are trying to make all the pricepoints in the same silo start with the same letter (Mercurial Vapor, Veloce, Victory & Hypervenom Phantom, Phatal, Phelon). Imagine when there is a new CTR360, the Trequarista and Liberetto will be replaced with other names as well.

  10. Maestri IIIs or these..? Anyone have any thoughs and or experiences???

  11. Anyone know if they plan on coming out with these in the 'flight' version?

  12. Just bought these today for my daughter. She was getting some problems with the IV as they were a bit narrow. These seem wider. Can you confirm that?

  13. What is the difference between the tiempo legend v and the tiempo legacy?

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