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Farewell and Auf Wiedersehen Aspero – The Classic 2.0

Aspero Classic 2.0

We are not quite sure what happened to the German brand Aspero, but it seems that the small brand is permanently closed (according to their Facebook page). Back in 2012, we tested out their initial Classic 1.0 release and although we were left wanting a lot more from the power/control boot, there was something about the brand that raised our interest. Maybe it was the effort they put into producing something different or maybe it was just their attention to detail (check the box they came in below), but we definitely held an appreciation for what they did.

Since testing the Classic 2012, we got a pair of the 2013 edition and have been sitting on some images for some time now. Even though the brand is now defunct, we wanted to share the images and let you see what they had to offer as an homage to another company that tried something new, but found the market to be too much of a beast! Farewell and Auf Wiedersehen to the Aspero brand.

Before finishing, I have a question for you guys; Is there anything from your expertise that you would have changed to make these boots more competitive on the market?

Aspero Classic Box

Aspero Box Detailing

Aspero Classic Neokick

NeoKick Technology and Ball Control

For those interested in the technology (and the textured forefoot) this was part of the Neokick technology used on the ball. Without a doubt, the one aspect of these boots that created most intrigue was this technology on the upper. Here is a short summary that details the purpose of each zone.

Ball Control (BC)
Two parallel guides running alongside and above the laces offer the ball accurate guidance. The instep is regulated through the convex form of the Ball Control System. Misguided shots or passes become a minor statistic thanks to this technology. Shots from the instep or outside of the boot are improved through the increased control offered by the Neokick Ball Control technology.

Touch Control (TC)
The special surface developed for the ASPERO Classic offers more control and increases swerve of the ball. The patented surface layer of the ASPERO Classic allows great control and precision on the ball even in poor pitch or weather conditions. Adding to the power of control, the Neokick technology (TC) optimises the nature of your shot. Thanks to an increase in ball rotation and a decrease in energy expenditure, every shot makes life difficult for the goalkeeper.

Aspero Classic Leather

Aspero Soccer Cleats

Aspero Classic 2.0 Upper Up Close

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  1. These are cool. I would have bought them.

  2. What ever happened to Pele Sports? Did they close down too?

  3. They lack a proper logo on the boots that's why. In my opinion they get into the market too soon. There's nothing on the boot to make any remark on the customer. The boots might be pretty good, but they look like EA generic boots in FIFA series. It's not like the old days, your logo must be visible.That's my thought.

  4. Personally these boots really intrigued me. I always thought that these boots and this company would eventually make a niche in the market some where. If could have made any changes to this boot, I would have done the following:
    1.) I would have used a softer and more pliable leather than the Nappa (goat) leather they were utilizing.
    2.) The next and final change would be a change in the lacing system. I would have made the lacing system much deeper for a more customizable fit.

    Other than these two changes I thought these boots were half decent. I am sad to see another option disappear off the market. Hopefully they are able to come back at some point.

  5. Thanks for the 2012 Aspero, Byrne! Up until the 110 degree Regional Cup weather, they served me well! Like Jose said, the lacing system definitely needed reworking for more comfort. The plastic dug into the upper part of my foot pretty harshly.

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