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Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 and What It Means For the Next Generation Superfly

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2

The latest and greatest running shoe from Nike has just been released, and it might hold some secrets as to what we can expect in the world of soccer! Designed to deliver the ideal blend of strength, support and cushion the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 is one of the most advanced shoes ever to hit the feet of runners.

After the success of the Nike Flyknit +1, Nike set about producing an even more responsive running shoe by pairing the powerful and ultra light Nike Flyknit upper with the super soft and responsive cushioning of Nike Lunarlon. Feedback from runners focused on the desire for a more second skin-like fit. The end product is a boot that offers support, stretch and ventilation where needed most. To further boost support, Flywire cables are integrated into the upper to cradle the foot and provide a supportive lockdown.


On the outsole, pressure map data helped inform a new pattern that more closely matches how the foot naturally moves through stride. Designers applied these learnings to Lunarlon foam to enhance the cushioning properties and deliver greater flexibility. The result is an even more natural stride and fluid ride, a lightweight neutral shoe built for runners from elite to beginner. Note that the odd shaped circles on the sole are actually separate pieces that have the ability to move in slightly different directions and increases stability if you run on uneven surfaces.

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Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 Upper

Nike Flyknit Flywire

Nike Flyknit Flywire Up-Close

You get the picture here; the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 is about as advanced as it gets if you need a new running shoe, and having used them for running over the past few weeks to run in, I like them a lot. My only issue to date has been some pressure right on the heel/Achilles, where the upper ankle lining has been rubbing – it isn’t the most pleasant feeling. BUT, there is a lot more to this release that gives us some insights into what Nike might have planned with the upcoming Magista release or more likely the next generation Superfly, and that is what makes these shoes so much more interesting.

Let me start by pointing out my angst against the original Superfly series that was release several years ago. Besides the ridiculous price-point, my issue with those boots surrounded the use of a very stiff synthetic upper and a tight, completely uncooperative lining of Flywire. The thought behind the technology was that it acted like the suspension system on a bridge, surrounding the foot and keeping it locked in place. The word “locked” here is the issue, as it left little room for natural stretch and flex, and it actually took away from players natural motion. I get the concept, but the execution was all wrong and I’m not afraid to admit that I rate that version of the Superfly as a flop. There might be players out there that we satisfied with them, but a $400 boot that offers little comfort and a very stiff feel is not what I would call a release designed to enhance players performance.

[See: What is Flywire Technology?]

Nike Flywire technology

That leads us to the next generation and a possible release before this summer’s World Cup. It is not a secret that Nike intend to release something special before Brazil and there has been unofficial confirmation that a new, re-engineered Superfly is on the horizon. Without knowing the minute details of the final product, we are pretty certain that the inclusion of some sort of  Flyknit and a similar Flywire system is set to be utilized. When you take a look at and compare what the Flyknit Lunar 2 has to offer, primarilyu the extremely flexible nature of the upper, it makes for some positive, exciting vibes.

In order to pull off an improved version of the boot, a more natural fit is needed and I’m all about the use of a lighter, more dynamic Flyknit if that is what it takes. Ensuring the boot offers protection and is durable in all weather conditions will be the key. I’m not recommending the use of Flyknit across the front of the boot, as it wouldn’t provide the right type of touch on the ball. But implementing it around the ankle region would be a proper first step. Plus, if Nike introduce some sort of modified Flywire system (where it loops around the laces, allowing for a personalized feel depending how tight you pull the lacing system) I’ll be left with no option but to re-evaluate my opinion of the Superfly.

Word on the street is that Nike also has something special planned for the upcoming Magista release, although everything on that end has been help tightly under wraps. Images of players wearing prototypes seem to indocate some sort of high fit or sockliner – it’s quite likely that this lining (if used) will be a softer material like Flyknit. With all of that taken into consideration, we are left to wait and see just what the swoosh has on offer over the next few months.

What are your guys thoughts on the upcoming release and are you excited by the thought of a new Superfly?

Flyknit Lunar 2

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 Soleplate

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 Heel

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 Detail

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  2. I feel like I've read this same article on other websites already…and watched a video by SR4U. Did we really need another rehash?

  3. I like the new idea. My biggest problem with the Superfly is that they don't fit a vast majority of people. I can even fit comfortably in the Vapor IX's. I would like Nike to make it so that more people like myself can fit into the Superfly. Even though I am a leather freak I would love to try something new so hopefully the new Superfly or at least the new Vapors are more accomodating.

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