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Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 – US Edition Profiled

Blue Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3

By now, you are probably fully aware that Mizuno boots are readily available to buy in the US. Part of the selection of boots available is the Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3, a classy power boot that features technology not found anywhere else on the market. We have a pair in the US exclusive Directoire Blue colorway and wanted to give you an up-close look at what they have to offer.

When it comes to appearance, this is a very clean and crisp look. Given the fact there is a lot of visually significant technology zones, you would expect Mizuno to differentiate each with its own color. And that is the case again with this version. The Mukaiten, in particular, stands out with a blast of yellow color covering it.

Blue Wave Ignitus (1)

Blue Wave Ignitus (2)

Blue Wave Ignitus (3)

Tatekaiten, Yokokaiten and Mukaiten

Rather than just having the extremely reknowned Mukaiten panel, Mizuno has upped the power of the strike zone by adding 2 new regions. The Tatekaiten and the Yokokaiten each provide a different type of shooting characteristic to the boot. My description of each region won’t do it justice, so instead here is how Mizuno has described each areas role:

The top of the foot was then layered with a fin shaped technical panel called Tatekaiten (Japanese for top spin). When the strategically placed fins make contact and rub against the ball during the kicking motion, they force the ball to rotate with 17% increased ball revolutions. The improved (longitudinal) ball revolutions deliver more pace to the ball and when struck with Honda’s unique forward kicking technique the ball rises then dips at a forceful pace. A great tool for deadball situations like free kicks, when the player wants to get the ball up and over the wall at enough speed to beat the keeper.

Further along the vamp area, the technical panel also features another new update, in the form of a more flexible Yokokaiten (Japanese for side spin) panel on the instep which creates extra (latitudinal) ball revolutions for improved side-spin and accuracy when wanting to curl the ball.

Also following on from the Ignitus series, the Mukaiten Panel (Japanese for non-spin) is still ever present in this third edition. As the original technical USP the application of non-spin movement, reduces the rotation of the ball making ‘deadball situations’ even more lethal. As the ball flies towards the net it dips and swerves making it difficult for keepers to judge its path.

Blue Wave Ignitus (6)

Blue Wave Ignitus (8)

Power and Shot Quality

There is no doubting the intentions of the Wave Ignitus series, they are all about enhancing player ability when striking shots or playing long balls. The total technology package that sits across the strikezone is about as advanced as you can get. In game, it really does create a fantastic strike and when you connect in the right way, the ball fizzes off the forefoot. Each zone matches the type of strike you use the zone for. Up higher, the Takaiten allows you to really bend the ball by offering a uniform connection. The Yokokaiten is softer and ends up cupping the ball, offering more control as you strike shots.

Review and Availability

Important to note that this is not a review – for that you should head over to the Wave Ignitus 3 Review that we posted a few months back. And for those that are interested in picking up a pair or wanting to see more of the boot, head over to the Mizuno USA Soccer website.

Blue Wave Ignitus (4)

Blue Wave Ignitus (5)

Blue Wave Ignitus (7)

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  1. My question is for Bryan and what he see the difference between the Ignitus and morelia and his preference for a 1. wing back and 2. DMid? Thanks

    • Ignitus is a oower boot, Morelia is a lightweight heritage. Outside players better suited to the Morelia, good touch and more useful for taking on players down the line.

      • Even with the weight etc of the Ignitus…wouldn't it be a better long ball boot? What other than 4-5 ounces precludes it from a wing boot?

        Also, totally different subject. I would love an article on the boot maintenance (unless I missed it). On what you Or your staff treat your boots with, types of cleaning solutions, and prep work for leather boots, etc. I have found boots I love that just won't play in even slightly wet conditions. Also many of my leather boots begin to disintegrate in winter. Things like that. Has anyone waterproofed before?

  2. could you tell me if this boots is it ok for artificial ground?

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