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Puma evoPOWER 1 Released – What You Need to Know!

Introducing the Pume evoPOWER

Puma has released their most advanced Power boot to date in the form of the evoPOWER 1. There is total emphasis on the word Power with this release (as you can see by the name) as Puma look to take advantage of other brands transition from the category. In recent times, power boots have been replaced by speed in effort to become more sexy but quite obviously, that is something Puma does not agree with.

This is a boot that moves away from the norm by modelling itself off of the natural movements of the foot. Although you would imagine every company does this, research by Puma has concluded that there was a need for more flexibility in the soleplate and the ability to bend both ways.

evoPOWER Accu-Foam evoPOWER GSF

Technology and Performance

That is why they developed the Gradual Stability Frame (GSF); an innovative spine in the sole plate that allows the boot to bend both ways, enabling the boot’s movement to be as close as possible to the biomechanics of the bare foot and replicate its natural power. It has a very vivid spine appearance almost like ribs across the underside of the soleplate.

Next up is the upper and the padded power region. Puma has come with a synthetic material called AdapLite, a premium one-way stretchable microfiber, across the upper. This is then combined with a new power technology to create a power zone. Underneath the raised regions, AccuFoam is used. Upon impact with the ball, it creates a smooth and flat kicking surface with some added rebound. This coupled with the GSF is where you are getting a dual power element with the boot.

Although Puma don’t really push the lightweight element of this boot, it does weigh in at 7.2oz, which is an impressive weight point for a power boot.

Taking inspiration for a football boot from an actual foot sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but in all the time I’ve spent in football, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this being done. When you try on these new boots, they are actually quite different to what we have worn before. They are so much more flexible; the way they bend with the natural shape of your foot really helps you to shoot harder. – Cesc Fabregas

evPOWER in Action

evoPOWER Team

As Worn By…

The line-up of players set to wear this new release is very impressive and gives us an indication of the market that Puma are going to target with this one. Cesc Fàbregas and Marco Reus were part of the testing process for the boot, providing important feedback. Yaya Toure will also wear the new boots along with their newest signing, Mario Balotelli. We also get a sneak peak of Thierry Henry with the boots in the video above, so can fully expect to see him wearing them through the upcoming MLS preseason.


Those interested in picking up a pair, February 1st is the set release date, but you can already preorder them on right now for $199.99.

What is your initial reaction to the evoPOWER and has Puma taken the right approach with them? 

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  1. Great weight for a power boot. And while Cesc has never heard of a company designing boots after natural foot movement, kudos to Puma for imitating what mizuno has done for years. My guess is this will be one of the best power boots on the market.

  2. I think I will be getting these. I am usually not a fan of synthetics but these are so intriguing.

  3. To enable the foot to bend both ways? If that was the case then why is the spine situated underneath the arch and the heel where there is absolutely zero flexion….marketing BS.

  4. Anybody know what are non-football shoes that Henry is wearing in the picture?

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