Wednesday , June 7 2023

First Take on the “Solar Slime” Adidas Copa Mundial Samba

There has been plenty of talk about the Samba Collection of colorways that Adidas released in the Copa Mundial series. Since 1979, the Copa Mundial has remained relatively unchanged, so you can see why such a vivid modification could cause quite a stir.

Is it a wise move? It is difficult to say. Adidas is looking to take advantage of the World Cup in Brazil and using bright colors is the appropriate step to take in order to capture the passion and flair of the Brazilian people. And the fact there is still the black version available for traditionalists takes away the arguement that indrocing “solar” colors is ruining the range – right?

Check out the video and decide for yourself what you think.

For those looking for a pair, check the full line-up available at WeGotSoccer.

Copa Mundial Solar Slime

Copa Mundial Leather Upper

Adidas Copa Mundial Samba

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  1. I am getting ready to order these. Luckily I have saved up enough to get all of the new Copa colors. Can't wait. The Solar Slime looks really good.

  2. What size did you wear for testing? 8.5 or 8?

    Btw I like the blue and purple from the samba pack, the berry, orange and solar slime just aren't for me.

  3. Gimmick to sell more

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